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5 Chocolate Brown Window Shades Perfect For That Farmhouse Look


The modern farmhouse is a casual, yet sophisticated style in the field of home designing. It has gained a lot of popularity due to the open, airy, and natural light filled ambience it exhibits. Evident from the name, a modern farmhouse style exudes the comfort of a farmhouse coupled with the luxuries and minimalism of a contemporary architecture. The salient features of a modern farmhouse are big windows with grilles, often structured together to let maximum light inside the house. These windows are generally single-hung or double-hung, depending on the needs and preference of the homeowner. With the ongoing trend of having white interior walls, it is highly suggested for the window treatments to be dark brown or chocolate brown in color- for a display of contrast and rustic element. With the correct choice of window treatment solution and use of brown tones, any home can be transformed to have a farmhouse ambience.

Window Treatments For A Farmhouse Look

The following are some of the window treatments to achieve a farmhouse look in a house:

  • Chocolate brown Cellular Shades:

Cellular shades are also known as “honeycomb blinds”. They are designed so that the air gets trapped between the fabric cells, creating an insulating barrier between the windows and the room. Cellular shades give a royal look with its folded fabric that comes in a wide variety of dark tones and other colors as well. To ensure maximum efficiency for insulation, they are available as a single-cell or double-cell option. The point to remember is that the more cells there are in the cellular shade, the better insulation it gives.

Further, these shades help control the amount of sunshine entering the rooms. The cellular shade will give the modern farmhouse energy efficiency as it entraps the air coming from outside. In addition, cellular shades provide privacy and light filtering properties. Moreover, they can help dampen the noise so that residents can keep outside noise at a minimum.

  • Chocolate Brown Roman Shades:

Dark-coloured Roman shades can provide that farmhouse feel to the window. They are simple in design and successfully provide privacy from the neighbours and protection from the sunlight. They offer a timeless appeal to the house. The style of the roman shade can range from feminine to masculine depending on the owner’s preference to accentuate the natural charm of the home. These privacy shades come light and flexible while still offering good temperature control.

Further, they provide good light control that enables the homeowner to decide the look and feel of the room. With a chocolate brown color on a thick lined fabric, blackout can be achieved.

  • Chocolate Brown Woven Wood Shades:

Chocolate brown woven wood shades can go a long way in enhancing the rustic charm of the farmhouse style. Many modern-day farmhouses that has white walls often use  wooden shades to add the requisite texture. The darker shades of bamboo add an exotic look to a room. They are eco-friendly and organic as they are made of bamboo and jute; thus, creating a nature-inspired charm in the room. They are extremely flexible, lightweight, and can be folded easily. They also offer excellent light control as the sunlight gets diffused while passing through them. Chocolate brown woven wood shades can be combined with a liner if complete privacy is desired. They also help reduce the damage from UV rays while preserving a natural glow in the room.

  • Chocolate Brown Pleated Shades:

Pleated shades add a soft touch to any window with the added benefit of filtering light. They are offered in a wide variety of colours and shapes.  Many people prefer this window treatment as they are easy to use. They are fitted with cords to ensure the move ability and maneuvering of the shade. The pleated shades provide a lot of variety to chose from as well. They come with the option of sheer, opaque, and semi-opaque fabrics for light and privacy control. Moreover, these are less expensive window treatments and offer a certain sense of softness in texture. Pleated shades provide protection from harmful UV rays. In the case of a farmhouse style windows, the exposure to sunlight can be quite a lot. The pleated shades are perfect at light diffusion and shield from excessive exposure to sunlight. Further, they also control the entry of dust particles into the room, thus, keeping the space clean.

  • Burlaps:

An excellent and unique touch for a farmhouse window is burlap. It has a rustic appeal and the fabric is light, giving a perfect contrast to the glass windows. Window curtains made up of burlap, which are mounted on the wooden framed windows, are one of the trademark features of a farmhouse window. The burlaps are cost-effective and allow ample sunlight to enter the rooms.

Reasons To Select Chocolate Brown Window Shades For A Farmhouse Look

Some people claim that window treatments should be avoided in a farmhouse-styled house to achieve a minimalistic look.  This is a belief that needs to be changed for many reasons. When window treatment solution are skipped, a great deal of benefits are overlooked. The prime benefit amongst them is the idea of having privacy. In the absence of window coverings, neighbors and passers-by have the ability to look in to the house, which can easily cause the family to feel uncomfortable. Window treatment solutions provide a layer of security as, without them, anyone will know when the house is occupied or empty. In addition, a well-designed window treatment provides energy efficiency and protects furniture from fading due to sun glare.

The contemporary farmhouse style incorporates the warm and soothing vibe with its colour combination. It focuses on neutral colours like whites and greys for walls, allowing the incorporation of other interior design styles without losing the farmhouse appeal. One of the essential integrations is that of dark-coloured window shades. A popular choice is the dark brown or chocolate brown tones as they are available in a wide variety of opacity. They offer the required balance of privacy and light along with retaining the rustic charm. Some of the window shades come with a sheer component for the use in daytime and semi-opaque for use at night. In addition to the standard points for a dark window treatment solution, another essential aspect is opting for the motorization of the shades. It allows the user to control the shade with a mobile phone remotely.

The modern farmhouse look can be achieved through dark brown window treatment solutions. The minimalistic aesthetic of having no window treatments should be disregarded, as it is not advisable to put the privacy, security, glare control, and energy efficiency at stake. One can achieve the natural light and airiness of a traditional farmhouse by combining the modern window treatment solution to the interior design, which can provide the best of both the worlds to the homeowners.

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