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5 Eye-Catching Yellow Blinds for Your Bathroom

5 Eye Catching Yellow Blinds For Your Bathroom

Are you planning to give your bathroom a new look? Spice it up with a splash of yellow!
You can’t go wrong with yellow. According to research, yellow is the color of brightness, warmth, and energy. Not a usual choice when you think of the bathroom, but when you do, the visual impact is amazing. Use it intelligently, and the yellow will add instant cheer and brightness into the small and confined space.

You can make bold choices for bathroom. This is one room where you don’t spend a lot of time. So, when you design your bathroom with yellow, you create a lasting visual impact, without worrying about the color scheme not matching with the rest of the house.

Some Bright Ideas

A lot of yellows can be overkill. But when used sparingly, yellow can make any space look bigger and brighter. As most houses have compact bathrooms, yellow can add an illusion of space and light, that lifts up the spirit in those dark, wet winter days.

On the Walls
A lot of space in the bathroom is taken up by the cabinets, shower, toilet, and other bathroom fixtures. So, if you want to put a lot of yellow in it, the wall is the best option. Select any single wall and put white on the rest. White goes very well with yellow, and together they work to whip up a delicate balance of brightness and serenity.

On your Cabinets
It is another great option of introducing yellow in your bathroom. Fit your bathroom with yellow cabinets, and you will immediately note the difference. An otherwise ordinary space is instantly transformed into something chic and modern. If you are feeling courageous, you might just want to pair the cabinets with a yellow tub. That would be a sensation!

On your Accessories
If you wish to use yellow sparingly, try using yellow on the bathroom accessories. Get yellow towels, flower pots, trash can or mats. This subtle touch will make your bathroom look great, with minimum expenditure on your part.

On the Windows
The bathroom window is a dominant feature of the room. It is the only source of natural light, and commands a big presence in an otherwise small room. If you want to create an eye-catching look for your bathroom, go for yellow blinds.

5 Eye-Catching Bathroom Window Blinds

Blinds are the favored choice for bathroom windows, mostly due to their moisture-resistant qualities. Bathrooms generate a lot of steam compared to other rooms. So, you would want to select a blind that is moisture resistant. You can select from a wide range of blinds, available in different shades and textures. Some of the most common blinds used in the bathroom are discussed below.

Pleated Blinds

Yellow pleated blinds would look great in your bathroom. These blinds are well-suited for high humidity conditions and can be wipe-cleaned easily with a sponge.
The pleated blinds add a unique look to the room, especially when they are in yellow. For more light, use semi-transparent sheer shades, which would give your privacy while filling your room with the muted glow of the sun.
Yellow Pleated Blinds Bathroom

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are very popular due to the coverage they provide when closed. They also come specially fitted with fabric that is both moisture and dust resistant. You can also select from wide range of transparency levels, ranging from semi-transparent to blackout fabric.
Go for a gorgeous yellow print to add elegance and glamour to your bathroom. Match the print with the yellow towel and mat, and you will have a spectacular effect. Accessorize with some plants and flowers, and you will have a slice of summer garden in your bathroom.
Yellow Roller Shades for Bathroom

Mirage Blinds

To maintain the bright, fresh look of your bathroom, go for mirage blinds. Mirage blinds are swiftly gaining popularity among homeowners. It is also known as ‘day and night’ blinds. They are a somewhat mix of roller and venetian blinds. They are made of dual fabric, with the first layer consisting of venetian slats and the back layer made up of light-filtering roller fabric. The main purpose of this blind is to provide both privacy and natural light. As the two fabric move independently of each other, users get the flexibility of adjusting the amount of exposure they need. Exactly what people usually want for their bathrooms.
It is very important that your bathroom gets plenty of natural light. But you also need your privacy. This is why mirage blinds are perfect for bathrooms. Select yellow slats to go with a semi-transparent white background. You will have a lovely striped look for your bathroom, which will go great with yellow tiles.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds also provide similar features, giving users a lot of control over the flow of light and ventilation. However, you need to close the blinds completely at night to get privacy.
The best feature of vertical blinds is the look. Vertical blinds add a smart finish to the windows, with their long lines and big-slat design. When open, the vertical slats let in plenty of light, and when closed you get total privacy. The fabric can be made both moisture and heat-resistant. Use yellow vertical blinds to smart-up your bathroom in bold, crisp lines.
Yellow Vertical Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are the all-time favorite with customers. These aluminum blinds are extremely easy to clean, with high water-resistant qualities. They come in every possible shade and can be custom-made to fit any window size. Venetian blinds also provide great flexibility on the amount of light that reaches the interior of the bathroom. You can position the slats to create maximum privacy, without compromising on the ventilation.
Yellow Venetian Bathroom Blinds
With yellow venetian blinds, you can have a clean look for your bathroom. If you have more than one window, you can mix-and-match the colors, to create a pattern that can be reflected in the cabinets or wall tiles.
Give your creative instinct full reign and create the most spectacular design for your bathroom.

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