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5 Contemporary Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

Contemporary Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

A Brief Guide on Sliding Door Window Treatments

Sliding glass doors are aesthetically pleasing and elegant ways to bring lots of natural light into a home. They keep you connected with the outside world. But when the direct light becomes excessive, then it makes it difficult to stay inside the home. The latest and uniquely designed window treatments for sliding doors are a great option to help reduce incoming light and heat from sliding doors when you need it. If you are looking for a contemporary décor style, then try out the below shades and blinds.

Top 5 Contemporary Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Door

While choosing window shade for sliding doors, you should consider three primary factors – light control, insulation, and privacy. You want to block out the sun, but don’t want to obstruct the outdoor access. Keeping this in mind, we have assembled the top five window shades, which can bring visual interest to the interior as well.

Vertical Blinds

Revitalize your sliding glass doors with vertical blinds. Available in fabric, PVC, and wood, these blinds will surely match any interior.

• Vertical Blinds
These window blinds are the leading, and reliable solutions for sliding glass doors, and no other window fabric can beat the functionality and feasibility of these blinds. Vertical blinds are available in wood, fabric, and vinyl for a variety of looks. The blinds offer excellent light control while providing privacy. Easily customizable from a wide range of hue and texture choices that help you to achieve the desired beauty.

These wide windows confront limitless heat that changes the ambiance of the space instantly. If you need to control the temperature of the room, then opt for vertical cellular shades. The honeycomb structured air pockets create a thick barrier at your door to keep the indoors cool during the summer season and warm during winter months. The function of these shades is the same as regular cellular shades, the only difference is that their pleats run vertically instead of horizontally, and the move from side to side. Choose from an array of colors and fabric options like – light filtering or blackout materials to get the look that’s right for you. To enhance the beauty and sophistication, consider attaching valances or cornices for added benefits.

Sheer vertical shades are also a perfect choice for glass doors. They are a combination of vertical blinds and sheer curtains. These are designed with vinyl vanes which are connected with the sheer fabric. Keep the shades open to allow light in through the sheer fabric or closed to obstruct the light completely while enjoying privacy.
Vertical Shades for Sliding Doors

Solar Shades

Protect your indoors from harsh light and UV without loosing the ability to see out.

• Solar Window Shades
These window shadings are an excellent choice for sliding glass doors, and the name says it all. Their different fabric options and opacity levels let you enjoy the beautiful outside view while blocking the unwanted beams. Through the openness factor, you can keep your eyes out of the patio doors while preventing the glare and UV beams that damage your valuable belongings.

• Curtains or Draperies
If you want to give your glass doors a classy finishing touch rather than specialty features or functions, then customized curtains are an ideal choice. They will soften the look of a space dramatically and blend them with other window solutions to improve the aesthetics of the area. Pair them up with vertical blinds and enjoy a smooth operation.

Available in an endless number of colors, patterns, and texture options to mix and match every décor style. But if you need to control light and heat, then add blackout or thermal liner with these curtains.
If your sliding door is opened frequently, then rod pocket styled curtains are not the right choice. Pinch pleat or grommet style curtains are perfect for this kind of door as they are specifically designed to operate side to side. These absolutely stunning draperies will add a graceful touch to the windows while creating a romantic look.
Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors
• Sliding Panel Track Blinds and Shades
These window solutions are perfect for those who are seeking for truly contemporary home décor. Panel tracks are considered to be the best alternatives of vertical blinds because of their modern, sleek appearance and incredible functionality. When you keep them open, your doors are covered perfectly. Made of premium quality material which makes them extremely durable and long-lasting. But make sure that the rails on which these panel tracks move should also be sturdy and robust.

Customization is available to match every height and width of sliding doors. Install them today to get a minimalistic look.
Solar Sliding Panel Track Shades
• Natural Woven Shades
If you have always wanted an eco-friendly look then natural woven shades are for you. Made of natural elements such as bamboo, wood, and grass, these window dressings are extremely safe to use. The streamlined and clear look brings warmth and elegance throughout the space. Their top down bottom up feature controls the incoming light and privacy efficiently. If you are looking for contemporary aesthetics, then these shades play a significant role in that. Don’t forget to customize these shades from different colors, textures, and style options that can help you to get a seamless look.

Note – There are a few window dressings that are generally not recommended for sliding glass doors, which include horizontal blinds, faux wood blinds, wood blinds, roman shades.
Natural Woven Shades for Sliding Glass Door

Make Your Decision Now!!

Your sliding glass doors are the doorway to the natural world, so beautify them with these amazing contemporary window treatment ideas. No matter what style or design you select, consider insulation, aesthetics, and easy maintenance that will fulfill all your requirements. For more ideas and inspirations, you can discuss it with our designers. From choosing materials and colors to measurement and installation, they will help you to get a modern blind makeover!

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