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5 Clever Ideas to Decorate a Boring Deep Window Sill

5 Clever Ideas To Decorate A Boring Deep Window Sill

When we think of giving a makeover to the interiors of our houses, we give a lot of thought to the choice of décor items we fill the room with. We also pay attention to the kind of furniture to complement them and the coverings to adorn the windows. However, window sills are often ignored or overlooked. They are either left bare or they get lost or hidden away behind all the unnecessary clutter. This is a common mistake that people often commit. It is more like a missed opportunity as window sills can be repurposed to not only accentuate the look of the window but they can also become the center of attraction with a little bit of creative effort.

The window sill is situated right beneath the windows and hence it is amongst the brightest and most well-illuminated areas of your house. It is also a great spot to enjoy the views of the outside. You can also use the space to showcase your décor items or things that you need frequently and want to have easy access to them. There are many ways in which you can not only utilize the window sill efficiently but also enhance the look and feel of the room in the process.
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5 Clever Ideas to Decorate a Boring Deep Window Sill

Every space in the house can be used efficiently to enhance its aesthetic appeal and window sill is no exception. You will be surprised by the versatile ways in which you can improvise with the window sill. To get you started here are five unique and creative ideas you can incorporate in your home décor regimen to beautify your deep window sill:

A Comfy Window Seat
The window sill is always well-ventilated and receives ample natural light. This makes it an ideal place to sit near and chill. You can make a window seat to take full advantage of the space around the window. A comfortable window seat with plenty of soft cushions will be the ideal place to lie down as you enjoy the view of the outside. You can also laze around reading your favorite book or sipping your cup of hot coffee. In short, you have the perfect recipe for your lazy afternoon indoors. This arrangement not only makes for a comfortable leisure area in your room but also accentuates the area around the window.

Home for Your Herbs
If you like indoor plants and are fond of growing herbs for your kitchen supplies, window sills can be an ideal place to keep them. This will allow the plants to get enough sunlight which will ensure optimal health and good growth. Some indoor plants have air-purifying properties. You can place them on the window sill for the luxury of breathing in the fresh air. Putting plants on the window sill also creates a beautiful green screen. Even without the blinds on, you will feel an immediate sense of privacy with the green screen in place. The indoor plants also enhance the beauty and appeal of the area around the window and the window sill.

An Ideal Place for Displaying Your Favourite Things
We want to keep the things which mean a lot for us, always close to us. Things such as the trophies you won during your schooling days, the photo frame that contains your favorite group photo, your favorite accessories, and décor items, etc. can be placed on the window sill for easy access. You can see your favorite things whenever you want without any hassle. This helps make the area around the window your happy place while also giving the window sill an aesthetic upliftment.

A Place for Your Bathroom Supplies
If your bathroom window also has a window sill, you are in luck. You can use the window sill to comfortably store your bathroom supplies. Things like the bottles of shampoo, body wash, face wash, soaps, etc. can be put there for easy access. This also helps fill up the window sill which otherwise would have been left ignored as a vacant and boring space in your bathroom. Putting bathroom supplies on the window sill will bring the window back in focus and make the area around it interesting. You could also place a small plant on the sill which will enhance the appeal of the space.

An Ideal Place for Your Kitchen Goods
If your kitchen has some space constraints or you don’t like keeping the window sill barren, you can repurpose the space to store some of your kitchen items. This will not only beautify the empty window sill but will also free up some space in your kitchen cabinets or on the slab for a tidy look. From utensils to spices, from oils to your egg supplies, you can put anything there as long as it sits there comfortably. You can add some character to the look and further enhance the appeal by putting some house plants in there. The kitchen supplies are well complemented by the succulents. Adding the riches of nature to the décor of the kitchen also imparts a positive vibe.

There are many more ways in which you can beautify your window sills. You can paint the window sills in fun shades to further accentuate them, showcase your favorite showpieces, put a decorative candle stand there and even light candles there during the evening for a mesmerizing appeal or you can store your favorite books there so that you can access them easily whenever you want. The point is that the window sill is not an unproductive and useless space as many people think it is. If you have a creative vision, you can transform the boring deep window sill into the major attraction of your home décor.