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5 Decorating Ideas for a Kitchen Window

5 Decorating Ideas For A Kitchen Window

What Makes Your Kitchen an Important Space in the House?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a house without a kitchen? Strange as the question may appear, but if you ask yourself, you realize that it is indeed an indispensable part of your home. Irrespective of the size of your house, no home is complete without a kitchen.

Kitchens can be visualized in so many ways. There are kitchens with small stoves to open kitchen concepts with sprawling islands and countertops. There are small cozy ones to large luxurious ones, and each has a story to tell. The kitchen is where a deliciously cooked hot meal awaits your family at the end of a long day. It is where pains and sorrows are shared over a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee to soothe the mind and body. The room stands as a witness to your changing moods – elation, exasperation, euphoria and frustration.

Kitchens in modern times are no longer used only for storing utensils and hastily cooking up meals. They have evolved into spaces with sitting arrangements and some even have a nook created to serve as work units. In most homes today, kitchens are large open airy spaces which are done up with a lot of care, love, and warmth, and often go beyond the mundane purpose of cooking and serving meals three times a day. The kitchen has, over a period of time, emerged as the hub of the home where family congregates at the beginning and end of the day. It is increasingly being used as a space to entertain guests and hang out with friends over a cup of steaming hot coffee or chilled mug of beer.

Kitchens Serve Multiple Purposes

Kitchens today are no longer small or cramped up as they used to be. They are now equipped to accommodate multiple people and some even have bar seating arrangements or flat working spaces to serve multiple purposes. The kitchen is easily the most important room in the house not only for storing appliances and utensils used for preparing meals but also for storage, seating and communication as well. Without a kitchen, a home would feel empty, rudderless, directionless and confused. And a vital part of this kitchen which gives it character is its windows. Large wide windows in kitchen area fill the spaces with natural light, cheer and positive vibes. A kitchen is high on moisture and hence sunlight and air are important to keep the space damp-free and dry. It is crucial to have a well-lit kitchen as it will make cooking and interacting here an enjoyable experience. And if you have a view to behold, then there is nothing like it. It will help to bring nature inside your kitchen and give it a whole new dimension.
Kitchen Roller Shades

Windows Impart Character to Kitchens

How to Decorate Your Kitchen Windows

There are different ways you can decorate your kitchen windows and they deserve the best as they give personality and character to your kitchen. But a word of caution: kitchens are exposed to high level of moisture. Cooking and steaming release lots of moisture in the air and there is also washing and cleaning of vegetables and utensils which involves water. Heat and moisture share a poor relation with several materials keep note of this when decorating the kitchen windows.

Valance & Cornice

Valance and cornice boards are a great way to decorate your gorgeous kitchen windows. Valances are made of loose fabric while cornice boards are wooden structures that can be upholstered as well. If you have windows situated away from the high moisture zones you could opt for these window treatments. They help to highlight the windows, frame the outside view, hide the ugly window treatment hardware, add drama, and soften the sharp edges in the kitchen.
Valances for Kitchen Windows

Plants as Decor

If you have a wide window sill then let it not go waste. Add a little bit of green in your kitchen to add freshness, elevate the mood, and give rest to your eyes. Indoor plants are a great way to do up your homes and window sills are the ideal space to flaunt them. A potted plant or flowering plant in a glass vase can be a great way to add aesthetic interest and value to your windows. They have a calming effect on the mind. A pop of color is always refreshing.

Window Treatments

The best way to do up your kitchen windows is to add window coverings. Kitchens need functional yet aesthetically high window treatments. If you have windows that are located close to the stove or sink we would recommend you to refrain from use of fabric and wood as they tend to warp and peel off when exposed to moisture and humidity for a prolonged period of time. You can use aluminum mini blinds, faux wood blinds and vinyl blinds to treat the windows. They are durable and easy to maintain and allow excellent control over your lighting needs.
If your windows are located away from these areas then you have more flexibility in the choice of window treatments. Fabric and wood are both an elegant choice of window covering and they look stunning in your kitchen space. Shutters are equally graceful and versatile. These window shades and shutters offer privacy when you need them the most and light filtration as the harsh glares of the sun could disrupt your activities in the kitchen. Another popular choice for kitchen window treatments is sheer drapes or sheer shades. The sheer fabric imparts a soft and warm glow to the kitchen and helps create a cozy ambiance for the family.
Faux Wood Blinds for Kitchen Windows

Seating Arrangement for Bay Window Space

If you have a bay window in a kitchen it makes a gorgeous addition to your space. You can use this bay window to create a cozy sitting and reading nook for yourself while the pot boils infusing the area with the aroma of spices. You could place some throw pillows and some cushions; add some strings lights, a reading lamp and some decor pieces to furnish the bay window space. You could use the space below the seating arrangement for storage purposes for your kitchen as well. You could also use this space to entertain a friend or wind up after a long day at work with your partner.
Woven Shades for Bay Window

Herb Garden

If you have a window that is strategically placed and brings in a lot of sunshine, use it judiciously to grow some meaningful plants. You could actually grow your own herb garden. It is both practical and also makes for a beautiful accent. Use small colorful ceramic pots to house these herbs which will help add a splash of color to your window space. It is also a great way to ensure that you have some fresh herbs at your hand when cooking.
Anyone looking to do a makeover of your kitchen window space or moving to a new house and looking for new ideas we hope we have furnished you with some cool and refreshing ideas for the same. You could use any one of these or even a combination of the above ideas to create a magical ambiance in your favorite space in the house.

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