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5 Common Alterations You Can Make to Your Vertical Blinds

5 Common Alterations You Can Make For Your Vertical Blinds

There was a time when houses used to have cozy and ornate windows and doors which depended more on decorative molding for aesthetic effect. Modern houses have adopted a different approach to their architectural ethos. These houses have shifted to swanky and spacious design elements to make the house look more open and welcoming. Large windows and big doors such as the sliding glass doors overlooking the patio or the porch area are a perfect embodiment of modern design sensibilities.

Large windows and doors allow more natural light inside the house and thereby brightening the interiors. The house not only looks ritzy on the outside but appears just as warm and welcoming on the inside. Bright interiors liven up the home décor and give it a positive vibe. However, large windows and doors also have a big surface area which, if left uncovered, can be the reason for significant heat gain inside the house during the summers and can be a cause for heat loss to the outside during the winters.

Benefits of Covering Your Large Windows and Doors

Providing ample coverage to such windows and doors can have many advantages. Window treatments can effectively prevent heat exchange between the indoor and the outdoor space by providing good heat insulation. This helps increase the energy efficiency of the heat control appliances such as the air conditioner and the thermostat. You end up saving money due to lower energy bills.

Privacy can also be a major concern with such big windows and doors. Hence, ample coverage to safeguard your privacy becomes extremely important. Window treatments provide the necessary coverage. The large surface area of big windows and doors also expose the interiors to direct sunlight for a larger extent and also for longer durations. The issue of glare and UV exposure can be an issue because of it. Window coverings provide good light control and blackout performance to counteract such problems effectively. You get interiors that are comfortable and peaceful with lesser distractions to worry about.
Large Vertical Blinds

What are the Challenges?

While the advantages of dressing up large windows and doors typical to modern houses are well-established, finding window treatments that can provide ample coverage to them is not that straightforward. Regular blinds, shades, and other window treatment options are designed and fabricated keeping the size and shape of the regular windows. Hence, such window treatment options may not be sufficient to ensure proper coverage for large windows and doors such as the sliding glass doors.

You also need to ensure that the window dressings you opt for can provide effective heat insulation, privacy, and light control to the interiors. These capabilities will be a critical requirement for large windows and doors in your house. The cost can also be an important factor. You have window treatments that are larger in size than the regular options and this may result in a higher cost per unit. Hence, when going ahead with the purchase decision, you need to consider all these factors.

What are Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds, as the name suggests, have a vertical orientation that is very different from the more common variants of blinds that have a horizontal orientation. The vertical orientation makes the vertical blinds ideal for covering large windows and doors. They have wider and thicker slats that provide better coverage and heat insulation to the interiors.

Another advantage that these blinds have is the fact that they can be mounted directly on the window or the door frame. Thus, the blinds can move with the sliding glass doors or the windows and don’t obstruct their movement. You get a compact window covering solution that gives a neat look to the already bulky window and door frame. The vertical blinds are also easy to clean and maintain.
Vertical Blinds for Large Windows

5 Common Alterations You Can Make to Your Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are highly customizable and this is another reason why they are perfectly suited for covering your sliding glass doors and other such doors and windows. Let us look at some of the common alterations that you can make to your vertical blinds:

Altering the Size of the Blinds

Sometimes, the blinds you get for your windows and doors may turn out to be a bit longer than the window frame. If you mount the blinds as it is, the look of the blinds may look untidy and this will adversely affect the aesthetic value of the window frame and also affect functionality. With vertical blinds, you can easily customize the size of the blinds to ensure a snug fit.

Altering the Width of the Slats

Regular vertical blinds have very wide slats. While this provides better coverage and heat insulation to the window or the door frame, wide slats may make the blinds look a bit bulkier to some people. The good news is that you are not stuck with a single width option for your blind slats. You can opt for micro slats in your vertical blinds that are more compact and more closely stacked adjacent to one another.

Altering the Material

Vertical blinds just like any other type of blinds come in a variety of material choices including natural fiber, synthetic fiber, plastic, metal, and wood. You can opt for any material depending on your preference and requirements.

Altering the Operational Mechanism

Standard vertical blinds come with a pull cord mechanism by default. However, this is not the only option available to you. Cordless and motorized options are also available and you can avail of these variants if you find operating pull cords messy and cumbersome. Motorized vertical blinds, in particular, are highly convenient as you can operate them remotely using a remote or your smartphone.

Altering the Design and Color

Vertical blinds come in a variety of colors and unique textures and patterns. Both plain and patterned variants are available in a medley of color options to choose from. You can easily get the ones that agree with your aesthetic sense and color preference.

So, in a nutshell, it can be argued that vertical blinds are not only unique in their look and orientation but also have various advantages that make them an ideal choice for large doors and windows. A high degree of customizability is an added advantage that makes these blinds even more desirable.

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