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5 Common Ways To Dress A Palladian Window


Every house boasts of some unique feature. Even though modern houses tend to a bit similar, they still have features that sets them apart from their neighbour. It can be the brick color, the door design, or even the windows.

One of the most striking features of any house is its windows. Whether it is practical or ornate, windows are a product of great architectural expertise and imagination. Windows are often said to be the soul of the house. It surely has a huge impact on the curb appeal, and can make or break the look of the house. An ornate window, or windows with a unique design, would certainly set your house apart from others in the row.

What are Palladian Windows?

Palladian window is one such feature that immediately grabs the attention of the onlooker.

A Palladian window consists of three parts. The central and the biggest part comes with an arched top. This central window is flanked by two rectangular window panes. Unique and elegant, these windows are a delight for the eyes. Mostly found in Period homes, these windows are enormous in size and lets in loads of light. Many modern homes also opt for this type of window, when they have loads of space to play around with and also a spectacular view of enjoy. Palladian windows come with an old-world charm that can bring a refreshing look into a world of décor dominated by geometric designs and practical lines.  

5 Common Ways to Dress a Palladian Window

Although beautiful and smart, these windows require some thought before you can dress them. You can consider the following ways to go about it.

A Full Cover: You can use drapes to cover the entire length of the window. Although this style would hide the design from the window, from the exterior, the window would look fantastic. You can place the rod on the top of the window to encompass the entire length. The effect will be dramatic if the curtains reach the floor. Drapes are easy to operate on a tall Palladian window. If you are planning to use curtains, go for panels that hang from rings. This would make the operation more hassle-free.

Curtains or drapes provide a lot of benefits. For windows that are tall and wide, curtains can cover the entire length without looking cumbersome or overwhelming. With the right kind of décor, the majesty of curtains would add to the grandeur of these uniquely styled windows. Curtains also provide great flexibility when it comes to light-filtration. Depending on the density of the fabric of your choice, your curtains can cut off the light completely, or just cut off the glare and floor the room with a delicate glow of the sun. Thicker fabric can also provide heightened insulation, while sheer curtains are great for the view. Blackout fabric is the ideal choice when you wish for complete privacy and excellent insulation, along with the obvious benefit of total darkness. Curtains or drapes would provide you with a lot of options for tailoring the window coverings for the exact requirements of the room.

Wood Blinds: Many home-owners would love to enhance and display the full beauty of their Palladian window. Wooden blinds are perfect for this purpose. While the traditional design fits perfectly with the period-look of the windows, the thick material brings with it some distinct advantages.

The thick material of the wood provides great insulation and protection. The slats can be opened and positioned to control the flow of the light into the room. While the slats keep the room well-lit and ventilated, the thick structure keeps the interiors conveniently out of view. Wood blinds are extremely durable and eco-friendly, making them the next best option for Palladian windows.

Vertical Blinds: Vertical blinds come in a unique design. The slats run parallel to each other and look lovely on arched windows. For this reason, vertical blinds can be the perfect choice for Palladian windows.

Vertical blinds offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to controlling the glare of the light. As the slats tilt on the axis, they can be positioned to cut off the glare completely or turn the glare to another corner of the room. The larger slat size keeps the room hidden from the outside, yet you will benefit from a partial view. While the slats let in plenty of light, the larger slat size can also be effective in reflecting back a major portion of the heat that fall on them, allowing the room to cool on its own. When closed, vertical blinds can act as a useful insulation layer over the windows.

Cellular Shades: If you are looking for something modern and smart, you might consider cellular shades. These lightweight shades come in attractive designs that would sit well with most décor choice. The shades come with air pockets that trap air and provide excellent insulation to the room. Opt for these shades if insulation is your primary concern. These shades also allow you the option of choosing from a range of light-filtering fabrics.

Roman Shades: Roman shads are perfect for complimenting the traditional look of Palladian windows. These gorgeous fabric window coverings can be positioned at any height to control the flow of light, visibility, and privacy of the room. Available in a variety of gorgeous designs, you can showcase the unusual shade of the window, without compromising on the style and functionality of the window covering.

The single fabric design of roman shades also provides great insulation, as well as sound-cancellation benefits. If you wish to have a room darkening effect, a simple lining would do the trick. Easy to operate and maintain, these shades can be the perfect choice for a traditional décor. Showcase your beautiful windows with these gorgeous window treatment solutions and turn your Palladian windows into the focal point of your room.

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