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5 Dark Blue Window Blinds To Add A Calm Atmosphere To Your Home


Dark Blue Blinds as a Window Treatment

Window treatments such as blinds are an integral part of many homes because of the amount of work they do for you. If you were to break it down, windows have two distinct purposes, which are functionality and aesthetics. When it comes to functionality, they offer light control, block sunlight, keep rooms cool and offer privacy. As far as aesthetic appeal is concerned, they become important supplements to the rest of your interior décor by matching or contrasting with the walls and furniture, making your home as beautiful as ever.

While looking for the right blinds which can take things up a notch in terms of visual aspects, the colour scheme of the blinds plays a major role in deciding whether a set of blinds are perfect for you. The colour of the blinds can help set the tone and mood of your home. You spend most of your time at home. Having the right tone for such a place won’t just be beneficial for you and the people who also stay with you, but will also leave a positive impression on any guests you may entertain.

A home is more than a place that offers shelter. It is a place that symbolises comfort and a sense of your own identity. If you want to make sure your home represents this comforting vibe through your window coverings, dark blue blinds maybe the right way to go.

Studies indicate that the blue colour, especially dark blue signifies reliability and security. It has the unique combination of being comforting while also simultaneously being bold. It is also a colour that is quite often associated with being organised and clean. It has all the necessary qualities that will make it easier to help your mind and body relax by creating a conducive environment to live in.

Different types of Dark Blue Window Blinds

The addition of the dark blue colour to your blinds can make them elegant and sophisticated, while also making sure that it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. One of the main reasons why blue is such a popular colour for a window treatment is because even if it restricts your view of the outside world, it can still remind you of beautiful skies and breath-taking oceans. Here are some of the different shades of dark blue window blinds that you can get for your home –

  1. Imperial Blue – Imperial Blue is a royal shade of dark blue that is one of the best candidates for your blinds. If you want to represent the dark blue colour while making sure that it isn’t too dark, imperial blue is a choice you can consider. This colour can be perfect for roller blinds for your living rooms or dining rooms. Since the colour has an air of royalty that comes with it, it is best represented with roller blind fabric as the colour is more prominent than if it were on the slats of traditional venetian blinds.
  2. Cetacean Blue – This darker shade of blue can be a good colour for your blackout blinds. Blackout blinds block all the light that can enter through a window and makes a room dark and cool. These blinds help in making your room a conducive place for resting during the night as well as the day. These blinds are gaining more traction nowadays because people have started sleeping during the day as well due to erratic work schedules. Now, blackout blinds do not have to be in black. You can try different dark colours to get a similar result. Given the fact that dark blue is a stimulant for relaxation, cetacean blue can be the perfect shade of blue that you can use to bring some variety and versatility to your window coverings.
  • Medieval Blue – Medieval blue can be the apt colour for your venetian blinds if you are looking for a classic, elegant and sophisticated look for your home. You can pair these medieval blue blinds with French windows or pelmets to go for a proper nostalgia look to remind people of another era. While this nostalgic look might be something that others try as well, the medieval blue colour of your blinds will bring a refreshing perspective to interior décor that will definitely catch a second glance of appreciation.
  • Twilight Blue – Twilight Blue as a colour is at its best when it contrasts with the sunlight that beats down on it. This beautiful transition that you will see from ranging the sunlight outside and the blue colour blinds has the potential to amount to a massive upgrade to your rooms. This colour is best suited for vertical blinds.  This is because vertical blinds are usually used for large windows and patio doors. The slats are usually bigger and even when they are close, some sunlight can seep in, making the twilight blue colour of the blinds a majestic look that just might be the thing your room needs.
  • Blue cloud – Although blue cloud is on the darker side of the different shades of blue, it is also a slightly faded colour. Unlike most of the other dark blue colours mentioned before, blinds that have the blue cloud colour are not particularly bold, but rather somewhat subtle in its look. These blinds are better at fitting in seamlessly with the rest of the room and can help in highlight other aspects of your interior décor. For example, if you want to show off the colour of the walls, any wall hangings or the furniture, blue cloud-coloured blinds can help in making sure that it doesn’t distract anybody from these parts of your room.

How do I choose the colour of my window treatments?

Blue is just one of the many colours you can choose from for your window treatments. At the end of the day, it is a question of personal preference and how the rest of your home looks. There are a few things that you can consider before getting your eyes set on the right colour for your window treatments.

For instance, the colour of your walls can play a very important role in making you zero in on the colour of your blinds. You can go for a matching colour scheme or a contrast one as well. The colour of your furniture is also very important. For example, cherry wood furniture has a reddish-brown colour that must be worked with while choosing your blinds. The same goes for patio furniture or teak wood furniture as well. Another aspect that can be a major determinant is the colour of the flooring, cabinets on the walls and the carpets as well.

Make sure you consider these factors before choosing the colour of your blinds. If you can’t decide, try out the aforementioned dark blue tones to see if they work well for you.

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