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5 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Recessed Window

Recessed Windows

Recessed windows are kind of a “heaven or hell” situation. They either look great or just end up taking away from the splendid features of your home. These windows are essentially windows that are set into recesses in the wall, creating a large empty space that needs to be leveraged properly. Each recessed window represents a challenge that could potentially bring your entire room together. The real reason why these windows are so hard to deal with is precise that there are so many ways to make use of them. They can either be set up to be ornamental or serve an actual function, although this usually also depends on how deep space is and what budget you may have handy.

Here are five creative ways to decorate your recessed window.

A Window Seat Alcove

• Few things will be more satisfying than a seat with a view
• This is ideal for any high-rise with an unencumbered view
• While the window seat alcove can indeed be furnished with nothing more than cushions, there are definitely far more convenient options like a proper mattress and cushioned walls for added comfort
• You can add window blinds, shades or curtains for additional light control and go in for the privacy variation in the window treatments to make it an excellent temporary retreat from life
• You can use an old cabinet or something else to create a raised space if there isn’t one yet
• A cushion will most probably need to be custom made given that the size of an alcove is not always consistent with cushion manufacturing measurements.
• You can also add curtains around the recess so you can have it completely hidden away, creating your own little private nook
• Large shades are very effective in doing this as well although they’re better for when you have large circular window nooks
• While not their primary function, a little redesigning and the right the color of shades will create a spot that actually conceals the entire nook once the shades are pulled down
Solar Shades for Recessed Windows

A Shining Example

• If you’re in a place that doesn’t normally get much sun or if your home gets a little too dull in low light, then your recessed window can work wonders with the right décor
• If you hung a mirror on one of the walls or even used a reflective surface for the sides of the recess, then you’ll find that your home gets a lot brighter
• A brighter home opens up the room for a much better theme and décor
• You can also control the amount of light that enters your room with a pair of well-made internal blinds
• If you’re looking for better heat control, then external blinds or shades will help soften the light reflected around the room
• The ornamental glass would work wonders if used as part of the wall and you could bathe your entire room in a soft glow with the color of your choice
Faux Wood Blinds for Recessed Windows

A Tiny Garden For One

• Plants are great to keep around, they freshen up the air and add a natural touch to the room
• A large ornamental plant in your alcove would make it look breathtaking
• Since the plant will be right in front of the window, it will get all the sun it needs as long as it is streaming through your window
• Since a large plant may make it difficult to actually handle curtains and blinds physically, we suggest you go for outside mounted blinds instead

A Prized Showcase

• Building a glass cabinet and some shelves into your recessed window would be the best choice if the space is too small for anything else
• We suggest you use fully transparent cabinet doors for proper viewing
• Any ornaments you put here will catch the light beautifully
• Glass ornaments will throw delightful patterns upon your walls should you have any lying around
• A set of external blinds or shades that are operated by a smart motor would be a good way to close the display to the outside world when you feel like it.

A Little Veggie Garden

• For recessed windows in the kitchen, a small spice garden seems the most delightful
• While this will require more work and possibly a green thumb, it is a great way to make use of available space
• You’ll also find that if you can grow spices or vegetables reliably, your trips to the supermarket may be reduced and you’ll have to spend less on groceries (and more on fertilizer. Yay!)
• The right products will not only be very useful for your cooking but also be aesthetically pleasing

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