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5 Cool Ways to Decorate Casement Windows

5 Cool Ways to Decorate Casement Windows


Window treatments like shutters, blinds, curtains and shades serve two purposes. The first one is purely functional. This includes blocking sunlight, controlling the amount of light that enters the home, giving you some privacy and also acting as energy efficient way of regulating temperature. The other purpose of window coverings is to beautify and decorate a room to give it some aesthetic appeal. This can set the ambience and ascribe a certain vibe to your rooms which renders the overall look of your home to be extremely desirable.

While focusing on functionality or aesthetic appeal, you would ideally look into potential window coverings and their overall compatibility with the rooms they would be installed in. This would not only include the size of the room, the direction of the sunlight, colour of the walls, décor of the room and dimensions of the windows in the room, but also includes the type of windows you have.

It is important for your window coverings to go hand in hand with the type of window you have. Compatibility leads to convenience and reduces problems in installation and during usage of the window treatments.

This blog post will discuss different ways in which you can decorate your casement windows not only for the sake of aesthetic appeal, but also in order to make sure that they are compatible in way that doesn’t hinder the usage of the window or the window treatment.

What are casement windows?

A traditional window operates by sliding up and down whenever it needs to be opened or closed regardless of whether it’s a single or double paned window. Casement windows on the other hand, are windows that move inward and outward while being opened and closed. While traditional window frames have a sliding mechanism, casement windows have a mechanical crank that is attached to the frame and connected to the window pane that helps it move inward and outward.

Window treatments that can be used to decorate casement windows

The list given below takes into account the implications of a window treatment being paired up with a casement window and whether it can affect your access to the window in order to make sure you can open or close the window if you want to.

  1. Roman Shades – Roman Shades might be the most convenient window treatment you can get for your casement windows. Roman Shades stack up at the top of the headrail and frame of the window when they are pulled up. This would automatically mean that you not only have unfettered access to the crank of the window, but you can end up exposing the window and its frame as whole if you ever want to show off its unique design.

Roman shades are also effective window treatments on other fronts on account of their cost-effectiveness, versatility in their colour, patterns and texture of the fabric. A complicated decoration method is not always the answer to bring a unique look to any room. A simple, elegant and sophisticated look that is enhanced with Roman Shades can give you the kind of look you’ve been visualising as you planned on decorating your casement windows.

  • Roller Shades Roller Shades, in the context of casement windows, are recommended on the basis of the same principle. Roller shades have fabric that are attached to a roller that can be used to draw the fabric back up to expose the windows. Because of this relatively simple control mechanism it becomes very easy to access the crank for opening the casement windows as well.

The window treatment market has seen a lot of innovation, versatility and trends with respect to roller fabric. They are also adept at giving you privacy, blocking sunlight and can even help darken the rooms depending on the type and colour of the roller fabric.

  •  Sheer curtains or Valances – This might be the most unconventional window treatment recommendation that you can possibly pull off. Casement windows, when they are open give off a three-dimensional fixture. The addition of something like a set of sheer curtains or a valance with a complementing drape can give off an elegant and royal look to your rooms. The drawing of the curtains or the use of the valance will not affect the use of the casement window in any way.

Something that often falls under the radar is that valances can help to cosy up a room and this combination of casement windows would be perfect for bedrooms. Moreover, sheers have an interesting effect on a room as it filters the sunlight which gives the room a dim, yet vibrant look that can be accentuated by the interiors and the furniture.

  • Smart BlindsSmart Blinds are essentially window coverings that are motorised and are also connected to your smart home system. The fact that they are motorised means that they can be controlled with the help of a remote or a smartphone. If integrated with the rest of the smart devices in your home (thermostat, smart lights, smart security system) etc. the blinds can be set to automate their operation without any form of human intervention. They can also be equipped with voice command assistants like Google Home, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

With smart blinds you don’t have to worry about having to physically draw the blinds to open your window. What is even better is that if you have a motorised casement window crank paired with your smart blinds, you won’t have to worry about any conflict between your blinds and your window. You can freely use both of them without having to physically reach for the window blinds or the crank. In fact, upon integration with the other smart devices, the smart blinds and windows can open on their own (according to a set schedule) or based on other conditions such as the temperature or lighting.

Conclusion You don’t have to restrict yourself to the treatments mentioned in this blog post. You can use other treatments like custom made honeycomb shades, custom blackout blinds and even solar shades. Basically, if you feel like a specific treatment will do justice to a room, there is always a chance that you can make it work with a casement window. Make sure to inquire if the window coverings will interfere with the use of the window.