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5 Great Alternatives to Net Curtains for Your Windows

5 Great Alternatives to Net Curtains For Your Windows

Stylish Ideas for Windows Instead of Net Curtains

Net curtains are a popular and voguish choice for letting natural light in while maintaining the indoor privacy level. In spite of their transparency, these net curtains have stolen hearts over the years and charmed their way into the homes of the people. They infused a warm glow and softness to the living space. But in recent times, many homeowners have shown a strong tendency to move away from these net curtains as they find them a tad too old-fashioned. Well, over time, their designs seem to be out of style and boring. And if you feel the same then it’s the right time you should move on. Consider some of their alternatives to complement the look of the windows in a beautiful, elegant yet subtly dramatic way. All these modern window coverings not only revamp the beauty of your space but also improve the security and privacy of your home decor, bringing value to your space. So, if you are someone who is looking for some creative and innovative ideas for windows instead of net curtains then this article can help you out. Let’s have a look at the below window blinds which will offer more benefits than net curtains.

Top 5 Alternatives to Net Curtains

• Voile Curtain Panels:

These are one of the best alternatives to net curtains. The name ‘voile’ comes from French and means ‘veil’. They are lightweight and made of natural fabric materials like silk, cotton, and various synthetic blends. Voile curtain panels are easy to access and do not take much space in your room. Unlike net curtains, voiles are available in an assortment of colors and design options. Customizing them will give your windows an elegant and sophisticated look.
However, if you need an enhanced light control along with ultimate privacy, then it’s suggested to layer an extra layer of fabric with this voile curtain panel. And the best part of having voiles is they are easy to clean (dry cleaning or hand wash). Get this amazing alternative to your home and avoid the outdated feel that your net curtains used to offer.

• Vertical Blinds:

These window blinds are another great replacement of net curtains and provide privacy while allowing daylight to enter the room. Slide the blinds to the side to get an uninterrupted outside view or adjust the louvers to control the light and privacy. The blinds are mostly used for large windows and patio doors for a formal yet casual appearance. Vertical blinds have become more popular in these days as they offer a sleek and versatile look for contemporary homes. Coming in a range of colors, textures, and pattern options to give your interior an astounding polished makeover, they can add a finishing touch to your doors and windows.
Vertical Blinds for Large Windows

• Venetian Blinds:

These window blinds are made of horizontal slats and come in an assortment of colors, styles, and texture options to create a much more contemporary feel than the traditional net curtains. Choose from wooden or aluminum Venetian blinds to match your interiors. The blinds prevent direct sunlight streaming through while allowing reflected light in and providing space with ultimate protection. Angle the slats as per your requirements of natural light and privacy or keep them close to get complete privacy. Personalize venetian blinds with different color and texture choices to create an impressive look for your home décor.
Venetian Window Blinds

• Sheer Roman Blinds:

If you want to create a designer-worthy look for your windows bringing warmth and elegance to your place, then roman shades are a great choice. But they wouldn’t be the first choice for an alternative to net curtains.
However, choosing lighter colored sheer fabricated roman shades can do an amazing job in this case. These shades allow diffused daylight into the home and offer a lot more privacy than net curtains. Neutral colored sheer roman blinds would be a perfect addition for a minimalistic touch.

• Wood Blinds:

Wood blinds are another great choice that helps you get eco-friendly aesthetics for your interior. Choose from natural wood, stained wood, or faux wood and customize them with a variety of colors and texture choices for timeless beauty. Tilt the slats as per the needs of natural daylight and privacy. From modern home décor to traditional, these blinds perfectly suit your interior style.

So here you have an easy guide to a number of modern, rustic and stylish alternatives to net curtains which are built to fulfil the desires of soft natural sunlight and privacy. You can’t go wrong with these choices. Say bye to your outdated and monotonous net curtains and install these excellent window solutions. Need more ideas and inspiration? Feel free to consult with a designer!

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