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5 Classic Drapery Design that will Never Go Out of Style

5 Classic Drapery Design that will Never Go Out of Style

Drapes… Timeless Beauties

Draperies and curtains are a classic and timeless window treatment solution that has been winning the hearts of homeowners since forever. The yards of muslin and silk, cotton and velvet weave magic into your space with their texture, color and designs. You can have a drape for every reason and season. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to drapes and curtains. There are geometric prints, modern prints, floral prints, stripes, checks, color blocks and so much more to explore in drapes. Irrespective of the color theme, you can find every possible color fabric that you would want. This makes drapes the go to solution for window treatments when nothing else works. No matter what the style of decor you have in your home, you will always find a solution in drapes: traditional, contemporary, modern, rustic, countryside, minimalist, industrial and so much more.

Pastel Drapery

Drapes for Every Look & Occasion

With drapes you can create a look for every occasion by selecting the right material and texture. If you want a sunny, well-lit room, sheer curtains. The soft luscious feel of lace, polyester or chiffon will elevate the style of your room to another level. For a more formal decor you can opt for silk or velvet curtains topped with valances. The secret is to hang them high to create an illusion of height and larger space. Choose from regal shades like royal blue, deep purple, burgundy and maroon to create a regal ambiance. For your casual dining space you can stick to soft linens and cottons with soft pastels and tiny prints that create a soothing and calming effect. For your contemporary homes color blocked curtains and neat stripes work amazingly well. You can even use layered window treatment with sheer and heavier drapes made of velvet or suede for a cohesive look and enhanced functionality. You get your share of light and air and also light blockage and privacy as and when required.

Semi-Sheer Floral Net Curtains for French Doors

Classic Drapery Designs

Drapes have continued to rule the window treatment market with their variety, opulence, and style. The fabric used for drapes can get out of style but not drapes and curtains. They have evolved over the years and retained their relevance in an ever-changing world.

In drapes and curtains there are some designs that have held their ground despite changing styles and across decors. Floral prints are one such drape design. They have been in market for centuries and were highly priced in olden times. Floral prints are refreshing, the hues so bright that they make you feel full of life. Floral curtains lend a summery feel to the decor and give an impression that spring is here much before spring sets in. You can choose small floral or big floral in soft or bright colors depending upon the room decor. The type of floral prints used on curtains may have changed but the love for floral have not waned a bit.

Floral Curtains

Lace curtains, also known as sheer curtains, have been around for quite some time now as well. Intricate lace designs, fabric covered with floral and lace patterns exude charm and grace that is unparalleled. They help to diffuse the harsh glares of the sun and fill the room with abundance of soft warm light and also offers enhanced ventilation for the room. Sheers used to be used as short curtains in kitchens and attics, but over the years full length sheer lace curtains are hung in living rooms, dining spaces and even bedrooms. They look mesmerizing and are often paired with heavier curtains for greater functional value.

Love for solid coloured drapes and designs have been eternal. Nothing evokes grace and beauty as much as solid colors like navy, royal blue, maroon, burgundy, beige, olive, purple etc. The fabric used is generally silk, suede or velvet for ultimate luxurious appeal. These curtains are hung high from near the ceiling and fall till the ground. There is something regal about these curtains that make them a natural choice for formal and traditional decors. Valances have been used for more dramatic appeal and visual impact.

Color block curtains are all about elegance and beauty. These curtains use two or more colors in thick broad segments across the curtain. For example you use three colors like white, grey and navy in thick blocks covering the top, middle and bottom part of the curtains. You can use two colors like beige and navy blocks of colors for your curtains, where 2/3rds of the curtain can be beige and remaining 1/3rd in navy or vice versa. You can use a range of color combinations for your curtains, depending upon the color theme of your decor. They usually do not have any print or design.

Striped curtains have been around for some time and they have enjoyed much popularity among homeowners because of their smart and understated beauty. Vertical or horizontal striped curtains are extremely stylish. Horizontal striped make rooms appear larger. You can use just two colors or multiple colors for your striped curtain. A contrast of a light and dark colors is stunning to look at. You can use different color combinations like grey and navy, grey and pink, orange and beige etc. You can have curtains with stripes only at the bottom while the rest of the curtain remains one solid color. In a neutral color themed room you could use striped curtains in two or more colors to break the monotony.

These are few classic curtain designs that are timeless beauties. They have graced and adorned homes for a long time and continue to weave their magic with their grace, subtle appeal and visual impact that leaves a lasting impression.

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