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This With That: 5 Incredible Blind and Curtain Combinations For Your Living Room

5 Incredible Blind and Curtain Combinations For Your Living Room

When you go about adorning your house, you think of a certain theme you want to stick with for your home décor. Window treatments become an important part of that endeavor along with other furnishing and décor elements. Every section of the house has specific requirements and you have to cater to that while deciding the décor and window furnishings for that section. The personal taste and preference of the residents also have an impact on the home décor.

How Window treatments Fit into the Specific Requirements for Different Sections of the House

Bedrooms are more personalized and intimate areas. You need to ensure complete privacy, light control, and blackout performance so that you enjoy pleasant and uninterrupted sleep without having to worry about prying eyes trying to invade your privacy. Kitchens and bathrooms are constantly exposed to moisture, hence you need window coverings that can handle prolonged exposure to water.

While privacy is important for every section of the house, it is a top priority for bathrooms. Both the bedrooms and the bathrooms are places that symbolize intimacy and personal sanctity. Hence while getting window coverings for your bathrooms, privacy performance is a major point of contention. This will have an impact on both your choice of window coverings and the fabric or material you select.

Similarly, the living room is a spacious shared area in the house where the whole family can get together, chill, and have fun. It is also the section of the house where you receive and facilitate your guests. Hence, making sure that the décor of the living room is exquisite and pristine becomes of paramount importance. The living room needs to have a positive vibe with an easy-going and welcoming appeal.

Good lighting and a sense of openness form an ideal setting for the living area. Hence window coverings that you use in this section of the house need to complement that ethos and should accentuate the overall décor. Since the living room has more open spaces, window treatments with better heat insulation and light control will be more preferable. However, you also need to make the windows, the focal point of any home décor, stand out so that they enhance the appeal of the interiors.
Sheer Curtains with Woven Blinds

How to Make Your Window Coverings Stand Out

While the window coverings are visually appealing and graceful in their own right, there are some simple things that you can do to make your window coverings look even more elegant and appealing. Let us look at some of the ways in which you can accentuate your window treatments:

Create a Contrast With the Background Wall
The background wall can act as the ideal counterbalance for your window coverings. You can try and create a color contrast. If the wall is light-colored you can go with a punchy shade for your window treatments. If the wall is painted in a dark hue, light-colored window treatments will contrast beautifully against that backdrop.

Declutter the Space Around the Window Frame
To elevate the visual appeal of the window coverings, you need to make them stand out from the surroundings. A good way of doing that is to declutter the space around the window. If there are too many objects around the window, they will compete with the window treatments for attention. If you remove some of the objects that don’t complement the window dressings, you will be able to bring the focus back on the window frame and thereby accentuate its appeal.

Use Interesting Combination of Different Window Treatments
This is another awesome way of enhancing the visual appeal of your window coverings. Combinations such as blinds and curtains, shades and sheers, etc. can enhance the element of visual interest around the window frame. You can use such combinations to enhance the symmetry of the window frame as well.

Use Contrasting Patterns
You can create a contrast between the window treatments and the background wall or area around the window frame not just by using contrasting colors. You can achieve a similar effect by using interesting and contrasting patterns. If the color is solid and does not have any prints or patterns, you can use printed or patterned window coverings. Doing so will make them more eye-catching and hence more appealing.
Dark Blinds with Dark Curtains

5 Incredible Blind and Curtain Combinations For Your Living Room

Blinds and curtains act as a perfect foil for each other and can be used in combination to accentuate any living space and what better place to do it than your living room. The living room is one section of the house that is most visible. Both the residents of the house and the guests who come over frequent the living area in your house. Hence elevating the aesthetic appeal of the living room is surely a thing you should consider.

Both the curtains and the blinds are excellent window treatment options and can be used as standalone window dressings. However, you can use them in combination to not only increase their visual appeal but also to make them more efficient. Let us look at some of the excellent combinations of curtains and blinds that you can try in your living room:

Use Contrasting Colors of the Blinds and the Curtains
Using blinds and curtains that are contrasting with each other in terms of the color will highlight both of them. This combination will give more visual depth and symmetry to the décor of the living room. You can also use different tones of the same color to achieve a beautiful contrast if you don’t want the contrast to be too prominent.
Layering Blinds And Curtains

Use Sheer Curtains with Dark Blinds
Sheer curtains diffuse the light entering from outside and help illuminate the interiors without making it too bright or without causing the glare. So, using sheer curtains with dark blinds will not only create a striking contrast but will also give you more light control options. The sheer curtains enhance the visual appeal of the blinds while providing a sublime essence to the living room décor.

Use patterned Curtains with Solid Blinds
The best way of creating elegant and decorative combinations of the blinds and the curtains is to try and uphold their individual character. You can enhance the symmetry and depth of the window frame by following this décor principle. Patterned or printed curtains combined with solid blinds or vice versa will be a great way to accentuate your living room interiors.
Hanging Curtain Over Blinds
Use Sheer Blinds with Blackout or Patterned Curtains
Patterned or printed curtains will act as the ideal backdrop to help the sheer blinds take the center stage in the décor of the window frame. More light control options that you get due to the different openness of the blinds and the curtains are an added advantage.

Use Curtains Mounted on Sidetracks
Curtains mounted on sidetracks not only make operating the curtains along with the blinds easier but also add more dynamism to the décor of the windows. You can get the sidetracks and the blinds motorized to make this combination a smart window treatment solution that you can control even remotely. This will further enhance the visual appeal of this awesome combo.

These fun combinations of blinds and curtains are not only recommended for their aesthetic appeal but also because of the functional advantages this setup provides. Using curtains along with the blinds enhances the heat insulation, light control, and privacy performance of the blinds. You get a greater range in terms of light control and the visual delight you get in the process is definitely a treat worth the effort. Hence, this combination is an excellent choice for your living room both functionally and aesthetically.

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