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5 Dark Blue Window Blinds That Add A Striking Depth To Your Home


Do you take risks when it comes to planning your home decor? Selecting a perfect color for your window treatment can be one of the exciting yet more complex decisions that you will make while shopping for window treatments. Wondering if you should pick something neutral or take a risk with trending patterns that may get outdated in some years? Worry no more! We have gathered six tips that will guide you on a color for your window treatment which you will love for years to come:

  • Correspond With Your Window Moulding

A reliable strategy that most of them prefer is blinds corresponding to the color of the window mould. As most trims are either off-white or white, one cannot go wrong with this neutral look and you will be assured not to mismatch with other decor elements. Pick this option if you want to avoid your windows from being the focal point of the room. This is an exceptional look that will not be going out of style any time soon.

  • Match With The Color of Your Wall

Coordinating blinds with the color of your wall is still fine. However, this offers more of a style statement. Tone-over-tone looks are trending in style and this is the easiest way of embracing the trend. One can also go with blinds that are a few shades lighter than their wall color for an elegant look that does not feel very heavy. s

  • Tone With Flooring or Other Existing Elements

Does your home feature attractive cabinets, wood floors, or carpeting? Window treatments corresponding to the existing furniture or finishes in the room are the best way of displaying natural wood tones on windows. Any interior style can be complemented with wood blinds and faux wood blinds that come in an array of natural colors and stains. While using fabrics for window treatments, consider matching materials with accessories like pillows, rugs, or accent chairs which makes those colors pop.

  • Pick Contrasting Colors

In a neutral decor, bold colors make a huge statement. However, this high contrast look also works perfectly with neutrals as solid colors. Wood blinds with a dark stain can stand out in an otherwise lightroom. Consider layering wood tones with a contrasting drapery to make a window even more of a focal point. Combining bold colors with neutral layers helps strong colors feel more involved in the space.

  • Size of The Room

If your room is small, opting for a lighter color on the windows can make a room feel bigger and brighter. Dark colors for small windows make a room look even smaller. However, for bigger rooms with many windows, think of adding darker colors to provide depth and make a space more cozy. For large glass panes such as sliding doors, one can give a thought to what the room would look like when the blinds are closed and how much of the color you would be seeing.

Dark Blue Window Blinds That Offer Depth To Your Home

If you are looking for inspiration to revamp your home, then the modern elegance of blue color has to be a part of your design scheme. With the installation of blue window blinds, harmony is created within the room thereby, instilling peace and a calm atmosphere. They make a home look simple, yet beautiful. Blue window treatments encourage peace, a spirit of confidence, and serenity within the room. Whether you opt for the softness of a subtle shade or the depth of dark blue, introducing blue into your house helps produce a welcoming environment you require. Here are some of the best modern blinds that will add a striking depth to your home:

  1. Acacia Navy: Acacia Navy will fit in perfectly if you are searching for a blue color towards the darker shade of the spectrum. Acacia Navy blue roller blinds is a powerful hue that is ideal for any space. It looks exceptionally good in a white kitchen set up to have a contemporary vibe and visual contrast or in a white bathroom for simple and clean lines. Consider including them in the bedroom where dark tones can be softened by paler bedding layers in thick creams.
  2. Lanbury Blackout Blue: Looking forward to creating a space that incorporates the richness of its color in a darker hue while making it appear truly exquisite in design? Lanbury Blackout Blue is the color to go with which is ideal for bright as well as dark-styled houses. Homes with darker decorations enjoy this unique royal blue shade as it complements the already established tones making the decor stand out in your space. Lighter-decorated spaces are at an advantage because of the richness of this shade. However, its darker tone helps dim some brightness of the space so that your home doesn’t look too bright.
  3. Corsica Cobalt: Corsica Cobalt is an absolute delight. You can’t stop yourself from thinking of the Mediterranean seas from which it gets its name. There is more joy to be discovered in Corsica cobalt roller blinds. This is because as the daylight shines through it, a soft vertical lined pattern emerges. Corsica Cobalt roller blinds introduce warmth to white decor, match with blues, or boost it with contrasting colors like raspberry, orange, or lemon.
  4. Cordova Peacock: With Cordova peacock blue blinds, you can show off your home interior style with pride. This roller blind exudes opulence inspired by the strong and modern color that takes its cue from the graceful elegance of the peacock’s neck. Cordova Peacock, a softer alternative to navy blue or a richer alternative to turquoise, is an exceptional choice while styling your home. This shade, a symbol of royalty and luxury, blends greatly with gold accents while working well with neutrals like white or grey. However and wherever you prefer to incorporate this decadent blind within your house, stay assured that its vibrant nature will draw attention and enliven your space.
  5. Blue Aluminum Mini Blinds: While you style up your windows with blue aluminum mini blinds, they make an enormous difference in the design of your house. Though they are robust, they offer your indoors a pleasant and smooth background.

Whether you are looking for functionality or aesthetics, a lot can be achieved with blinds. In particular, blue blinds are attractive and allows you to craft a sense of serenity at home. It is not mandatory to install the same shade of blue blinds in all the rooms. Experimenting with various colors and shades will make your home’s interior decor more interesting. Pick a floral teal or striped pattern for the living room that coordinates with your interior and furnishing. Go for navy or sky blue standard aluminum blinds for a home office.

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