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5 Ideas for Dressing Your Big Window

5 Big Window Ideas

Designer Tips for Dressing Your Big Windows

Dressing big windows is like putting the icing on the cake. Adding exciting colors, textures, and patterns will transform the overall aesthetics of the space. But they need to be practical too to get protection against the harsh weather conditions. Window treatments work as the best decorative elements in such a scenario. But picking out the right design for big windows isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are multiple factors to consider like, privacy, accessibility, efficiency, and many more. Big windows will require more specific types of blinds compared to standard windows and deciding on the right shade can be confusing and exhausting. Many people assume that covering this kind of window can cost extra. But modern dressings integrated with the latest technology have been proved that they can create a designer look without breaking the budget.

In this article, you will find the best suggestions for how to make your big windows astounding without investing a fortune.

Top 5 Big Window Ideas

• Custom Roman Shades
Looking for a clean and tailored look for big windows? Then try out the fabric roman shades. These sleek window designs will allow you to achieve the luxurious feel of large windows while offering various classy benefits. Raise or lower the shades for a smooth light control according to your needs. Different fabric materials are available – light filtering, room darkening, and blackout. Play with the pop-up colors and textures of these shades and create a chic look.
Extra Wide Roman Shades
• Curtain or Drapery
When it comes to dressing the big windows, the most beautiful and traditional choice is a curtain. These stylish window designs create a romantic vibe and bring elegance throughout the space. Make sure to choose bigger drapery hardware and larger pleats for your drapes that will be eye-soothing and attract your guests.
Curtains are easily customizable because of their endless availability of colors, patterns, and texture choices. And the right fit will enhance the beauty of the windows even more. Adding accessories like valances or cornices will create a new charming makeover that everyone will appreciate. Curtain rods bring a dramatic feel to the windows, but if you want to hide them, then hanging cornices is a great idea that will complete the whole look instantly.

Functionality is equally important for big windows as they let a huge amount of light and glare to enter your home. For effectiveness, consider adding a blackout or thermal liner that will control the daylight and provide your space with energy-efficiency.

You can layer these with other window solutions for a modern polished and contrasting appearance. For example, pair roman shades or pleated shades to add depth and visual interest to the windows.
Blinds and Curtains for Big Windows
• Cellular Honeycomb Blinds
Having big windows means you should concentrate on the insulation factor as these windows allow a lot of heat to enter your indoor, making the space uncomfortable and annoying. Their air pockets help reduce heat transfer through the windows, keeping you cool and comfortable inside. The best part of these window coverings is that they are available in the top down bottom up feature, which gives you greater control over the privacy and light control of your shade. Customize the look for a phenomenal transformation.
Cellular Shades for Big Windows
• Roller Window Shades
These window treatments are considered as one of the best Extra Wide Window Blinds. Large windows allow for a lot of heat gain and heat loss, and these versatile window designs control the ambiance of the indoors by obstructing the sun’s rays. By preventing UV beams, the shades protect the floors and furniture from being faded or damaged.
Using them on dual shadings will give you double benefits. Light filtering and blackout fabric will let you decide the ambiance of the space. The shades also ensure ultimate privacy for your room. A stunning big window makeover can be aesthetically pleasing. So, while ordering these shades, don’t forget to customize properly.
Roller Blinds for Large Windows
• Vertical Blinds
One of the most reliable, practical, and durable solutions for big windows is vertical blinds, which are made of superior quality PVC, fabric, and wood material. They are elegant when it comes to insulation and soften the look of the space with their attractive textures and patterns. 3 1/2 Inch Graber PVC Vertical Blinds, 3½ Inches Fabric Vertical Blinds Graber, 3 1/2 Inch Elite Graber Wood Vertical Blinds, Slide-Vue Graber Light Filtering Cellular Vertical Shades, Sheer Vertical Shades Graber – These are the top vertical blinds that work well on large windows.
Vertical Blinds for Large Windows

Why are Motorized Window Shades a Great Option for Big Windows?

Stay flexible with automated shades and blinds!!
Installing these window shades is the smartest decision for your big windows. If the windows are frequently used, then pulling the cords can be a hassle and are not safe. But motorized feature eliminates the wires and allow you to access them using a remote button or smartphone. When you have more than one big window, then operate them together through these smart devices. These window shadings are perfect for a modern living that will move up and down flawlessly at the push of a simple button, permitting you to control shades from anywhere. These types of blinds are safe for the home with kids and pets.

No matter what window shade you select, they can be integrated with this smart feature for the highest efficiency and smoothness.

Decorate the Big Windows Like A Pro!!

Always keep in mind that decoration can make or break the look of big windows. But following the above amazing tips and tricks will make your windows the focal point of your interior. Each window needs to be valued, so take care of them and show the best side of your home décor. For more inspirations and ideas, contact the professional executives who will provide you the right information!

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