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5 Curtains with A Strikingly Beautiful Net Design

5 Curtains with A Strikingly Beautiful Net Design

What are Net Curtains?

Net curtains are a stylish and efficient addition to any home. They are made of thin and partially transparent fabric. The purpose of a net curtain is two-fold. Firstly, it allows the owners of a home to use such a curtain to view the world outside the window without having to sacrifice his or her privacy. Secondly, it complements the other curtains in the home and gives the rooms a homely, yet elegant look. Net curtains are also known as voile curtains on account of the fabric that is used to make them. Typically, net curtains are not used as standalone curtains but usually as a complimentary dressing to the other curtains. It is key to remember this while looking to purchase net curtains. The curtains complemented are usually thick and dark curtains that are prevalent during the night.

Semi-Sheer Floral Net Curtains for French Doors

What are the advantages of purchasing these net curtains?

Aside from the fact that they allow natural light inside while allowing the users the luxury of privacy, these curtains also curb the sunlight from directly hitting the room. Direct sunlight can be harmful and can accelerate the aging of expensive furniture and carpets (depending on the fabric or material). Also, it can be beneficial for those who maintain indoor potted plants.

As an added benefit, they can be instrumental in preventing allergens such as pollen to enter the house. The design and structure of net curtains allow them to retain the allergens. The affordability of net curtains is on the easier side and this doesn’t hurt when people are choosing whether to buy them or not.

What are some of the types of net curtains?

In choosing the apt net curtain for a room, it is important to keep in mind the room’s aesthetic and the purpose and function that the net curtain will serve. Here are 5 types of net curtains that can be used in rooms to increase their appeal by adding to their looks and features-

  1. Slot top curtains – Slot top curtains have a lengthy pocket that originates from the top of every panel. They are knitted onto the curtain rods and are suspended freely below. They come in a bunch of different colors and at least 8 different sizes. It is even possible that the sizes can be customized based on the dimensions that customers want to cover
  2. Tabletop curtains – Tabletop curtains are a variation to the slot top curtains. In contrast to the slot top curtains which have a pocket across the curtain, the tabletop curtains have several partitions (even pockets) that glide along the length of the fabric. These curtains make the curtain rods slightly more visible. These curtains resemble the conventional curtains that are supported by hoops.
  3. Net Scarves – Net scarf curtains are a combination of different types of net curtain designs that block and partially allow sunlight in different ways. They add a lot of variety to the room and add a modern look to rooms. The best part is that the look comes naturally and it doesn’t look like the owners were trying too hard. The look is subtle and its absence is felt on the rest of the room when the curtains are replaced.
  4. Tied Net curtains – As the name suggests, they are usually bunched up in the middle and supported in that way by being tied up. The purpose of this style of curtains is more about being stylish and providing a casual appealing look and less about using them to block sunlight. The sunlight works its way around the curtain which, it’s tied up in design forms an hourglass-like figure.
  5. Petal-type voile curtains – These net curtains have flower petal designs on the fabric that can give the room an elegant look that pleasing to the eyes. The petals also add a lot of color to the room and can fit the ambiance of the room. This can work well with a room that has a theme. They work well in kitchens, bedrooms, playrooms. A case can be made that the calmness they can provide also makes them viable net curtains for the study room.

Beautiful Net Curtains

How does one choose the right type of net curtain?

Choosing the right type of net curtain depends on the room and the intended purpose. Each room requires a curtain for a purpose that is unique to that room in particular. Identifying the need will establish which net curtains to use from the assortment of net curtains that are available at the disposal of the customer.

For instance, the drawing rooms and the rooms on the ground floor with a lot of windows (usually the living room), can require heavier curtains that allow in a decent amount of partial sunlight but stresses more on rendering curious eyes ineffective and keeping privacy alive. On the other hand, kitchens and bathrooms are another story altogether. Heavier net curtains tend to absorb moisture in the atmosphere. It can trap temperature and unwanted scents if used in bathrooms and kitchens given the nature of the activities undertaken in these rooms. It is highly recommended that lighter net curtains that cannot absorb moisture be used in these rooms. These net curtains even come in pure polyester and might be the perfect fit for bathrooms and kitchens.

The dining room is usually where the look and feel of the net curtains matter the most. The design must be attractive and set the mood perfectly while entertaining people at a party or get-together. The sunlight piercing the curtain must not only illuminate the room to the right extent but also make the curtain’s design prominent. The design of the curtain can also suggest how it is dressed up. For example, a floral pattern inspired curtain might look nice in the room if it is tied up in a bunch.

When it comes to the den and bedrooms, it is all about being in command of how much light should enter the room. For the den, it’s fairly simple, the lesser the sunlight, the more desirable. In this case, heavier net curtains can work wonders for the room. The necessity for patterns or over the top designs isn’t there for dens. Bedrooms, on the other hand, can get really complicated. For the days when the occupants are sleeping in (maybe on account of a night shift or late-night social gathering), darkness is preferred. However, the need for sunlight during other times of the day is also warranted. When faced with such a conundrum, buyers have to end up prioritizing which type of net curtain they want more based on their lifestyle. Of course, they can buy two types of curtains and switch them up when they need to.

It is highly recommended that when looking for net curtains, buyers keep an open mind and diversify according to the needs of each room specifically. Net curtains are reasonably priced and speak for themselves in the long run. If buyers want to take the quality a notch higher, they can always opt for those voile curtains that have a higher degree of threading.