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5 Blinds to Help Your Toddler Sleep During the Day

5 Blinds To Help Your Toddler Sleep During The Day

Children are surely most adorable and make the house come alive with their cute antics. However, kids can be quite temperamental at times and especially the toddlers demand more attention and care. Watching playful toddlers is the most heartwarming thing ever but for that, you need to keep your toddler comfortable, happy and safe, with some child proof blinds. Making sure that your toddler sleeps well goes a long way in keeping them happy and spirited.

How to Ensure a Comfortable Sleep For Your Toddler During the Day

If you want a comfortable sleep, you need to darken the interiors of the room and the same applies in the case of the toddlers. During the night, ensuring a dark room is easy as you just need to turn off the lights. However, if you have to make sure that your toddler sleeps peacefully during the day, you need to put in more effort to darken the interiors of the room. Day time naps are very important for the development and growth of toddlers. Lack of proper sleep and rest and make them cranky, lose energy, and also hamper their growth significantly. Creating a favorable ambiance where toddlers can sleep well is extremely important.

Turning off the lights if any are switched on, turning off, or lowering the volume of your television so that there is a peaceful and tranquil environment inside your toddler’s room are some good steps you can take. But it won’t be enough as you will also have to block out the bright external light coming inside the room through the windows.

To effectively block out the external light, you will need window coverings that can provide good room-darkening or blackout performance. You can opt for blackout fabric or material for your window coverings. These blackout fabrics are thicker and more closely knitted. This helps prevent any light bleeding inside the room besides giving you some sort of sound-dampening as well. Thus you get a dark and quiet room, ideal for your toddler to sleep in, even during the day.

Other benefits that you get by dressing up the windows of your toddler’s room such as heat insulation and privacy protection also make the room more comfortable for your toddler to sleep peacefully. You also get the peace of mind knowing that your privacy is protected. Window coverings are also important to block out noise from the kid’s room as the lightest of sounds can wake them up. This is particularly important if the room is located near a busy lane or street.
Blackout Blinds for Nursery

5 Blinds to Help Your Toddler Sleep During the Day

While there is no doubt about the usefulness of window coverings in enhancing the comfort level of your toddler when he sleeps during the day, knowing which window treatments will be ideal for your toddler’s room is just as important. To help you get started on the same, here are five blinds that will help your toddler sleep well during the day:

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are one of the most popular and vintage window-covering options. Lightweight, elegant, and customizable, Roman blinds are ideal for your toddler’s room. You can choose blackout fabric for your Roman blinds to get better blackout performance out of them. While you get a pull cord operational mechanism by default, you can also opt for cordless or motorized options. Smart motorized options, in particular, give you the flexibility of controlling blinds in your toddler’s room remotely via a remote, your smartphone, or even voice control. Remote monitoring option also helps you ensure the safety of your child without you needing to be present in the same room.
Roman Shades for Kids Room

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are another vintage option that dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries and contrary to the idea that people get from the name, these blinds were invented by the Persians. Structural and minimalistic, these blinds are ideal for any section of the house. Excellent heat and light control make them ideal for your toddler’s room as well. You can opt for blackout material for your blinds so that you can block out the external light better and ensure comfortable sleep for your baby even during the day.
Cordless Blinds for Nursery

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds make use of a roll to lower or retract the blinds. Available in a variety of material options, roller blinds can fit right into your scheme of things, no matter what your needs may be. The roller mechanism also gives you an option to retrofit your roller blinds to make them motorized and thereby automate their operation. You can be sure of getting excellent coverage and blackout performance from your set of roller blinds so that your toddler can enjoy a comfortable sleep at any time of the day. Opting for blackout material for your blinds will surely be preferable.
Kids Safe Roller Shades

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds, as the name suggests, are made from natural wood. The wooden material not only gives a unique and graceful grainy texture to the blinds, but it also allows the wooden blinds to provide excellent heat insulation and blackout performance. Wood is a bad conductor of heat and has a high opacity. This allows the wooden blinds to effectively darken your toddler’s room and to prevent heat gain inside the room.
As a result, your child gets a sound and peaceful sleep, be it the night or day time. You can look at faux wood blinds as well if you like the look of the wooden blinds but find them a little out of your budget. Faux wood blinds provide an affordable alternative to wooden blinds and are made from PVC, composite wood, or faux wood.

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds are another affordable window covering option and can last you for a long time if you purchase blinds that are made from good quality aluminum. Besides being more budget-friendly, aluminum blinds also provide good heat insulation, light control, and blackout performance for your toddler’s room, so that he or she does not face any interruptions while sleeping during the day or during the night.
All these options in window blinds are not just ideal for your toddler’s room, they are versatile, graceful, and respectively more affordable than some of the more premium alternatives. Moreover, you get a high degree of customizability to ensure that your windows are dressed up exactly the way you want.

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