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5 Current Drapery Trends In Summer 2020

5 Current Drapery Trends In Summer 2020

When it comes to our home, we want nothing less than the best. That is one area of your life that you don’t wish to compromise on. This is because the better designed and comfortable our homes are, the happier and more satisfied we are. Our environment has a major role to play in self-development and in leading fulfilling lives. But do we focus on every element of home decor? Curtains and drapery and other window treatments that form an essential part of home decor are also some of the most ignored aspects of our home. You may call it ignorance, but there is no denying that many people have not yet realized the impact that window shades make. Unlike other home decors, they need a lot of assessment and research, because the wrong one can compromise on your safety, comfort and general well-being. In this section, we will observe which curtains and drapery are in trend for summer 2020. The temperatures are soaring, and you would like window coverings to beat the heat while looking great. Let’s find out which ones you should go for.

A Pop Of Floral Colours To Cool The Room

A lot depends on your personal taste, but unless you are allergic to the looks of flowers, there is no way you would avoid having a pop of floral prints in your personal space. They add a vibrant look and instantly make a dull space more exciting and enticing. This isn’t merely limited to the curtains or drapery. A room with floral wallpapers and bedding will make you feel invigorated and cheerful, and you can go for matching drapery that will turn your personal space into a hub of nature. Even in an otherwise minimal room with plain and pastel designs, floral curtains and drapery will stand out. These designs will never go out of style and are bound to impress your guests.

A tip: you may go for multiple micro print floral designs in blackout drapery. A single flower design might be impressive in bigger rooms, but they will overwhelm a smaller space. All-over prints work better, as they form a balance in the room. If you already having vinyl shades on your windows, floral print drapery can still be a fabulous additional window shade to ensure maximum privacy, light control and insulation.
Polyester Floral Eyelet Curtains

Going Retro For Your Blackout Curtains

We understand that the world is graduating to a classic and contemporary space for their homes, where the focus is on the subtle and minimal. Many people like to show off their refined taste by staying away from anything that is over the top or striking. However, the retro looks are making a big comeback, and not just in clothing or accessories. A retro-style curtain will instantly make a room come alive with its bold patterns. A major advantage is that you will never run out of options in designs and colors. From geometric patterns to polka dots, from bold ethnic designs to abstract prints, there is a lot that you can experiment with.

A tip: Once you get a curtain designed in retro style, add at least one other matching decor element to the room. It could be bedding, pillow covers or piece of cloth to cover your sofa or table in the same room. It will add another dimension to your space, and will strike your visitors as enticing.
Blackout Drapery

Solid Drapery in Velvet or Silk

Curtains vary in terms of prices, and a lot depends on the weave, finish and material used. Dense fabrics such as velvet and silk are often preferred by homeowners because of their luxurious looks, and also because they are often more effective and functional than other materials such as cotton, acrylic and polyester.

It is often said that humans adapt to their environments. If their surroundings lend an air of class and sophistication brought forth by these curtains, this can be great for people who spend a lot of their time indoors. Velvet curtains give that visual appeal with their woven tufted fabric that feels very soft against the skin and brings a lot of comforts. Be it for cushion covers, bedding set, or curtains, velvet has several advantages. Velvet insulates the home like no other in summers, but it can also prevent you against the cold in chilly winters. Besides, it prevents dust and bacteria from entering your home through the winters, and this can be beneficial for people who are allergic to pollution and dirt. Velvet curtains are also excellent sound absorbers, helping you work on your task at hand and enabling an effective conversation when you have guests coming over for dinner.

Silk curtains are made with a fabric that makes them expensive-looking window treatments (which they are) that lend a fine touch to any room. They are ideal for a glamorous home appeal. Despite being more expensive, they are not heavy like velvet curtains and can be easily installed by the help of a light curtain rod to hold them on the window or the wall.

Drapery In Landscape Patterns

The reason why many people prefer having drapery designed in wild landscape patterns is to give their room depth and character. It is not just images of trees, foliage and nature abound that constitute landscape patterns. They may reflect the image of a sunset, of a horizon on a lake or several hills spanning a large area. Birds and animals grazing on an orchard or the aerial view of the rainforest. Landscape patterns on drapery work rather well in a small room, and they can work their magic when they are fully closed. You may choose such drapery in colors that complement the interiors, such as the flooring or the wall so that the entire space fits into a pattern. Landscape drapery makes the room even more beautiful.
Pastel Drapery

Designing The Room With Pastel Colours

Pastel colors are quite the opposite of bold. They may not suffuse the room with excitement or vivacity, but they are a unique interior design scheme that soothes and soften your senses. Aesthetically pleasing and resourceful, pastel colors on your drapery boast of several advantages. For one, their muted aesthetic has the ability to look appealing in any room. For space that is painted white or beige by default, as generally all builders do, a pastel color palette might just be the thing to add a fresh appeal. Curtains designed in pastel colors bring serenity to a room, which can keep you relaxed once you return from a hard day at work. Summers can be especially tiring, which is why pastel-colored curtains are quite the in-thing because of their homely and relaxing vibe. Besides, they are versatile and can create an energetic contrast in a bold theme as well as in a laidback setting.

Final note: Modern drapery has taken several shapes, and it all boils down to your personal taste. To make things simpler for you in your research, however, we have given certain suggestions: you can make a start with looking out for drapery with landscape patterns, in pastel colors, in classy fabrics such as velvet and silk, or in retro styles. However, you must keep the aesthetics of your room in mind, and your choice must not overwhelm it for all the wrong reasons or it will stick out like a sore thumb.

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