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5 Creative Uses For Your Smart Shades

5 Creative Uses for Smart Shades

While it was once considered hi-tech to be able to raise and lower your motorized blinds with the touch of a button (or a remote), technology has kicked it up a notch. Don’t get us wrong! Regular motorized blinds are still really cool and very convenient, but they’re just not the most convenient option anymore. That spot for the most convenient of blinds has now been taken over by Smart shades. Smart shades take automation up a notch by working with your phone. There are multiple options for smart shades out there. You can either get a whole new set of smart shades to fit your window, or you can look for ways to upgrade your existing blinds with smart motors that tie into your old (non) smart shades very effectively. While the applications of smart shades technology could be virtually limitless, we came up with five ways you could use your blinds that exceed their original programming.

How Smart Shades Can Save You Money:

• The idea that decent shades will help you conserve energy costs is not new
• But the true benefit of having shades (smart or no) is still significantly overlooked
• Not only can you control your shades with the touch of a button, but you can set your shades to open and close during periods of the day even when you aren’t home
• Imagine returning to a home that has already prepared for your arrival with blinds closed and lights on (smart lights are a whole different ball game) with the temperature already at exactly what you want it to be
• Since smart blinds can be raised and lowered to specific points, smart shades can also be used to give you a more versatile form of lighting which could be very expensive to replicate with an artificial light source
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Smart Security:

• When you’re out on a vacation, you’ll want to make sure your home stays protected and your possessions remain inside
• Sure, an alarm system could be very helpful but it only acts as a defense against burglars and does not necessarily deter them to begin with.
• Timed shades or lights can also be picked out very easily by any experienced thief and so may not be a very effective way to keep them away
• Smart shades can be used as a very effective deterrent
• You can freely use your smart shades by raising them and lowering them as much as you wish from wherever you want, introducing randomness that timed shades cannot provide for you
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Smart Furniture Protection:

• The sun is one of the highlights of our day and also keeps the vampires away
• Sunlight protects your home from a worse fate…. Mold. Because contrary to vampires, mold does not need permission to enter and infest your home.
• But it’s important to find the balance because sunlight can and will dull the finish on your furniture.
• Too much exposure to sunlight can sap the color and polished finish right out of your home décor.
• Smart blinds are especially useful given that you have a lot more heat and light control as opposed to normal blinds
• You can even use a dimmer scale and raise and lower your blinds to specific points or heights for a different kind of lit atmosphere.
• The main thing you need to operate these blinds is a registered and fully setup app, and an internet connection
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Smart Shades are a Cause For Alarm:

• Forgive the alarm pun, but we really mean it
• Smart shades can actually make a great alarm clock that goes with your actual wake-up alarm.
• Just set up your smart shades based on when you want to wake up and you can spend your first waking moments staring at the wonderful dawn of a new day without having to lift a finger till you’re ready and your “5 more minutes” are up
• You can also set them to close at about when you’re ready to sleep

Smart Up Top:

• Smart shades are particularly useful for when you have windows in high places
• If you have a high ceiling and a set or sets of arch windows too high above the floor to reach, then you will definitely have a hard time with light control
• However smart shades will make light control a doozy once you install them
• From higher than normal places to places with little space or no footing, you’ll find that such places are no longer as difficult to deal with once you have a good set of smart shades
• You’ll usually find that you can get hi-quality, durable smart shades from reputable vendors like