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5 High-Quality Roller Shades For Your Hotel or Office

5 Affordable and High Quality-Roller-Shades For Your Hotel or Office

Aesthetics of a particular space can speak volumes for what the owner or designer wants to say. Some people opt to make their space filled with color so that they seem approachable or welcoming, whereas some choose home decor and a style that is very minimal, and others use dark hues and simple design to give an elegant and grandiose vibe. When it comes to home spaces, its always about how the owner wants the aesthetics to play out, whereas commercial places are a bit trickier. Most commercial places cannot be designed on the whims and fancy of one person, and so the same applies to window treatments in such spaces as well. Commercial spaces like hotels and offices need to cater to a wide range of people, all the clients who visit them, all the employees who work there day after day. It has to strike out the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Even the window treatments that are to be applied in such places have to let in ample light but at the same time provide privacy when important projects or meetings take place. Therefore, a lot of thought and consideration needs to go into picking window treatments for commercial spaces. One great option to rely on is a treatment that is versatile, such as a roller shade.

How to Pick Blinds for Commercial Spaces like Hotels and Offices

Window treatments are subtle accents that can drastically define the way a particular space looks. Using floral curtains can either provide a mellow look or a pop of personality, where are blinds bring an air of sleek sophistication. While curtains and blinds both have their pros and cons, for formal commercial set-ups, using window blinds are recommended. This is because they not only provide extra flexibility in terms of light control but also provide flexibility in terms of privacy. But it’s not always easy to pick blinds for commercial set-ups because there are always aesthetics to think off. When it comes to picking for commercial settings here are a few things to keep in mind.

1) What functionality would you like? This is the most important question to ask when you pick blinds, this is because each blind comes with their design and own functionality, some allow plenty of sunlight, some others might block out light, depending on your requirement you need to pick the right one. If you rely on fabric-based blind then you have the choice of picking the fabric from light filtering to blackout to solar shades.

2) Keep the theme in mind. This is even more important for commercial places that will cater to many people. Everything should provide a cohesive look including window treatment as well. This also implies that apart from the physical theme of the space, the atmosphere of the commercial space has to be respected. If it’s a formal setting or informal setting, the window treatments should accent the same.

3) Get the details right. In a commercial space, there are so many small details that need to be made a note of, these include the measurements of windows so that blinds of the right size will be fitted. Wrong measurements and details can create a great deal of inconvenience.
Designer Roller Blinds

What Blinds Can Be Chosen for a Commercial Space?

When it comes to commercial space the best type of blind to rely on are roller blinds. These are blinds that constitute a fabric rolled around a tube. When operated by either a cord or motorized, the fabric roll slowly lowers itself down. It’s a simple design, high privacy setting and adjustability makes it a great option for offices and hotels. Here are five office or hotel roller shades that you can rely on:

1) LightWeaves® Graber® Dual Roller Shades:

If you’re looking for something stylish yet minimal and chic then these blinds are the way to go. They come with dual fabric allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds that is shade and light at the same time. Choose between sun filtering fabric and blackout fabric for that perfect setting. Go for motorized dual roller shades for remote control options.
Dual Roller Shades for Hotel

2) Horizons Blackout Spring Roller Shades:

These blinds are perfect for introducing a subtle style to your space. You can leave it hanging at a length of your preference and enjoy privacy at the same time enjoy some sun rays. Perfect when you want to discuss important projects or are hosting a big conference meeting and don’t want any unwanted disturbance.

3) Motorized Crown Light Filtering Roller Shades:

If you want your workspace to be filled with light then these shades are perfect for the job. They will filter in the light ad provide your space with a comforting warmth. Plus, they come motorized too, so enjoying operating them from a distance.
Light Filtering Roller Shades

4) Horizons Designer Light Filtering Spring Roller Shades:

If you’re looking for something unconventional that can still accent your commercial set-up, then these blinds are the perfect option. Sporting a clean, sleek and modern design they’ll easily accent a wide range of decor themes as well.