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5 Grommet Mounted Window Coverings for an Elegant Look

5 Grommet Mounted Window Coverings For An Elegant Look

Choosing the Right Window Covering & Style

Getting the right look for your windows, choosing the right window coverings can often appear to be a Herculean task. It’s not only because you don’t know what your windows need but because of the sheer amount of choices that are offered to you. There are different types of window treatments like shades, blinds, curtains and drapes. There are different types of fabrics and materials to choose to range from light-filtering and room-darkening ones to blackout fabrics. There are different lift options like corded, cordless, and motorized ones. Apart from this there are hundreds of designs, patterns and colors that are available and you are at your wit’s end trying to make the right choice for your windows which also help preserve the aesthetics of the room decor.

Curtains are among the most popular and much-loved window coverings across the world. They are timeless and ageless beauties that continue to weave magic in your rooms. If you thought choosing curtains were easier, you are however mistaken. Apart from patterns, colors and the fabric type, there are different decorative curtain styles you have to choose from. Each of them give a different look and can have a lasting impact on your windows. There are grommet-top curtains, rod pocket curtains and back tab curtains. Today we will learn a little about grommet-top curtains and some of the curtains that look best in this style.

Grommet Mounted Curtains

If you are looking for a trendy and modern style for your curtains and your rooms, grommet-top curtains will work beautifully. They are also referred to as eyelet curtains and they use rings that are embedded in the header of the curtains through which the curtain rods will pass. No more rings needed and hanging them is easy as a pie. They allow the curtains panels to slide easily over the rod and they also provide strength to the curtains. The grommet can be of metallic finishes like brass, bronze, silver, nickel etc. and also plastic of different colors and designs to match your curtains and the room decor.
Grommet Mounted Curtains

5 Best Grommet Mounted Curtains

Let us look at some of the best grommet mounted curtains you could replicate in your homes.
Faux Silk Eyelet Curtains
Faux silk is deliciously gorgeous and you could enhance the beauty of your homes with these luxuriously designed cream-colored grommet mounted curtains. You can use these beauties in both your bedrooms and living rooms alike and they are perfect for both. They infuse a sense of charm and elegance and are extremely comforting. Hang these curtains high for greater impact and match them with some darker shade of furniture like brown to complete the look.
Faux Silk Eyelet Curtains
Polyester Floral Eyelet Curtains
You could experiment with these mono-colored eyelet polyester curtains with a floral border in your bedrooms. It is a welcome break from prints and patterns and uses floral prints without going overboard or appearing too flowery. The curtains are understated and glamorous. You can use similar colored pillows and cushions to pull off the look. Bedrooms need something pretty and charming to create an amicable ambiance.
Polyester Floral Eyelet Curtains

Fully Lined Paige Eyelet Curtains
These are sheer beauties that can weave magic in any room. These curtains are white colored curtains designed with single-colored red, yellow or pink printed flowers. The curtains have thick borders at the top using same color as the printed flowers. The eyelets pass-through this thick border. These curtains are extremely soothing and charming and lend a touch of grace to the rooms. You could pair these with white-colored furniture and deep-colored upholstery.

Silver Velvet Eyelet Curtains
If you are looking to create a royal and gorgeous ambiance in your room with ornamental furniture, mirrors, paintings and lights you need to choose your window coverings effectively to complete the look. Hang the curtains high. If silver is the predominant color in the room then you must opt for silver shaded eyelet curtains that will sparkle and dazzle. Opt for heavy velvet curtains for the formal decor. These curtains come with silver shiny pattern embellishment at the top with matching silver-colored metallic eyelets and silver-colored rod.
Silver Velvet Eyelet Curtains
Jacquard Lined Eyelet Curtains
If you are looking for some cute, summery, short length curtains for your kid’s rooms these curtains are perfect for you. The jacquard lined soft colored curtains with tiny flowers printed in its fabric with highlighting polka dotted border make a cozy and pretty curtain. Floral printed curtain and polka dotted border are a welcome contrast and work well for the curtains. You can choose the color combination that appeals to you. Blue and pink, blue and yellow, yellow and pink are charming color combinations for your curtains. Pair them with plastic or silver eyelets to pull off the look.
Each of these curtains is distinctly different from each other and customized for different decor styles and ambiance. But all of these look perfect with grommet-tops and lends beauty to the curtains and the windows.

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