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Large Glass Sliding Doors Window Treatments

While having large windows and doors project immense sophistication and style in interiors to frame an impressive exterior view – be it the bay, the surrounding woods, a majestic, twinkling skyline, extensive gardens – they raise endless questions on insulation, appropriate shading, and privacy. For most people who have homes or buildings that sport large window banks and doors, a great view of the outdoors is obviously critical; today in consideration with environmental sustainability and security, many people opt for fixed windows and doors with an HRV system installed to continuously feed fresh air into homes while efficiently transferring heat, which in turn reduces the requirement for heating and cooling. But that doesn’t mean that windows don’t have to be shaded; in fact, it’s a necessity!

Some of the better options in shielding wide expanses of glass, fixed or otherwise:

Vertical Cellular Shades

One of the best solutions to insulation, cellular shades have found application for bay windows, French doors, Cathedral Windows, deservedly so for the last, as the shade structure is such that it can be contoured to accommodate arches and other specialty shapes. Built-in single and double cell layers that trap air to provide insulation to keep cool/ warm air indoors, and to prevent leakage and infiltration of cool/hot air outward, these vertical shades provide intriguing dimensions to interior looks. There are those that opt to team them with drapes, but be assured that they’re well able to hold their own in any setting.

Graber’s Slide-Vue Vertical Cellular Shades are built for the convenience of use and operation – they can be fitted as inside or outside mounts, with a headrail that conceals the tracks they slide on, with a metal panel on either end provided with handles to pull the shades open from either side. You can pull them open completely to stack compactly to either side of your doors, or you could pull them to any desired position, or pull them from both sides to stick to the center of the door bank.

Panel Track Sliding Shades

This is quite the latest among the endless range of shading options available today. An off-shoot of the mystical shoji screens, they are broad panels (a minimum of 2-ft wide) suspended from a series of tracks fitted onto the ceiling or wall. These panel track sliding shades are available as a side or split stacks, with cord loops or wands for control. They find great use for light control and provide any vista of view possible.

Graber’s Accents sliding panel shades are constructed out of a range of Phifer Solar fabric or natural woven material, both of which are ideal for reflection of light and glare control, providing the much-needed shield against fading of interior elements. The panels overlap when closed, which reduces warm/cool air seepage/ infiltration.

Vertical Blinds

While vertical blinds have been around for some time now, splendid innovations have seen to it that they’re here to stay! We now have Wooden Vertical Blinds (Graber’s Elite Wood Vertical Blinds), Ballet Sheer Vertical Blinds, vertical blinds with S-shaped vanes…..well! All of them, except the wood option, are available in polyester blends of light filtering and room darkening colors that blend into virtually any interior color scheme. Though they’re not the best in terms of providing insulation, they provide great shading and exemplary ease of use on large door banks. Go for the split stack that will retract the blinds to the sides neatly to reveal the most expansive of views. The vanes are fabricated in widths of 3 to 6 inches, depending on your choice … the broader the vane, the better the view when the vanes are turned open.


For those who dislike change or don’t gel with a departure from the norm, Graber’s Artisan Drapery is an excellent option. Intricately hand-crafted with perfection as the ultimate goal, you can choose from a multitude of choices from sheers, linens, silks, jacquards, and polyester blends. Mount them high above your doors on custom made drapery hardware to give seamless elegance to a room. They are available in a number of pleat styles like the French pleat, the roll pleat, the goblet pleat, the inverted pleat – you can decide on the pleat according to the fullness to the drape that you prefer. Have them a pool to the floor for a lush fullness, or have them break an inch from the floor if you have children and pets afoot, or if you don’t like them trailing on the floor. Draw them to the sides of your doors to provide the view and lighting you require. Alternately, scoop them back from a split stack and secure them on to side brackets to make for a plush, royal feel.

Motorized Exterior Solar Shades

Motorized exterior solar shades provide the perfect option for fixed windows while allowing you to encompass the view outside without having to operate your window treatment every now and again. They are also best used on living area doors that would require little or no privacy when the lights are on at night. Depending on the openness of the fabric weave, and the colors used you could maximize on interior lighting, glare, and view. A light colored fabric with a tight weave will deflect UV rays, provide wonderful indoor lighting and coolness while obscuring the view outside. A dark-colored fabric with 5% openness will provide an excellent view and warmth while deflecting the glare from the sun.

All fabrics for use in window coverings are crafted responsibly, in keeping with all environmental and child protection norms. Zebrablinds will help you come up with the best option to serve your door, and window shading needs by providing you with the best in the industry.


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