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5 Creative Ways To Dress Your Dome-Shaped Skylights

5 Creative Ways To Dress Your Dome-Shaped Skylights

An Introduction to Dome-Shaped Skylight Dressing

There are many architects, interior designers, and homeowners who appreciate the concept of rooftop windows as they are space saviors and look stylish too. These skylights may contain translucent or transparent material. They allow direct natural light and fresh air circulation to the room while creating an outdoor illusion, giving you an amazing ambiance. Lying on a bed and looking to the open sky through these windows is always relaxing and ensures peace of mind. There are many skylight options available on the market including fixed, tubular, ventilated, dome-shaped, and pyramid, and the need for each type depend on your requirements and the open space. However, there are specific reasons why most people tend to go for the dome skylights and material is one of them. This type of skylight is made of acrylic and polycarbonates as they are robust and resistant to harsh weather conditions. Though dome skylights are excellent in terms of both beauty and functionality, to boost up these, you can dress them well with some uniqueness and creativity. But before you proceed further with the dressing task, it’s always better to know more about them that will make it easier for you to choose the right decorative element.

What are Dome-Shaped Skylights?

Dome-shaped skylights have gained huge popularity due to their unique structure and shapes. They are designed to provide ventilation, light flow, and easy access to the roof, and can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. These skylights usually contain plastic which helps them to be stable and flexible. Their unique shape ensures the incoming light is evenly distributed throughout the room. It comes in two insulation layers for insulation to protect your indoor, the outside layer is thick while the inside layer is thin and transparent. These dome-shaped skylights can be useful to enhance the beauty of your entire place phenomenally.

Why It’s Essential to Dress Dome-Shaped Skylights?

Dome-shaped skylights alone look mesmerizing and astounding but the time comes when dressing them becomes essential like the other standard windows and doors of your home. Though these skylights allow proper light control and air ventilation, sometimes when the outside climate becomes extreme, your interior starts to heat up and that’s when it becomes important to dress them with the right solution to prevent heat gain.

  • Skylight Window Shades:

Skylight shades give you the most amount of flexibility and control over your dome-shaped skylights. Keeping them in close position will prevent all the rays to create a comfy indoor ambiance while opening them will allow you to cherish the excellent view of the open sky. Though they are operable using a sky pole; including motorization will give you the convenience of operating them with a touch of the bottom which assures the smartness of your home decor while increasing the value of your space. Want to enrich the look of these skylights, make sure to customize them with the right design, hue, and texture options, and achieve long-lasting sophisticated beauty.

  • Cellular Shades:

If you believe that temperature fluctuation is making the interior condition unbearable, then consider mounting cellular blinds. These window coverings are manufactured to trap air inside pockets, keeping the interior warm during the winter months and cold in the month of summer. Their sleek and smooth design already brings the best of these skylights, and, customizing them with the right design element, fabric, and pattern will create a sober beauty. Dressing up the skylights with these innovative and tech featured window solutions will do wonders for your arena.

  • Drapery:

Give your dome-shaped skylights a flowing appeal by considering some textured and fabricated window curtains. These dressings are popular for the amazing beauty that they provide and functional aspects that play a significant role in making a comfy indoor ambiance. You would have to find specialized systems to hang them, however.

  • Skylight Window Film:

Window film is a thin layered fabric or plastic that is attached to the inside of your skylights, designed to block the sun’s heat and light. They can block up to 99% of UV rays, up to 63% of the sun’s heat, and up to 62% of the sun’s glare, keeping your rooms cool and comfortable throughout the day. There are different films available and you can select the preferred one.

  • Roman Shades:

Dome-shaped skylights are already popular and create a statement for your decor. If you want to enhance this beauty to the next level, then consider mounting a roman blind. Their range of colors and design options will create a remarkable choice for your decor. Whether you have these skylights in your traditional home decor or modern, these window shades will complement the look perfectly. Their functional and practical values are also the reason for dressing these shades on the skylights. Once again these require specialized roman shades for this purpose.

Dome skylights are known for their architectural design that adds interest and warmth to the overall decor. And dressing them up with the right solution will enhance the aura and grace while improving the indoor atmosphere condition. There are more ways to change the aesthetics without ruining the original beauty of these unique shaped skylights. Consult with the professionals to get more ideas and inspirations!











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