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5 Ideal Features of Roller Shades for your Kid’s Room

5 Ideal Features Of Roller Shades For Your Kids Room

Choosing Window Treatment for Your Kid’s Room

Choosing the right window treatment for the kid’s room can be challenging and tricky. It can be a nursery, a playroom, or bedroom but they come with their own set of challenges for parents. There are lots of considerations that need to be weighed before selecting a window treatment for these rooms. Privacy, security, light filtration and light blockage, noise cancellation and insulation are all equally important.

For a newborn or toddler, sleep is extremely crucial for their growth and brain development and only a parent knows how tough it can be to put them to calm them down and put them to sleep. It is often a Herculean task. While newborns can wake up easily, toddlers, bustling with energy can be quite a handful when bedtime approaches. As a parent, it is important to create the right ambiance here. Kids can be lulled into sleep with ease when you ensure that no light or outside disturbance reaches the room. For a growing kid, 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep is essential for their well being and health.

A kid’s room must receive sufficient sunlight to help create a positive and cheerful environment but should not have glare and harmful UV rays. During sleep time this light can disrupt sleep and hence complete light blockage is desirable. If the room is located close to the road then noise can pose a problem as well. Privacy and safety of your kid is the topmost priority and so the window treatment you choose must be able to block out view from the outside. Finally, insulation is highly recommended to help maintain the inside temperature for a pleasant and comfortable ambiance.

Roller shades are smart, sleek with a minimalist appearance that blends beautifully with contemporary room decor. They make a great choice of window treatment for kids’ rooms. They are extremely versatile and functional and you can also customize them using colorful fabric ideal for creating a cheerful and colorful space for your kids.
Alexa Motorized Roller Shades for Kids Room

Ideal Features of Motorized Control

If you are opting for Roller shades for your kid’s room, go for motorized control for enhanced safety. Corded blinds and shades have dangling cords which can prove extremely hazardous for your child. There have been several reported cases of strangulation caused by corded blinds, often with fatal consequences. Motorized control allows you to operate the blinds from your Smart Phones and tablets, and you can even schedule and program the shades to raise and lower at particular times of the day to ensure the utmost comfort for your baby. Motorized Roller Shades will take care of your child’s well being even when you are not at home.

Light Filtration & Light Blockage
The light filtration is very important in a kid’s room. Abundance of sunlight helps to infuse positive energy in the living space and spreads warmth. However, the glares of the sun and the UV rays can prove hazardous for the child as well as for the furnishings. Light filtering fabric helps to diffuse the sunlight and helps spread soft warm light. Light blockage is equally important to cut out light completely when the baby naps, particularly during the morning and afternoon hours when the sun is at its peak. Light streaming into the room can make it difficult for the child to get a good rest. You could opt for Sheer Blackout Roller Shades. These shades incorporate two fabrics in one headrail. A sheer fabric that helps to diffuse light and a blackout fabric that blocks out light completely. They make a great choice of window covering for kid’s bedroom.
Blackout Roller Blinds for Kids Room
If you live in a region that experiences chilly winters and hot summers, you could go for Rollers with thick fabrics and a lighter shade of color for the cloth for heat protection, or for cellular shades. An insulated backing could offer insulation against heat loss during the cold winter months. It is very important that a kid’s room is well insulated and heat protected to help maintain a pleasant temperature inside. This will help the child to remain healthy, prevent illness and also ensure a good sleep.
Fabric Roller Blinds for Kids Room

Flexible to Customization: Fun Patterns & Playful Styles
A kid’s room is where you can get an opportunity to use bold bright colors, fun prints and patterns. If you are doing up a nursery, opt for soft soothing colors with pretty prints of animals or cartoons. If it is a playroom you can use some bright shades to create a cheerful ambiance for the kid. You can use images of trees, flowers, double-decker bus, telephone booths, clouds, night scenes and colors like yellow, orange, green, blue etc. Roller shades allow you to customize the window treatments by opting for colorful fabrics.

Privacy & Security
The fabric of your Roller Shade must be able to offer complete privacy and security. The fabric should not allow outsiders and passersby to get an unobstructed view of the interiors of the nursery or playroom. Opt for a fabric that is tightly woven and thick to help block out view even after the lights come on inside the house.
The Roller shade you choose for your kid’s rooms must ideally have these features to help create a beautiful healthy and safe environment for your kid to grow. Customize them so that kids can enjoy the time spent in the room.