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5 Cute Blue Striped Roman Blinds for Your Sunroom or Bay Window

5 Cute Blue Striped Roman Blinds for Your Sunroom or Bay Window

Everyone has a favorite corner in the house where they like to spend some quality time with themselves or to just sit around and chill. When you think of such places, the portico, the porch, and the patio are some of the obvious sections of the house that come to mind. These are outdoor sections of the house that can be converted into fun outdoor spaces for you to hang out with friends and family. However, sometimes you may want to have a cozy indoor space in the house where you can sit around and chill.

What is the Bay Area or Sunroom in the House?

The bay area in your house is exactly the cozy indoor spaces you will love to spend time in. Technically, the bay area is a protrusion in the outer wall of your house, an extension of the indoor space, yet it is separate enough to give you the feel of a cozy corner away from the rest of the house. Since it is outward facing, the bay area also receives more sun during the day. This is the reason why the room that has a bay window in it is also known as the sunroom.

Benefits of Having a Sunroom or Bay Window in Your House

As the bay window bulges out of the outer wall, it makes for an interesting architectural feature in the house and also enhances the visual appeal of the house. If you want your home décor to really come alive, bright interiors are a must. Bright interiors look more lively and welcoming.The bay window receives more sunlight as it is an outward-facing section of the house. As a result, it allows more natural light inside the room and helps brighten up the interiors.

The bay window can also double up as a place within the room where you can sit and chill. The bay window is usually large and hence, it is a great place for enjoying the view of the outside. You can place a comfortable seat beside the bay window with some soft cushions and the bay window will transform into an ideal leisure spot where you can sit, laze around, read your favorite book, sip your morning tea, or indulge in any of your favorite pastimes. For optimum utilization of the space and to tidy up your living space, you can also add storage space beneath the bay window seat for storing your extra bed linen or anything else that you need quick access to but don’t want it lying around in an untidy fashion.

The Perpetual Appeal of Striped Window Coverings

Stripes and checks have been amongst the most popular patterns for all kinds of things such as shirts, trousers, bed linen, etc. and window treatments are no exception. If you feel bored with plain window coverings as they don’t always stand out from the rest of the décor but don’t want to replace the same with something that is too flashy or over the top, stripes are an ideal pattern choice for your taste. Stripes create enough visual distinction to make the window coverings look more striking but at the same time, the stripes are subtle enough to blend in with the surrounding environment perfectly to create a seamless home décor experience.

Striped window coverings for that reason prove to be truly versatile and ideal for both home and office settings. With so many different design and color choices within the striped window covering options offered by the brands, you can always be sure of getting the ones that totally live up to your expectations. Besides, the option of custom solutions is always there to bolster your choices. The stripes as a popular design choice have been around for ages and this perpetual appeal of the striped window treatments makes sure that your home décor is never lagging behind in essence and richness.

5 Cute Blue Striped Roman Blinds for Your Sunroom or Bay Window

Roman blinds, a true classic in their own regard, have always been widely popular amongst homemakers because of their sublime looks, functional and efficient design, and availability in every budget. These are lightweight and ideal for all kinds of windows including the hard-to-reach or unique windows such as the skylight windows. Blue stripes look vibrant and help the blinds stand out from the rest of the décor around the window.

Within the basic blue stripes, there can be so many different variants and subtle design modifications that can provide the perfect visual punch to your bay window. To help you get started, here are some truly cute striped roman blinds designs you can emulate. Let us look at them in greater detail:

Blue Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal stripes are always a safe bet for your Roman blinds due to their vintage and ever-classic appeal. If you want your Roman blinds to look more prominent, wider stripes will be a great option. You can reduce the width of the stripes if you want something more subtle for your bay window.

Blue Contrast Stripes

While the functional aspects of the Roman blinds such as thermal insulation, light control, and blackout performance depend to a large extent on the type of material used in the blinds, the colors and the pattern determine the aesthetics of the blinds. If you want your striped Roman blinds to look more prominent and cute, stripes in contrasting colors next to the blue stripes will be a great design choice. The contrast will make the blinds stand out and visibly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bay window.

Striped Blue White Roman Shades

Blue Variegated Stripes

Variegated stripes mean stripes that vary in width. You can opt for Roman blinds that have blue stripes in a variegated pattern. You can either go with different shades of blue for your variegated stripes or match the blue stripes with variegated stripes of other colors for a striking appeal.

Blue Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes are another interesting design choice for your Roman blinds. For maximum effect, you can go with blue vertical stripes against a white or light-colored background. This will help ensure that the blue stripes stand out and make your Roman blinds all the more prominent and appealing.

Blue Diagonal Stripes

Blue diagonal stripes can provide a striking distinction to your Roman blinds due to the unique orientation of the stripes. Here also, you can experiment with the color of the stripes. This applies to both the blue stripes and the stripes adjacent to them. Blue is a color that has so many different hues ranging from the bright and flashy neon one to dark navy and indigo shades.

The best thing about stripes is that they have a simple yet symmetrical design that lends itself to so many different variations. From changing the orientation of the stripes to customizing the width of the stripes, and from two-tone stripes to multicolored options, there is no dearth of design variations you can consider. Depending on whether you prefer a more overt style statement or like to keep things subtle yet sophisticated, your choice of blue stripes will definitely vary but it will look cute and striking nevertheless.

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