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5 Curtains To Keep Your Room Bright and Airy

5 Curtains To Keep Your Room Bright and Airy

Being creative with your design choices in home decor is always a good thing. You do not have to rely on anyone else to tell you what would go well with the furniture, which rug would look good over that floor, and which bedding set you should choose to match the wall colors. All you need to do is be imaginative. However, not every one of us is a creative being, and we often need correct guidance from decorators and friends. Consulting an interior decorator, however, comes at a price, and they may often charge you heft amounts just for suggesting stuff.So in this blog, we can help you make an informed decision. We will devote this section to discussing only the right curtains that will make your room bright, lively, and airy to enable a nice and pleasant atmosphere. Curtains are some of the best window treatments, and there are many reasons why they are often the preferred choice for homeowners.

Why Must You Choose Curtains?

This was a question posed to me by several friends when I had installed one on every window in my house. The world had switched to roller and vinyl blinds to complement the sleekness of a modern home. I, however, was more than content with my choice. These much traditional and convenient choices were a highlight of my home, and for good reason. I shared my experiences with my friends, and these benefits will help you in choosing the best designs.

1. Blocking Direct Glare: You know the specifications of your window well, and even if you don’t, it won’t take long for you to measure and share the dimensions with your manufacturer. But be careful of what blind you choose. Vinyl window blinds entail slats that may damage over time, and require you to replace them every now and then. There is always the risk of the slats mending and developing cracks, through which the sunlight may enter and heat up your home. Not with curtains, though, which can be an effective window treatment over your vinyl shades. Curtains provide a good enough backup, but they are equally good window coverings by their own. A good light blocking curtain will suffice on its own, and does the job better than most other blinds.

2. Controlling The Climate: When you stay in a place that experiences scorching summers as well as cold drafts coming in during the peak of winters, curtains are your go-to solution. The right insulated curtain will prevent your room from falling below or rushing above room temperature. You just need to know the right material for it. Many times, however, your light and sheer curtains can also come to the rescue. You don’t need to buy a new curtain and replace it with your existing one. Just add a blackout fabric to your curtain and let it work its magic in temperature control. You can build it yourself by sewing fabric in after taking the dimensions of the height, width and hems. Or get a professional to do the job for you.

3. Additional Privacy: It’s not just the nosy neighbors that are a problem. A place that is prone to burglaries and break-ins needs to be secured well against these intruders that have lately become a nuisance in the US and Canada. Unbreakable entries and advanced locks are all okay, but first you need to secure your windows because that is where the problem starts. If your home houses expensive stuff, it may easily come into the attention of passersby when they can see through your windows. A well-covered window with a blackout curtain can resolve this problem for you, and will also lend you the privacy that you desire.

4. No Unnecessary Energy Bills: Be it a light filtering curtain or a room darkening one, each can bring down your energy bills when used correctly. A tip: use both layers on your window. When the weather outside is pleasant, let the light filtering curtains create a glow inside the room during day time. And when it becomes too hot or cold for comfort, close your windows with the room darkening ones. This will substantially bring down the need of turning on your air conditioners and heaters when the weather changes.

Ideal Curtains For Brightening Up Your Room

Now that we have enumerated the reasons why curtains should be your ideal choice, let us look through the various options you can surf through. I’m sure that at least one of them would look brilliant in your beautiful decor space.

1. Curtains In Shades Of Green: If there is one thing that you can do to make your interiors bright, it is using green-colored curtains. The colour itself denotes life, nature and vitality, and can instantly boost your mood. Green infuses life to any room, helping you relieve your stress and making you feel at ease.
Green Curtain
2. Floral Print Designs: Coming to the prints, there are no specific ideas. Curtains boast of a number of designs, prints and patterns, unparalleled by any other window treatments. There is a lot of scope for experimenting, so do not shy away from keeping your options open. And even as ethnic and color-blocked designs are a personal favorite, nothing brightens up the room quite like floral print patterns. They instantly elevate the mood of the space, for flowers have this innate ability to add vigor to any room, even when they come in prints and designs. Rose prints are common, so you may look for daffodils, lilies, lotus patterns and sunflower prints.
Polyester Floral Eyelet Curtains
3. Pure White Curtains: Certain curtains come in shades of white, with blue and pink undertones, but pure white curtains are often a common choice for people because of their light-reflecting properties. So if you want a lot of natural light inside your room, these will come in handy. They will brighten up your room, besides getting along and mixing well with any pattern or theme in a room. White as a color will never look out of place, and has a light and airy nature. Pure white curtains can be a good choice in small rooms with small windows which otherwise do not get enough light.

4. Cotton Curtains: Cotton or cotton blend curtains are versatile window coverings that can fit in any kind of decor setting: modern and contemporary as well as classic and traditional. You can choose curtains with a tight weave or go for a lined cotton panel if you wish to block the light from coming through and desire privacy in a bright bedroom.

5. Grommet Style Curtains: The issue with many traditional draperies was that they created folds and pleats at the top which was not always pleasant to look at. Grommet style curtains provide a solid design at the top, where the rod fits in neatly through the circular details, also called grommets or eyelets. They lend a neat and uncomplicated look, much preferred in contemporary window coverings.
Grommet Mounted Curtains
Final note: Curtains are fabulous window coverings that are essential for a number of reasons such as light control, privacy and insulation. There are many different styles of curtains that you can choose. If you want your room to look bright and airy, you can choose them in shades of green, pure white, pure cotton or cotton blends, or in grommet styles. A few of these types can be combined together to create an ideal window treatment for you. However, you are recommended to weigh many different options before making your purchase, for there is no dearth of colours, styles and fabrics in these window coverings.

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