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5 Ideas For Using Drapery On Multiple Windows

5 Ideas For Using Drapery On Multiple Windows

A home isn’t completely dressed without perfect window treatments. From large prints to tonal hues, window treatment styles impact the look and feel of any space. Apart from this, studies also showcase the positive impact of window coverings on the energy efficiency of a house.

Most people like to dress their windows traditionally with curtains, blinds, or fabric valances. But finding the perfect window treatment, which blocks the sun, ensures a degree of privacy, and matches existing décor can be tricky.

Here, we’ve selected 5 ideas for using drapery on multiple windows that showcase different creative ways that some of the best home designers use to accomplish a high-design look.

Tonal Hues

We love how tonal drapery ideas can be used while keeping things in a minimalistic manner. You can use shades of brown against wooden walls. Such hues add just a bit of texture when they’re drawn open and blend into the walls when they’re closed. Overall, tonal drapery on windows creates an aesthetic and leaves the spotlight right where it belongs.

Height matters

You can create the illusion that the room is much higher than it is by hanging your curtains higher than the frame. Install your drapery rods as close to the ceiling as possible, no matter where your windows are placed. This simple idea creates a huge difference in the look and feel of your room.

Colourful Drapery to Make Bland Walls Look Lively

Picking a colorful drapery on windows is the perfect solution for any room transformation without using a can of paint. You can boast a pop of contrast colour using them. When the drapes are closed, they make for a stunning alternative to a plain white wall. A pair of colourful drapes for multiple windows in a bold accent hue is one of the easiest ways to give your space a brand-new spectrum of colour. The best part of this solution is that it’s temporary. You can switch these drapes as per your mood or season.

Patterned Drapes

Before choosing patterned drapes, you need to consider the colour schemes, patterns, and other prints around the room so that the drapes do not make the room look too busy. Negative spaces matter a lot while designing anything, so you need to be very careful to create a cohesive design. Patterned drapes for multiple windows can be a tricky task to style. However, patterned drapes when matched perfectly make heads turn. You can match your window drapes with the composition, colour, and pattern of the art piece hanging on your adjacent walls as well.

Don’t Forget to Consider Rod Design & Drape Length

Although the subject in question is drapery, the design, colour, and pattern of the rod you will use to hang your drapes on windows is just as important as the type of drapes you pick out. Apart from being a necessary piece of hardware, the rod can boast any décor style from feminine to rustic, or shabby chic to modern glam. You can choose contrast colour rods like black rods for white drapes. The contrasting pattern make an excellent job at tying in the achromatic colour palette flowing throughout the rest of the room.

Just like the color and patterns of a drape, the length also plays a huge factor in the overall appeal of the room. If the length of the drapes is too short then, they can make your overall drape design look cheap and throw off the décor of your entire space. If the length of the drapes is too long then, they can make your room look messy.

It may be a cliche, but windows truly are the eyes of your space. The way you dress them can make or break the look and feel of your room. Not only does the design you choose needs to be attractive, but it will ultimately dictate the light that’s cast into the space. For most cases, a versatile window dressing is your best option.

Still not sure if drapes are the right choice? Check out our website to find out when drapes are your best bet, how to measure for them, and where to buy them. Also, don’t be afraid to opt for different window treatments from room to room. Heavy drapes may look beautiful in your formal dining room while roller shades work best in your kid’s room. Consider all of these window treatments to take your home decor to the next level.

With the change in weather, there is a great opportunity to change home décor. People invest in window treatments for numerous reasons such as a decorative décor, to evade the sunlight, sound absorption, temperature control, brightness control, and add privacy to your personal space. You can opt for sheer window drapes as well to diffuse the outside light as well as maintain temperature. At ZebraBlinds, window drapes are available in numerous colours, patterns, prints, and fabrics according to your style and they are available in both modern and traditional designs. So, dress up your multiple windows in a classy and modern way by adding graceful drapery to them.

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