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5 Cheap and Affordable Blinds That Look Like Wood

5 Cheap and Affordable Blinds That Look Like Wood

When it comes to decorating your home, your choice of window dressings plays a huge role. Most homeowners want something that looks great and also lasts a long time. Wooden blinds have been all the rage in the window dressing market due to their elegant and rich looks. But they have the disadvantage of not being as durable as you would want. More than that, the extravagant price of real wood blinds often gets in the way of a reasonable budget. Replacing all blinds in the house with wood ones could seriously dent your savings. This is where blinds that look like wood come in. Faux wood blinds are constructed to give the look and feel of wood blinds but with added functionality and endurance. They are not only durable and beautiful they are very budget-friendly too. This makes them the ideal window treatments if you are looking for an affordable way to dress your windows stunningly.

Why You Should Consider Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood helps lend your décor that warmth that real wood blinds bring but without the extra expenditure.
Many varieties to choose from
Faux wood comes in many different varieties. With faux wood, you have the freedom to choose the color, shade and texture that your heart desires.

Faux wood window dressings are astonishing when it comes to durability. The faux wood blinds that you get today are made up of PVC, vinyl or wood composite material. The high-end faux wood blinds are usually made up of a wood pulp or particleboard center that is wrapped in a printed laminate. This provides for a true wood grain look. These can be heavier than the real wood blinds but are more flexible and resilient. They are also not affected by cracking, warping or fading as seen in wooden blinds.

Resistant to moisture
Faux wood blinds are also resistant to humidity and moisture. This makes it a great choice not just for the living areas but also for the kitchens and bathrooms that experience a high amount of moisture and humidity

Easy maintenance and care
Faux wood blinds are easy to maintain and care for. They are resistant to scratches and pet damage. They can be cleaned very easily.

– If your faux wood blinds are dirty, all you need to do is to use your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment to remove the accumulated dust from the slats.
– If you have stronger dust and grime on the faux wood blinds, you can easily remove them using a clean and damp cloth. You can also employ a tiny bit of mild detergent to do the job once clean, use a dry cloth to wipe the blinds dry.
– Please take care that you do not use abrasive wipes or sponges to clean the faux wood blinds. They may cause scratches on the blinds’ surface that may let water to enter the core of the blinds.

Top 5 Affordable Blinds that Look Like Wood

Now that you are aware of what faux wood blinds are and what their advantages are, you can proceed to learn about what kinds of faux wood blinds you can choose from. While faux wood blinds are much more affordable and budget-friendly when compared to real wood blinds, they also have a wide variety of choices you can pick and sort from. Read on to learn more about the 5 most popular blinds that look like wood.

• 2 inch Cordless Faux Wood Blinds Crown

These are wonderful when you want an affordable addition to the décor of your home. The slats are 2 inch wide giving you a great deal of light control and privacy while also letting you enjoy the view outside. These are available in white color which is a popular color choice. It also comes with a cordless option. This lets you rest assured about the safety of your kids and pets once these blinds are installed.
2-inch Cordless Faux Wood Blinds Crown

• 2 inch Cordless Faux Wood Blinds Foundations

These cordless faux wood blinds allow you the luxury of using them in any part of your home including the moisture ridden bathrooms and kitchens. The wooden and grainy texture of these faux wood blinds makes them a great addition to the décor of your home. These are made of strong PVC material which makes them incredibly durable and sturdy. They are made to be able to withstand both harsh weather and the onslaught of pet damage alike. The cordless feature helps keep your pets and children protected from strangulation hazards. These blinds come in a wide array of colors and shades. This way, you can choose your blinds to suit your home’s style and décor.

• 2- inch Lake Forest Graber Faux Wood Blinds

The Graber faux wood blinds are known for their durability. They function great when used in areas that have high humidity in their atmosphere. No matter where they are installed, they do not get warped and cracked. The 2 inch slats are work wonderfully to keep the heat, light and cold blocked out of the home. They are also flame resistant making them ideal to be used in the kitchen and near fireplaces. Their sleek and contemporary looks lend a rich and fashionable look to the home.

• 2 1/2 Inch Lake Forest Graber Faux Wood Blinds

These faux wood blinds have 2 ½ inch slats and are an elegant and warm addition to any home. These blinds are lightweight and are made to mimic the looks and functionality of the real wood blinds closely. The wider slats of these blinds allow ample amounts of sunlight, natural heat and ventilation into your home while providing a high level of privacy. These are flame and moisture resistant like the 2 inch Lake Forest Graber faux wood blinds. The dust free property also makes them easy to clean and maintain.
2-inch Lake Forest Graber Faux Wood Blinds

• 2 ½ inch Faux Wood Smart Privacy Blinds

These blinds are a practical and functional addition to your home. But by choosing the faux wood privacy blinds, you are also making sure that you are not compromising on aesthetics. These blinds provide a lot of privacy and also allow you to control light and temperature to a great extent. You can sort through the various hues, patterns and textures to find the one that appeals to your taste.

If you want to experience the beauty, richness and the glow of real wood blinds but they don’t fit your budget, go for faux wood blinds instead. They do the job of wood blinds admirably well and are more durable and long-lasting.