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5 Great Sun Reflector Shades for Your Windows

5 Great Sun Reflector Shades For Your Windows

A bright sunny day lifts the spirits and motivates you to get moving especially on a winter day. However, the Sun and its relentless heat can get too hot to handle when the summers arrive. We prefer to stay indoors to protect against the scorching heat. However, if the windows in your house are not covered with appropriate window treatments, you struggle to create a comfortable and pleasant environment inside the house. The window coverings not only help prevent heat gain but also block out the unwanted light to protect you and the interiors of your house from the UV exposure and the glare that can seriously hamper the visibility.

Window coverings accentuate the windows and bring the focus back on the windows, the focal point of the décor of the room they are situated in. The interiors appear more polished and welcoming with the elegant and stunning window treatments enhancing the decorative value of the window frame. But most importantly, the window coverings help maintain a constant temperature inside the room by preventing heat exchange.

They achieve this by blocking the outside heat during summers and also by not allowing the warmth inside the house to escape out through the window during the winters. Little to no heat fluctuations allow the air conditioners and the thermostat in your house to function more efficiently. They consume less power and it gets reflected in the lower energy bills and you end up saving real money.

What are Sun Reflector Shades?

With the Sun beating down during the hot summer afternoons, you feel the need for some protection against the heat and the glare caused by the bright sunlight. Sun reflector shades are tailored towards providing excellent heat insulation and light control. These shades have highly reflective surfaces that reflect back most of the sunlight that falls on them. As a result of this, heat does not get absorbed by the surface and hence, no heat transfer through convection happens. The interiors stay comfortable and the temperature inside the house also stays constant.

These shades also have adjustable louvers that give you greater flexibility in terms of light control. You can choose to completely block out the sunlight or you can allow a limited amount of diffused natural light inside the room that you are comfortable with. While all types of sun reflector shades provide good light control, blackout shades provide the most effective coverage and blocking effect. Hence, you can opt for blackout shades if light control and privacy are your topmost priority.

5 Great Sun Reflector Shades For Your Windows

While shades and other window treatment products make for an excellent investment for adding elegance to the home décor and for extensive protection against the elements, the quest for finding the ideal set of window dressings is always a bit tricky. With so many variants, each different in terms of design, appeal, and the features that they offer, you can find it difficult to zero in on the ideal set of window coverings for your house.

Since we are discussing sun reflector shades here, the priority is always to get effective protection against the Sun’s heat and the sunlight that causes UV exposure and the glare. Hence, to get you started here are a few great sun reflector shades that are effective and versatile enough to be ideal for any kind of home setting. Let us look at them in greater detail:

Solar Shades

Solar shades are specifically designed to keep the sun out and they manage to do that quite effectively. These shades have an outer surface that reflects the sunlight back and thereby prevents heat gain inside the room. These shades also effectively diffuse the natural light entering inside the room, so, you don’t need to worry about any glare.
Z-Wave Enabled Solar Shades

Cellular Shades and Honeycomb Shades

Cellular and honeycomb shades have a patterned structure that resembles a cell or a honeycomb. This unique structure facilitates the creation of air pockets in between the layers of fabric used in these shades. The back layer of fabric on each cell is a lighter color or has a metallic liner that helps reflect sunlight. If that is not enough, these shades are also capable of sound-proofing the interiors of your room to some extent. Hence, with these shades, you get comfortable interiors that are just as peaceful and tranquil.
Energy Efficient Cellular Shades

Roller Shades

Roller shades are known for their smooth and easy operability and the motorization capability. These shades also provide excellent heat insulation and light control features. You can simply adjust the vanes to alter the amount of light you want to allow in and to achieve the level of privacy you seek. These shades are available in all kinds of opacities ranging from light-filtering to blackout variants. The blackout variants provide the best light control and privacy performance and have a back layer of neutral colored fabric that helps to reflect sunlight.
Exerior Roller Shades

Thermal Shades

Thermal shades are also designed to prevent any heat transfer either in the form of heat gain or heat loss. Thermal shades are extremely helpful in ensuring high energy efficiency by maintaining a constant temperature indoors. Besides getting comfortable interiors to relax and chill you also stand to benefit due to the lower energy bills, thereby making the thermal shades an excellent option to dress up your windows.

Bamboo Shades

Bamboo shades are stunning to look at and lend a minimalistic elegance to the décor of your house. The bamboo fiber used in making these shades is organic and hence eco-friendly. The same bamboo fiber also helps these shades perform exceedingly well in terms of heat insulation and light control capabilities. If you are looking to give a summary appeal to the interiors of your house, what better way of doing that then opting for bamboo shades. The simple, rugged, and close-to-nature feel is ideal for a summery vibe. These shades are also available at a very reasonable price point and can be a greater choice for covering your windows. Choose a thermal liner for additional insulation and a back layer that can help reflect sunlight.
Bamboo Blinds
With so many designs and types of shades to choose from, there is practically no limit to how you can decorate and dress up your windows. The key is to find a balance between quality and performance. While all the window treatment options are feature-rich and useful, it is always better to go with the ones that are best suited to your own requirements. Sun reflector shades are a great mix of elegance and utility and an excellent choice for dressing your windows up.