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5 Discount Sun Shades for a Comfortable Patio

5 Discount Sun Shades For A Comfortable Patio

With the summers fast approaching, you will find more people scrambling to get their choice of sun shades or other such window treatment products for their house. Sun shades are great for reducing the heat gain in the house besides good light-filtration and decent privacy that they provide. While buying solar shades for indoors you keep in mind the requirements specific to the rooms where you want to get them installed. However, when getting shades for outdoor installation in places like the patio, you need a different set of considerations to get it right.

Outdoor solar shades need to be sturdier and more resilient against the elements as these are directly exposed to the heat, light and moisture. Moreover, if you want to convert your patio into your peaceful sanctuary, you may need shades that have better privacy so that you can enjoy your time sitting and chilling without the prying eyes of onlookers causing any interruptions or discomfort. Since during the summers, Sun’s heat is more unforgiving when outdoors, your sun shades also need to have good heat insulation to keep it comfortable around there.

Benefits of Outdoor Solar Shades

Outdoor solar shades have many unique advantages which make them a good investment. These shades provide relief in outdoor areas of the house such as the patio, the porch or the sundeck by reducing the heat gain and the glare. The outdoor solar shades also help the window coverings installed inside the house. The outdoor shades block most of the solar heat, UV rays and also reduce the glare to a large extent. This makes the job easier for indoor shades as these have to tackle less of these issues. It further enhances the efficiency of the indoor shades as well as the air-conditioner and it reflects in lower energy bills.

Outdoor sun shades also protect the indoor shades from damage caused by prolonged exposure to the Sun’s heat and light and also to some extent from the moisture damage. It also prevents the lining fabric of the indoor shades from getting faded. So, going for outdoor sun shades is a worthwhile proposition, especially if the area where your home or office is located, receives more sunlight or experienced a particularly hot summer.
Outdoor Solar Porch Shades

What are the Best Discount Sun Shade Options for Your Patio?

While some fancy window coverings can be quite expensive depending on the choice of material used in them, there are good discount options available too which will be much easier on your pocket. Outdoor solar shades are a necessity in hot or humid areas and finding great options that are also affordable is certainly a sweet deal. While there are many viable options, let us look at 5 discount sun shade options which are ideal for a comfortable patio:

1. Woven Wood Shades:

Wood shades are normally a bit expensive but if you do some research, you will be able to find some affordable ones as well. Besides, the brands and sellers also keep announcing exciting deals on expensive window coverings which make them a good deal. Woven wood shades are relatively affordable when compared to regular wood shades made from natural wood. These shades provide good protection against the heat and also ensure your privacy while you sit around and chill in your patio.
Outdoor Roll Up Shades

2. Faux Wood Blinds:

Faux wood blinds are quite inexpensive when compared to natural wood variants. These shades are quite sturdy and also don’t get affected by moisture. Heat insulation and light-filtration are right on the money while these shades are good enough to keep the prying eyes out. This makes them the ideal option for outdoor sun protection. These shades look very much like the real wood solar shades and also do great in terms of aesthetics.

3. Blackout Shades:

Blackout shades are good for reducing the glare and for blocking the harmful UV rays. Good light-filtration and decent heat insulation are other advantages of blackout shades. These shades have a layer of neutral material on the backside for added insulation and light blockage. Keeping the lighter fabric facing outwards, you can achieve more effective heat insulation from these shades.
Outdoor Blackout Shades

4. Cellular or Honeycomb Shades:

These shades have cavities in between their layers which act as air pockets. This enhances the heat insulation efficiency of these shades.
Cellular Shades for Patio

5. Custom Solar Shades:

You may not always get the perfect shades at the brand or retail outlets which are exactly as per your requirement and tailored immaculately as per the dimensions of your patio. For all such cases, you can opt for some cool custom solutions. Custom solar shades are relatively more pocket-friendly as you can avoid any undue expense on features or components you don’t need. Another benefit is the freedom of choosing the quality and nature of components whether it is the lining material, the operating mechanism or any other aspect. You can trendy patterns or more subdued appeal depending on your vision and taste for your patio.

Outdoor spaces in the house where you can hang out for a while or sit there enjoying the view, reading a book breathing in the fresh air or just enjoying some tea with your guests are nothing short of wonderful. Discount solar shades for the patio or the porch in your house can help you create such an atmosphere without breaking the bank. With all the wonderful moments you can relish sitting there, or the ways in which, these outdoor shades help create extra comfortable surroundings inside your house is quite commendable. This makes them a justifiable and worthy investment.

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