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5 Blinds for a Baby Boy’s Room

5 Blinds For a Baby Boys Room

Are you planning to prepare a nursery for a new member of the family? Or, thinking of redecorating your little boy’s room? Whatever the reason, I am sure this is going to be one of the most exciting projects you have ever taken up.

It is never too early to start planning for a baby’s room. Decorating a room for a little one can be both overwhelming and time-consuming, given the huge variety of products available in the market.

Do you have a theme in mind? Or maybe some favorite colors? This is the room where you and your little one will make your first memories together. The patterns, pictures, colors, and toys, are going to form your little one’s first impressions. So, make sure you put a lot of yourself in everything your select. After all, you will be spending a lot of time in there as well.

Don’t panic if haven’t yet made up your mind yet. There are plenty of options available that will sit well with any theme you might select later on.

Essential Features

There are some things that you should keep in mind before selecting any item for your baby’s room. Especially, when it comes to blinds, weigh your options against the functionalities and safety features they have to offer.

Without any doubt, the nursery has to be the safest room in the house. As your little one grows up; he is going to spend a lot of time in here. For, this reason, safety is foremost in mind when it comes to selecting items for your baby’s room. Traditional blinds come with cords. Some of the cords even form a loop. Without appropriate precautions, these blinds pose a serious threat to children under 3.
To create a child-safe environment, opt for either automatic or child proof blinds.

Automatic Blinds

Don’t let blind cords give you sleepless nights. Go for SMART motorized blinds that come without cords. You can connect these blinds with your tablet, smartphone, or home-automation system and operate them remotely. Now you can safely let your child play near the window.
Automated Blinds and Shades

Cordless Blinds

Cordless blinds are child-safe window covers, which can be operated without cords. You can operate the slats manually. They add a simple, yet finished look to your nursery, and goes well with most design ideas.

Pre-existing Blinds

If you already have blinds with cords, make sure they are safety tucked out of the way. To do this, you can install a cord holder, which keeps the cords completely out of the way. You can also opt for a compliant safety device, which will prevent it from dangling. In the meantime, wrap the cords around a hook that is beyond the reach of little hands.
Cordless Blinds for Nursery
Another aspect that needs some thinking about is light. Natural light is important for your little one’s development, but too much exposure to harmful UV lights is not good.

As any new parent will tell you, it is hard to establish a sleep routine in a room flooded with sunlight. In summer months, the sun stays high up in the sky. As tiny tots need quick naps throughout the day, you need to create a calm and comfortable nursery for them to settle down.

Sleep is very important for a child’s health and well-being. More so for babies as their little bodies tire quickly and need to rest before they get going again. Any disruption to their sleep routine would make them listless and tired. The same is true for parents. You need uninterrupted sleep as well. But a sleepless baby will also mean sleepless parents.

Blackout Blinds

To avoid this, select Blackout Blinds for your baby boy’s room.
Blackout blinds are made from a thickly woven fabric that allows in very little light. Unlike the usual light-filtering blinds, which create a glow in the room, blackout blinds can create that pitch-dark effect of the night.
Blackout shades use thick materials like silk, velvet, or polyester blends to cut off the light. Similarly, blackout blinds use fiberglass covered with PVC or acrylic foam backing. If you prefer shutters, they are available in wood or composite wood and aluminum.

Blackout blinds are designed from special materials that absorb harmful Ultra-Violet ray and stop them from reaching the interiors. This protects the little ones from over-exposure to sunlight. They also protect the nursery furniture from early damage.

Just pull them down and watch your little one lose himself in the land of dreams.
Comfort is the most important aspect of a nursery. To spend a lot of time in the nursery, your little one has to feel comfortable and safe. The ambiance of the room has a great role to play in making a child happy. So, you need to make sure that the temperature, air-circulation and noise is at a level that lets your little boys relax.
Blackout Blinds for Nursery

Heat-Reflective Blinds

To keep the temperature of the room at normal levels, use blinds with heat-reflective properties. Just as we find it difficult to relax in an over-heated room, little ones too find it difficult to settle down in a hot room. To minimize heat transfer from the exterior, select blinds with heat-reflective properties.

In reflective blinds, a surface layer is added to the material. This outward-facing surface layer face reflects back most of the heat that falls on it. This works especially well with sunlight, which considerably reduces of heat gain through absorption. Eventually, the heat transfer is minimized, provided your interiors with a much-needed break from the sun.

With heat-reflective blinds, your nursery is cozy and cool, a perfect setting for starting a bedtime story.

Noise Dampening Blinds

Noise dampening Blinds are a must-have for nurseries. Your boy’s room should be protected from any loud noise or disturbances. Select blinds with noise dampening properties. These are made of materials that are thick and help to reduce outside ambient noise.
With these blinds, create a tiny bubble of peace, comfort and security for your little boy to get lost in a world of adventures.