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5 Creative Curtains Perfect for Mounting under A Cornice

5 Creative Curtains Perfect For Mounting Under A Cornice

The Need for Flair & Drama

Who doesn’t like a bit of flair luxurious appeal in one’s room/house? They help to break the mundane look of the room decor and elevate the aesthetic appeal to the next level that could draw envious glances from visitors. A thoughtfully done room has carefully chosen furniture and upholstery, matching window treatments to blend in and decorative items to complete the look. You take care to maintain the overall color scheme of the room so that nothing sticks out like a sore thumb. But on introspection, you often feel that the room needs something more to finish it off. A little something that will take your room decor from beautiful to the stunner level. A bit of drama to pull the room together and weave magic.

What are Cornice Boards?

One of the best ways to achieve this look is by experimenting with valances and cornice boards. These are mounted at the top of the windows and apart from adding to the beauty and appeal of the room they also help to high the ugly window treatment hardware. While valances are made of fabric and hang loose from the top of the windows, cornice boards are boxes that are made of plywood. These boxes can be painted have fabric or some wallpaper to cover them. There are wood cornices as well which have a wood finish. Cornice boards are inexpensive ways to complete the look of your windows. They can be used as standalone window treatments and also in combination with other window coverings like blinds, shades and curtains. Curtains hanged below cornice boards look gorgeous and together they lend a gorgeous and elegant feel to the room.
Window Cornices

Curtain Ideas for Hanging Below Cornice Boards

There are different ways you can match your curtains with cornice boards. There are several creative options you can resort to for your curtains to hang below the cornices.

Fabric cornice boards look as beautiful as wooden ones. Fabric boards help you to add color, pattern, design to texture to the cornices and you have a range of options to choose from.

• If you are using a printed cornice board that uses two or three colors, you can opt for curtains of solid colour using any one of the colors on the cornice board. That color should match the overall scheme of colors. It will show off the cornice and the curtains beautifully and also pull the room together.
• If your cornice boards are made of solid-colored fabric with borders, you could opt for similar curtains. Use same color with border for both the curtains and the cornice board and we think they will come off beautifully. You need to take care that the wall colors are of a lighter hue and upholstery also maintains the color theme.
Drapes and Cornices
• If you are using checked fabric for your cornice boards try and stick to solid colored curtains. Checked cornice and curtains may be too overwhelming if the color combination is bright and loud. If you are using brightly checked fabric them let either the curtains be checked or the cornice boards and choose a solid color for the other. Striped cornice board and curtains look equally stunning, once again depending upon the color combination. if you are using striped fabric make sure that the cornice gets horizontal strips while the curtains get vertical ones for the stripes to show off well.
• Solid color cornice board with printed curtains can also look quite stunning. For example, a black cornice board paired with black and white printed curtains, olive-colored cornice board with olive and white patterned curtains, etc. the possibilities are endless since fabric offers infinite options in terms of patterns, prints and colors.
• If you are using wood cornice boards instead of fabric ones, there are many different looks you can experiment with. White colored cornice boards look elegant and graceful particularly if you have a deep-toned or beige colored wall. With white you can pair any curtains. It will complement any color, patterns, prints, and textures. Depending upon the color scheme of the room you can determine the color of your cornice board and then choose the curtains appropriately. You can stick to wood color for your cornice boards. They look elegant and rich. You could pair them with sheer curtains which will help to complement to the warm glow of the wood.
Wood Cornice Board
Contrasting colours of curtains and cornice boards work beautifully but for fabric cornice boards you could opt for the same fabric for both the curtains and the boards. Contrary to believe they look quite stunning. Make sure that the cornice boards are mounted high near the ceiling and have the curtains hang till the ground. It makes the rooms look larger than they are and imparts a regal look to the room. You can experiment with the curtains and get as creative as you want to keep the overall decor and color scheme in mind as also that of the cornice boards.

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