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5 Great Ways To Cover A Curtain Rod

5 Great Ways To Cover A Curtain Rod

You may have chosen the best curtains to give your home and its windows a mesmerizing look and a distinct interior style, but unless you have the best curtain rods or cover your not-so-good looking ones, your efforts cannot elicit the desired results. Normally, we use curtain rings to hang the curtain on the rod and cover windows, but the rod remains visible which may not always be aesthetically pleasing.

when we use a vertical curtain the top bar on which it hangs looks unattractive and a sore to the eyes. This is one of the reasons why some of the people consider vertical blinds as their last choice even though these blinds are quite versatile. Hence we require to find ways to cover the curtain rod to reduce its too loud presence, visibility and impact on home interiors. Here we present five great ways to hide a curtain rod to make the windows attractive.

1. Use brackets and cornice: Any horizontal decorating molding called cornice is a great way to cover a curtain rod. It completely crowns the curtain rod and is considered the best covering for a curtain rod. Usually, brackets are installed on a cornice and then a curtain rod is used inside. Giving a formal touch to any window, a cornice conceals a curtain rod inside. Brackets are fixed on the ends of cornice to hold it up well.

Dress your fabulous curtains even further and cover the metal rod with a beautiful custom wood cornice.

Wood Cornice Board
2. Use a pelmet to cover that not-so-pleasing curtain rod
Also known as a cornice board, a pelmet is placed above a window to conceal all curtain fixtures including the curtain rod. Pelmets are also used decoratively to insulate the window. Made of plywood, the pelmet can also be painted or covered by fabric to match the interior requirements. A pelmet can either be decorative or plain and it serves to conceal the entire curtain mechanism, be it rod or curtain rings.

Board-mounted cornices can be a great option to help block light and provide a clean finish above your drapery.

Curtain Pelmet
3. A valance: Just like a pelmet, a window valance covers the uppermost part of a window and it’s known for being an excellent covering for a curtain rod. A popular decorative choice when it comes to concealing the entire curtain hardware, valance also offers an elegant look to the window. A valence not only covers the curtain rod, but it also makes the curtain look expansive.
Custom Window Valances
4. Use molding: Curtain rods can be hidden completely in the ceiling itself with the help of a molding. However, before giving the windows the desired finish and a style makeover, it is required to choose the right combination of curtain and molding to get the most modern-looking covering and to give the window perfect functionality. In all, the design elements around the window should support the molding to make it merge seamlessly with your interior design.

5. Using skirting boards to hide a curtain rod
Generally used to hide wires, cords and cables, skirting boards made with a narrow length of wood can also be used to cover a curtain rod. If we look on skirting boards from the perspective of interior design they have been a forgotten design idea, but when applied in any interior space they completely change the look, feel and appeal of any interior. Hence they can also be one of the best options to be used to hide a curtain rod in any modern design scheme of any interior space.

Apart from all these, Velcro tapes are another brilliant option that completely eliminates the requirement of any rod to hang a curtain. Sticky Velcro tapes are so amazing that they hang curtains without any rod at all. And, even if we use curtain rod we can use Velcro tape over it to cover the rod. Using Velcro tapes we can attach any curtain directly to the cornice board. We can even hang the curtain without any drilling when using Velcro tape, you just need to line up the Velcro tape stripe evenly. However, the only issue with hanging the curtain with Velcro tape is that we cannot pull the curtain to open and close. We can use curtain tiebacks and holdbacks to open the curtain at the bottom and get sunlight from the window.

All the above-mentioned ways to cover a curtain rod also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of any room without any sacrifice on the functionality of the window. So, use any of these inspiring ideas to add warmth and a mesmerizing touch of grace to your windows as well as to your interiors.