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5 Essential Gadgets For A Home Gym

5 Essential Gadgets For A Home Gym

The Rising Focus on a Healthier Lifestyle

The Covid-19 pandemic was unprecedented, devastating and has changed the way the society functioned. However, the onset of this pandemic has led to people appreciating the value of life and good health and have decided to make healthier lifestyle choices. This includes taking up exercise and yoga routines to keep the mind and body fit. Moreover, the pandemic has created stay-at-home situations by implementing social distancing norms and lockdowns. This has led to people trying to adapt by bringing various other aspects of their lives into their homes. For instance, you may have noticed a lot of people devising a makeshift home office to work from home, or a home gym because they can’t visit the gym they used to before, or go out for a run.

A home gym can be a great way to commit to a healthier lifestyle. It is naturally a convenient option as you don’t need to travel to workout. It’s also more personalised and hygienic because you can focus on yourself, control your own music and avoid distractions, you don’t have to worry about a stranger’s sweat on your equipment.

How having the right window treatment can enhance your workout experience

Home gyms aren’t just a place where you can workout but also a general space where you can destress. It’s a room where you don’t have to bring your work. You can use it for yoga and any other physical activity. This being the case, it is very important that your home gym has the right environment or vibe. You need the window treatments in your gym to help you with privacy and light control, while also giving you some natural light (which can be preferred over artificial lighting due to relative health benefits). You can also do with a window treatment that has a natural way of regulating the temperature in your home. If they can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the room as well, it can present a perfect balance for your gym.

Setting the right vibe is very important for any room, especially for a room like a home gym. For instance, you are definitely aware of how crucial your workout playlist can set the right vibe for a workout, right? Window treatments operate similarly in making the gym a conducive environment for exercising. If you’re planning on getting a home gym or updating your existing one, you might want to consider certain window treatments that are compatible with the nature of the room.

Factors to consider while choosing a window covering for your home gym

Before specific window coverings are addressed, there are certain factors that you would be better off considering. These factors will help you make a decision while exploring all your options.

  1. Focus on privacy – Exercise is a private affair and an intimate activity involving mind and body. Nobody wants to be watched while they are digging into their element. Furthermore, it is reasonably expected that you will be clad in your workout clothes and will also be working up a sweat at the same time. In such situations, window coverings that block the view of your interiors would be ideal.
  2. Regulation of temperature – Temperatures tend to run pretty high in gyms. While having an air conditioner is usually warranted, you can reduce your energy bills by pairing up your air conditioners with some top tier window treatments that are reputed for their energy efficiency.
  3. Moisture resistance – The amount of moisture in the air in a gym with limited air flow can be problematic especially if more than one person works out in the gym at the same time. A good set of moisture resistant blinds can help in preventing fogging of windows, ensure durability of the window treatments themselves and the windows.

Recommended window treatments for your home gym

The following window treatments are recommended for your home gym keeping in mind the factors addressed above for achieving best results.

  • Smart Blinds – This is a no-brainer. No one wants to spend time finding the right setting on their blinds or adjusting the blinds during the peak of their workout. This would obviously upset a person’s momentum and rhythm. Smart blinds, being motorised, allows you to control them remotely or with a smart phone. The fact that they can be controlled by voice commands means that you can control these blinds without having to disrupt your workout in the slightest.
  • Honeycomb Shades – Honeycomb shades have specialised fabric comprised of ‘cells’ or ‘honeycombs’ that trap warm air that enters through the window, allowing the cooler air from your air conditioner to circulate for longer. This reduces your dependence on temperature controlling systems and are also extremely energy efficient. You can get single celled or double celled shades depending on the level of insulation you desire. Honeycomb shades are also versatile in terms of their looks and provide respectable light control and privacy.
  • Solar Shades – While natural light can be a good stimulant of moods and can be a powerful companion during a workout, the glare can be quite annoying and you also run the risk of exposure to UV rays. Solar Shades can help in providing a way of controlling the light in a way that it is filtered while still keeping things private during the day.
  • Vertical Blinds – Your gym, much like others might have a large window or a sliding glass patio door. If that’s the case, then vertical blinds can your perfect partner. They are better suited for larger windows and patio doors. They offer more privacy and light control than traditional venetian blinds when paired up with larger windows.

Now that you have a fair idea of how window treatments can help you enhance your gym, you can look into a plethora of colours, designs, patterns and texture for matching or contrasting with your gym to give it a soothing ambience as well.

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