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5 Blinds That Can Open On A Timer

5 Blinds That Can Open On A Timer

Who doesn’t like convenience and comfort? When it comes to window treatments, blinds that open on a timer are one of the most modern and latest developments. Cheap motorized shades are excellent in their functionality and are the epitome of convenience. They do come at prices that are usually greater the traditional window blinds but their popularity stands testament to the fact that they are worth every last penny.

It goes without saying that our windows need coverings for more than one reason. Your choice of window coverings may be dependent on a myriad of things including your taste of aesthetics, privacy, insulation and light control. Blinds, in general, are a great choice when it comes to both functionality and looks. But it still needs you to go around our home and adjust the slats when your needs for light and privacy change throughout the day. After a while, this can become a tedious chore that needs you to invest both time and energy into it. But with the advent of the cutting edge technology of electrical and motorized modern blinds for your windows, convenience can literally be at your fingertips.

Still unconvinced about the advantages of the magical blinds that open on a timer? Keep reading to know more.

• Convenience
At the risk of repeating ourselves, motorized blinds provide the best convenience when it comes to window dressings. This is especially true when you have large or tall windows. How many times have you had to stand on a stool to adjust the blinds of your home? When they are motorized, you can open, close or adjust your blinds at the click of your button. Putting your blinds on a timer increases your comfort. Imagine waking up to drawn blinds that let in the gentle morning light rather than a blaring alarm clock – heavenly isn’t it?

• Safety
You might want to argue that the traditional cord blinds were convenient enough. But did you know that the cords of the blinds have been proven as a strangulation hazard to pets and kids in your household? Wouldn’t you feel better that the window dressings that you chose so tastefully are also safe for the members of your house? The timer of motorized blinds can also help you shut or open the windows when you have your pets or children home alone.

• Security
When you have motorized blinds that open on a timer, you can set them to open and close on a schedule. Your blinds will open and close like clockwork whether you are home or not. Any prying eyes looking to loot or break and enter will assume that you are home and your home will stay safe. You can also pair them up with other security systems so that you can travel at peace.
• Energy efficiency
When you install motorized blinds that can open on a timer, you are indirectly saving your money on energy expenditure. It is not a great idea to have your blinds open during a winter evening and have them closed on a nice summer morning. Having your motorized insulating blinds on a timer and a temperature sensor can help you automate the whole process of drawing the blinds open and close. This will help you save a lot of money in the long process.

Protect your décor
Prolonged exposure to the sun and other elements can seriously harm artwork, furniture, rugs and decorative pieces in your home. Almost all window treatments help in saving your home’s precious décor items and interior. But oftentimes, people just forget or ignore the monotonous and boring routine of adjusting the window treatments according to sun streaming in. When you have motorized electrical blinds installed, you can just put them on a timer and watch your blinds doing their job without your assistance at all.

5 Blinds That Can Open On A Timer

Now that you know the numerous benefits of installing blinds that open on a timer, you must take a look on the most popular kinds of motorized window shades that can be opened on a timer.

Exterior Motorized Solar Shades

Exterior motorized solar shades are installed on the exterior of your homes. They are usually fixed on the outside of the windows or patios and porches. Motorized outdoor shades work to give you an improved outdoor experience by keeping the area cool and protected. They also protect the indoors by cutting outglares and the rising heat. You can enjoy the weather from the safety of the privacy shades even when it is rainy, hot or windy. You can also easily put them on a timer or control them using a remote.
Smart Motorized Shades

Motorized Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are synonymous to elegance, class and luxury. These regal window dressings not only look great but also give you a great control on privacy and light. These warm and welcoming window blinds have a timeless appeal that can meld into any décor plan, be it modern, contemporary, traditional or classic. Motorized wood blinds can have their tilt controlled with a remote controller. You can easily set it on a timer and enjoy the timeless elegance of the wooden blinds effortlessly.
Motorized Wood Blinds

Motorized Honeycomb Shades

Cellular honeycomb shades are one of the best window treatments that you can find in the market. The motorized cellular shades are designed to trap air in them. This helps to create a buffer between the window and the shades. They are also created to prevent excessive heat loss during the chilly winter months to keep your home cozy and warm. Making them cordless and motorizing them turns them into blinds that can open on a timer. Motorized honeycomb shades are a great way to save on your bills while protecting your home from the UV rays of the sun.

Get Smart Shades controlled by an automated timer or schedule. Connect to a smart hub and control with your phone.

Motorized Roman Shades

Roman shades enjoy an amazing amount of following in the market. They are timeless and classic. Roman shades make for a great compromise between curtains and blinds as it captures the features of both effectively. Put them in any room and they are sure to create an uplifting effect on the room. They can also be operated remotely and can easily be controlled by setting them on a timer.
Motorized Roman Blinds

Motorized Aluminum Blinds

Affordable, elegant, functional and long-lasting- aluminum blinds capture the essence of these words perfectly. These waterproof blinds can even be installed in rooms that are high in their moisture levels like the bathrooms and the kitchens. No matter how small your budget, you can be sure that the aluminum blinds can fit into them. When motorized, the aluminum blinds turn into blinds that can be opened on a timer and make sure that they open and close on a schedule.

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