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5 Dark Brown Window Panels for an Inviting Holiday Home

5 Dark Brown Window Panels for an Inviting Holiday Home

Are you planning to WOW your visitors this holiday season? Or, are you embarking on a much-needed décor update for your holiday home? No matter what your reasons are for dressing up your holiday home, the first place to start will be the windows.

Windows are not merely the frame that accentuates the picture. It is one of the primary hues that bring the whole picture to life. So, how do you select a frame that most visitors would like? It is not easy as it sounds. Selecting a style that would suit all taste is almost impossible. However, you can make it vibrant. Holiday is all about a break from the ordinary, from the predictable homely décor that screams of familiarity. Holiday is for something extra ordinary!

Ideally, a holiday home should grab the attention, yet retain all the comforts and luxury your visitors need. After all, holiday homes are the perfect backdrop for creating wonderful memories together.

Are Window Panels Different from Curtains?

Window panels share many similarities. Both are full length fabrics, which hand in front of the window. Sometimes, they come in two sets, that make a whole curtain, or a flat, fabric panel that slides on tracks. Curtains, more often, refer to drapes and other flowy fabric window coverings.

How Does Window Panels Help?

To give your holiday home a smart and modern makeover, go for window panels. Window panels are a rave nowadays. They are stylish, sleek, modern, and extremely easy to use. Let’s look at the benefits that make them most suitable for holiday homes.

Ease of Operation: Holiday homes usually have huge glass windows to make most of the spectacular view. It would be a shame if your windows don’t allow wide, sweeping view of the wide landscape or scenery around. However, big windows do come with a lot of light, heat, and privacy issues. To take care of these issues, sliding panel blinds or drapery panels are ideal.

Convenience: Panel track blinds are extremely convenient to operate. Just slide them across the channels and cover up the large windows without any effort. No need to drag across heavy draperies, bringing down a few vases, and getting completely entangled in the process. When open, panel track blinds stack up in a neat pile at the end, looking smart and inconspicuous. Make blind operation a breeze for your visitors with these blinds.

Safety: With no dangly cords, these blinds are probably very safe options for families with pets or little children. Now the little ones can go explore as much as they want, without you worrying about any choking hazards.

5 Stunning Dark Brown Window Panel Ideas for your Holiday Home

This holiday season, go for stunning dark brown. Brown is warm, cozy, smart, and mysterious. Here we bring you some dark brown window panel ideas that would take the comfort and style quotient of your interiors to another level.

Dark Brown Natural Wood Blinds

Nothing captures the rugged look of the nature than natural wood. Natural wood panel blinds are available in a wide range of colors, with dark brown being one of the most popular. Team it up with white walls and natural wooden floor, and create the perfect cozy mood for your holiday home.

Natural wood sliding panel blinds are made from Curly Jute, Cellulose, Bamboo Reed, and other Jute components to give you a wide range of textures and weaving patterns. With these different weave styles, you can achieve a wide range of light control and insulation features. With a dense weave, and lining, you can also get the most desired room darkening effect, which is perfect for bedrooms. Now you can enjoy a comfortable evening relaxing with friends and family, after a long day of outdoor activities.

Solar Sliding Panel Track Shades

Printed Sliding Panel Blinds

If you wish to have a more dramatic look, go for printed panels in dark brown. Sliding track blinds come in a wide range of attractive prints that would go with multiple decoration styles.

Pair them up with tan leather furniture or accessories. Put in plenty of lights to take wipe away the brooding intensity of dark brown prints. A fluffy high-pile rug in cream or ivory would make the whole room more appealing. Printed sliding panel blinds usually come in a thicker material, which keeps your living area cool and comfortable. They are also ideal for privacy.

Sheer Dark Brown Drapery Panels

Sheer Rod Pocket drapery panels can be a great option for controlling the flow of light into the room. Made from light materials, these panels can also be paired with light brown printed drapery panels to give you greater flexibility over light control.

The sheers would create an attractive glow within the room, which will create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic hideaway. You can spend lovely moments with your loved ones; enjoy the view, all within the cool comforts of the interiors.

Accents Graber Sliding Panel Shades

For greater flexibility over light and a minimalistic appearance, go for Accents Graber sliding panel shades. Ideal for large patio doors or long-windows, these delicate shades would create a soft look for your room. While cutting off glare and heat, these blinds would still allow you the full benefit of the view. Even when you are relaxing in the bed after a hectic day-out, you will still be able to view the dying light on the peaceful scenery outside.

To maintain the minimalistic feel, compliment the dark brown accents with glass and wood furnishings, and natural green elements.

Sheer and Printed Drapery Panels

If you wish for a luxurious cozy look, go for a combination of sheer and printed drapery panels. This will be an innovative covering for long windows, creating a smooth blend of dark and soft browns, to complement the overall rustic décor of your holiday house. You will also get dual flexibility over light, privacy, and temperature control.

With these gorgeous dark brown panels, turn your holiday home to a stylish haven.