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5 Common Window Aesthetics You Should Try

5 Common Window Aesthetics You Should Try

Windows are often the pivotal part of a rooms design aesthetics. The style in which you choose to fashion your windows reverberates the design language of your room. Styling a window is also a great option to increase the aesthetics of your room. It is an extremely affordable and effective method to lift the style quotient of the interiors of your room. The simplicity in designing and imploring the various tools to decorate windows can effectively make for a vary stylish room on a tight budget.

It can be easy to get lost in the cascade of options when it comes to decorating your windows. The following five window aesthetics are by far the most effective and cost-efficient options in the large world of window designs. Window Blinds, Window Molds, Window Pelmets, Window Frame, and drapes. These are a few extremely easy and cost-effective methods to elevate your window aesthetics.

Window Blinds

Window blinds come in multiple styles materials and constructions. From faux wood blinds to silk blinds, window blinds are extremely customizable and come in a variety of styles. A blind can be customized to meet the aesthetic needs to your room and compliment the architectural philosophy of the any room. A simple wooden horizontal blind can be used to invoke a more rustic feel of a room. Intricate silk blinds bring out the opulence inherent of a monarchial design language. The permutation and combinations available with blinds are infinite. They are also an extremely affordable and can be tailored to your preference.

For a more modern and minimalist design, horizontal blinds can be paired up with a smart blind contraption and you can easily convert the vibe of your window into a progressive and functional centerpiece in your room. Blinds have been used to elevate window styles for ages.

Window Molds

Not only are they extremely functional, but they also add immensely to the aesthetics of a window. Window molds primarily act as heat insulators, but as proved by history, they possess a large style quotient. Window molds can easily convert your window into a display piece itself. From simple designs to intricate options, window molds can be a true reflection of your preferred aesthetics. Consider installing window molds to accentuate the light source in your room. Even for the aesthetically challenged customers, a window mold is a simple addition to elevate the aesthetics of your window. They also add immensely to the resale value of your house.

Window Pelmets

Naked curtain rods are extremely jarring in most windows and replacing curtain rods can be expensive and cumbersome. Pelmets eliminate the need to measure and redesign your window blinds or curtains. Pelmets are a simple cover over the curtain rods and protect them from dust as well. Pelmets come in a variety of styles as well- half Pelmets, wooden and carved are some examples. Pelmets act as an immediate transformer and add immensely to the aesthetics of the window they are installed on top of. Pelmets can be fashioned in various designs and elevate the style of the room. They can also act as a base to build upon. Shelves and storage compartments can be built on top of pelmets. This massively increases the presence of window and increases its utility. Pelmets fashioned with cupboard spaces increases the utilitarian style and accentuates the practical design elements of a window. This is also a great solution for people who lack space in any room. Pelmets can act as a springboard to increasing the utility of your windows as well!

Window Frames

The most important structure or a part of the window is the frame itself. This is the bedrock of the window and acts as the bulwark of the design language. Window frames come in many fashions, from sliding windows to French opening windows. They are of consideration if you are looking to increase the aesthetic appeal of your window in its entirety. Installing French windows or modern sliding windows is going to increase the aesthetic appeal of your window. Window frames can be used to create contemporary as well as traditional designs. A window frame change can embody the direction you want to take in designing your room. Interior designers often use window frames as a pivot in designing the entirety of the room. They must be an accurate representation of the style preferred by the customer. Window frames can be used as an effective aesthetic elevator to your room.

Window Drapes

The easiest way to jazz up your window is to change its drapes! Drapes give an extremely premium look and feel to your entire window and the aesthetics of your window. Drapes give an extremely luxurious aesthetic to your window and are extremely easy to maintain. Drapes have been used as a decorative element to your windows since the Roman Empire. Drapes allow a large degree of flexibility as well. You can easily have multiple sets of drapes for a specific window and allow you to interchange between styles. In general drapes act as centrifugal point in your room and hide the window. But when done tastefully, a window drape can be extremely utilitarian and stylish at the same time. It is the quickest and easiest way to uplift your windows.


Consider these five effective ways to increase the aesthetic value of your windows. Individually or any permutation of the above-mentioned styles will result in an aesthetically pleasing result.  These are extremely easy and effective methods. A window is an extremely pivotal part of your home. These simple solutions will allow you to increase the aesthetic value of your room. These solutions are extremely accessible. This makes your wishes to elevate your window aesthetics all the easier. The ease of installation of all of the above-mentioned solutions as well as the accessibility is one major reason to consider remodeling your window. The task although may seem daunting is one that can be completed with ease.

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