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5 Inexpensive Blinds for Large Windows

5 Inexpensive Blinds For Large Windows

There are many houses which are designed with large wide windows. They are bigger than the usual standard sized windows. They sprawl across a larger part of the wall and give access to an abundance of sunlight and fresh air. Ample light and air help to add a positive vibe to the room and fills the space with a lot of energy. They also allow an unobstructed view of the outside surroundings. From the comfort of the homes, you can catch a view of the gorgeous sunrise or sunset and enjoy the serenity. These windows are pleasing to the eyes and lend beauty and style to your rooms. Larger windows also pose a challenge to homeowners. While sunlight is encouraged and cherished, excess light and sun can give rise to a host of problems. The stinging glare of the sun can cause irritation to the eyes and disrupt sleep and work. The sun contains harmful UV rays which can cause health hazards and also damage the furnishings of the house. Unfiltered natural light is not welcomed. Larger windows will also expose the greater part of the house to the outsiders and jeopardize the privacy of the homeowners. Uncovered windows, particularly larger windows will cause greater loss of energy as well. Keeping all these factors in mind the need for window treatments cannot be stressed upon enough.

Dressing larger windows are also challenging because bigger windows mean bigger sized window shades and blinds which automatically increases the cost. We may not always be in a position to invest a substantial amount of money in window treatments every time which makes the search for economical window shades all the more important.

We understand your concern and to help you out, we have listed some of the best inexpensive blinds for your large windows. Affordable window blinds don’t mean you have to sacrifice on style or quality. Our range of blinds and privacy shades can complement your overall décor without spending a fortune. All you need to do is know your requirements and plan your favorite style accordingly. The price of a product depends on multiple factors which include the size of the window, blind type, fabric material, design choice, lift mechanism, and installation procedure. So, it’s up to you how you want your blind to be depending on your budget. Our exclusive product choices include both high-end and tech-featured window coverings as well as basic window shadings that are designed to look great in any home while offering various functional and practical values. Our main goal is to make sure that all the homeowners get what they want, keeping the budget aside. Check out the below options before you get started that will make your job done easier and simple!

Best Inexpensive Blinds for Large Windows

The choices of large window designs may seem to be limited, but proper research and some knowledge can get your favorite treatment at the most reasonable price. Below are our top recommended modern blinds that are uniquely fabricated to highlight your large windows while adding a decorative touch to the rest of the interior.

  • Cellular Blinds:

If you are living in a region where the summers are extremely hot and winters are harsh and icy cold these shadings are a great choice that provides a comfortable living. Install these blinds on large windows that will offer you maximum coverage and protection. By blocking the direct daylight and trapping the excess heat inside the air pockets, these shades create a remarkable choice for your décor. These shades are available in different fabric options and all the materials offer a certain amount of light to let in while maintaining the privacy level. Available in a range of colors and texture options and customizing them properly will create a seamless look on the windows. The extreme versatility, functionality, and affordability of these shades make them a must buy choice for your décor. And getting them will save you more by lowering the electricity bills. Get the blinds installed now to enjoy maximum efficiency.
Blackout Cellular Shade

There are many who loves to add wooden texture to their home décor as it invites natural beauty inside your home while bringing warmth and elegance to your space. Getting wooden blinds for large windows can cost you extra especially when you have more than one large window. Wood blinds are an expensive choice anyways. But we have some alternative solution for you which can be a savior for your interior. Opt for faux wood blinds that look like real wood blinds but offer more than wooden window solutions. From blocking sunlight to offering privacy, these blinds are excellent. Water and moisture resistant properties make them an ideal choice for high-humidity areas. Customize the blinds from an assortment of style choices to achieve the desired look.
2-inch Lake Forest Graber Faux Wood Blinds

These window shades are another great choice for keeping your costs down. Pleated shades are perfect when you wish to create a crisp and pleated design on the large windows, create a designer-worthy look for your space. Block the excess sunlight and other unwanted rays coming through these windows while taking care of the privacy level. They are available in the multiple fabrics and color options to keep your interior look astounding and extraordinary. And the best news is that they are more than affordable. So style your windows at little cost.
Pleated Window Shades

  • Roller Shades:

These window shades are a popular choice from decades because of their uniqueness and simplicity. With different fabrics, textures, colors and hardware options, these shades do a brilliant job on your large windows. Some popular fabric styles include light filtering, room darkening, and blackout materials that help dress up your bare windows without spending more and offer incredible benefits. Customize the look with different patterns and design options to bring the timeless beauty your interior deserves. Do get your windows dressed in Roller Shades you do not have to shell out a fortune.
Horizons Blackout Spring Roller Shades

  • Vertical Blinds:

Vertical Blinds are the best choice for large windows and glass doors. Adjusting panels will control the incoming sunlight and energy-efficiency while improving the privacy condition. Incredible functionality, practicality, and operating flexibility make them a unique choice for large windows. Available in a variety of colors and texture choices to give your aesthetics perfect transformation. Vertical blinds are available in vinyl, fabric and other materials and you can choose the one that suits your budget the best.
Vertical Blinds for Large Windows
Note: Most of the window treatments come in standard cord and cordless options. But large windows may require motorized function for a smooth and flexible operation. Integrate cheap motorized shades to have a safe operating mechanism. Make sure to check whether the blind or shade you select is compatible with motorization or not. But featuring blinds with technology may increase the price little high.

The above-mentioned window blinds are highly recommended for large windows. All of these inexpensive window dressings are amazing when you want great quality at a lower price. Make sure to look at every key element before you take the final decision as this can save you a big. Browse now to find out more inspiration, or consult with the professionals to get more ideas on inexpensive large window blinds!

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