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5 Creative Window Treatments on A Budget

5 Creative Window Treatments On A Budget

Affordable Window Treatments for a Stylish Window Look

Window treatments are the most valuable yet the most underrated part of our home décor. Most of us even unaware about how much they can add up to when it comes to transforming the overall feel of a space. All the blinds and shades available in the recent market come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and pattern choices to give your interior a seamless and astounding makeover. And if we talk about functional benefits, then window dressings can do wonders for your home interior. Whether you have one window or more, covering them is an essential part of your home décor project. Mounting blinds and shades for all the windows may sound expensive but in real, it’s not. Shopping for the right window treatment can be a daunting and challenging task for many homeowners especially when you are on a strict budget. Adding blinds on the windows not only gives you added privacy and light control, but their designer look will create a dramatically stylish look. So, stop thinking about the budget and make all the windows look amazing by selecting the right solution. Do you know that you can get a really beautiful look on a small budget if you follow some basic tips? The cost of a product depends on various factors including the treatment type, pattern or hue option you select, size and number of windows, installation, and many more. If you are really concerned about budget, then let us help you with some best and creative window treatments for which you will not have to shell out much.

Top 5 Creative Window Treatments on a Budget

Note that the cost ranges listed below are just for the approximation to give you a general idea. Pricing can vary depending on brand, options chosen, as well as the size of the window.

• Faux Wood Blinds:

If you have a limited budget, but looking for a nature-friendly look inside the room while adding elegance and a natural wooden finish touch to the windows, then opt for faux wood blinds. The best part of these blinds is they look like real wood blinds, but extremely affordable and offer much more benefits than any other window blind. Their moisture and water-resistant properties make them unique and distinct from other solutions. Made of superior quality materials it makes them extremely sturdy and strong to withstand harsh weather condition without any wear and tear. If you are someone who is craving for wooden textured windows, go for these affordable and versatile window blinds. Low maintenance and durability are the primary reasons for installing these window blinds.
Cost: $40-$200
Composite Faux Wood Blinds

• Window Curtain:

When we talk about the most stylish and creative window solution and that too at an affordable price, curtains are your go to option. Their endless options in colors and textures make them the modish and elegant choice for your home. No matter what fabric or design you select, curtains won’t break your budget limit. Customize them as per your taste, install them on all the windows, and make your room feel connected and sophisticated.
Cost: $40-$300
Blackout Blinds with Curtains

• Aluminum Mini Blinds:

Another great and reasonable option to dress up your windows in an innovative way is Aluminum Window Blinds. Besides providing an extraordinary look for the windows, they are incredible in obstructing sunlight and other unwanted beams while offering privacy. The blinds are resistant to stain, dust, scratch, and fire which make them popular and unique and a common choice for bathrooms and kitchens in particular. They are easy to clean and do not require much maintenance.
Cost: $20-$200
Cordless Mini Blinds

• Vinyl Window Blinds:

If you are planning to give your décor phenomenal and eye-catchy makeover without spending an extra penny, then vinyl blinds are a reliable and practical solution. Vinyl fabric considered to be the durable one that protects a product from fire, dust, scratches, stains, dents, and humidity. The blinds are made of different slat sizes which gives you control over natural light and privacy. Choose the color and texture according to the existing décor style and bring out the best of the windows.
Cost: $70-$250
Vinyl Window Blinds

• Vertical Blinds:

If you have large windows in your house and looking to cover them in an efficient and affordable way, then go for vertical window blinds. They are uniquely designed to block out the excess amount of sunlight coming through the large and wide windows while maintaining the indoor privacy level. Available in plenty number of colors, texture, and pattern options to give the décor a gorgeous and voguish look. The blinds are available in different materials like PVC, wood, and fabric, and if you want to save extra then go for PVC vertical blinds which are low priced and require minimal maintenance. Easy to install and clean the vanes are simple as well.
Cost: $80-$600
Vertical Blinds

Get Your Blind Now!!

No matter what budget you have, you will be able to find out the right solution to fit the windows perfectly. Whether you prefer a traditional indoor, modern, or vintage, these window dressings will provide you with the same while enhancing the functional values. These are the top recommended and moderate coverings which do not compromise with quality or any other aspects. There are more solutions available to suit your budget and décor style. Explore them now and make the right choice for your interior. Consult with the designers to get the right coverage at minimal price!

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