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5 Cat Proof Blinds Durable Enough To Last

5 Catproof Blinds Durable Enough To Last

Playful Cats Posing Threat to Window Treatments

When decorating or revamping the house, the first and foremost concern of a homeowner is the safety of the children and pets in the household. Kids and pets fill our homes with love and laughter and they are an absolute pleasure to have. It is therefore only natural that their well-being is the top priority of every homeowner. Pets, especially cats, are a lot like toddlers- loveable, cute, playful but ruthless and destructive at the same time.

Cats are curious and inquisitive by nature. They are exploring all the time and will latch on to anything that excites them. They love to play with dangling things and scratch up fabrics. Cats know that there is a world beyond the window dressings and the window behind it. They rarely respect the owner’s property and do not know what is not to be touched. Sure there are some lucky homeowners who have very well behaved cats for pets but they are rare. If you have some unruly cats as pets, you must invest in some cat proof blinds. And if you are thinking to bring home one then you should be prepared before you do so.

Using child proof blinds ensures that your window dressings have minimal damage while lasting long.They are also safe for your cats too. Read on to know more about modern blinds that are cat-proof.

Points to Remember

Things to keep in mind while purchasing blinds when you have cats.

• Choose faux wood or durable wood
Cats tend to spend a lot of time looking out of the window. While spending their time there, the blinds provide them with an endless source of stimulation and amusement. Some kind of durable wooden blinds will be better suited to withstand the onslaught of the cat’s teeth and nails.
• Do not opt for puddled curtains or low hanging fabrics
Draperies may look very classy but they cannot be cat proofed. Cats can damage them, get tangled in them and they are a magnet for cat fur. Blinds or shutters are better choices when compared to fabrics and draperies.
• Cordless blinds are a good choice
The safety of your cat babies must be your priority when you are out looking for blinds in the market. Cats just cannot resist the allure of dangly cords. But playing with them can prove fatal for your cat as they are a serious strangulation threat. Therefore, if you have cats at home, it is best to go for cordless blinds or motorized blinds.

Blinds that are Cat Proof

• Vertical Blinds

For large windows, sliding glass doors and porch doors, vertical blinds are the usual choice. The vertical blinds can be pushed aside easily and your pets can lounge in the area without damaging your precious window dressing. Vertical blinds unlike horizontal blinds open sideways from the center or from the sides. Even if a louver comes loose, you can easily replace it with an effort of a few minutes.

Wooden Window Vertical Blinds

• Plantation Shutters

If you have a cat that is not especially fond of scratching things up, you can go for plantation shutters. These are typically made out of wood or faux wood that is sturdy. You can just leave the blinds open in your absence and let your cats laze by them all day long. But these may not be a very good choice if your pet likes to scratch or bite at them.
Plantation Shutters

• Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds are great as they can be rolled up or down with the click of a button. You can even control them using your phone no matter where you are if you have the smart blinds installed. These do not have cords and are very safe for your pets. You can also set them to open up a little to let your cats enjoy the world outside. You can even get motorized blinds installed on the exteriors of your home. These outdoor blinds are great for protecting your windows, reducing heat before the sun hits your home, or even for protecting outdoor spaces such as a patio or deck. At the same time, they can be controlled from the comfort of your home using a remote control.
Motorized Window Blinds

• Wide Slat Blinds

Blinds that have wide slats help let in more light when open when compared to the regular blinds. When left in an open position, your cats will be able to look out without the interference of the slats. They will also get more sunshine to take a nap in and watch the critters move about outside.

• Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds may not be the best choice for cat proof blinds but they are much more durable than the popular aluminum blinds. They are less affected by the bending, scratching and clawing. Any scratches they sustain tend to be less evident as the color is uniform throughout the slat. In case of extensive damage, you can get them replaced at a small cost. These are cheaper than the wood blinds and do not compromise on the aesthetics. They are moisture resistant too. They do not fall apart easily under onslaught by your pet.

Faux Wood Blinds for Bedroom

Blinds Best Avoided with Cats Around

Blinds that are to be avoided if you own cats:

• Aluminum Mini Blinds

Aluminum mini blinds do not let the cats look out of them even when open. This makes your cats want to tug and bend the aluminum slats to look through. Aluminum slats bend easily and can get damaged. What is worse is that your cats can get tangled in the blinds if you are not attentive enough.

• Small Slat Blinds

Blinds that have small slats, in general, are a bad idea if you have cats. They will bend or break them to find a way to look into the world.

• Fabric Blinds

Blinds that have fabrics on the slats are not the best for cats. Cats can scratch the fabric up. Fabrics can also attract loose cat fur and can cause them to accumulate on it. Cleaning these can be quite a time consuming and frustrating.

• Woven Wood Blinds

Blinds that come with woven wood like bamboo blinds and matchstick blinds are so attractive to the cats that they look like scratching posts to them. If you have cats and you get windows these woven wood blinds, you will find the scratched up and clawed in no time. It would be expensive damage as natural blinds are extremely costly.

• Cellular Shades

Cellular shades made with fabric are not good for you when you have cats at home. Cats tend to climb the fabric and their strong nails can scratch them up easily.

You are now loaded with options and a list of dos and don’ts pertaining to your window shades and blinds if you have a cat at home. It is better to be cautious and take precautionary measures before an untoward incident occurs or your expensive window treatments get damaged beyond repair.