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5 Blinds Best Suited for Kitchen Windows

5 Blinds Best Suited for Kitchen Windows

We spend time in the kitchen every day. So keeping it in tip top shape is very important! You need to pamper your kitchen regularly to keep the place healthy, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing. But, how do you get the best kitchen window treatments?

Well, many will tell you fancy changes that will blow up your bank balance too. But if you want a posh, sleek, yet classy kitchen window solution, blinds are the right choice for you. In this article, we’ll focus on 5 blinds best suited for your kitchen windows.

What are Window Blinds?

Window blinds, also widely known as window shades, are a type of coverings used for the interior sides of the windows. There are numerous types of window blinds available in the market with different materials and mechanisms. Most common materials to make window blinds include slats of wood, metal, plastic, and fabrics. You can adjust these slats or bars inwardly or outwardly depending upon your needs and tastes.

Some window blinds only use a piece of material rather than using the slat mechanism. Different window coverings like shades, wood blinds, shutters, roman blinds, roller blinds, etc., are quite common in regular households these days.

You Need Curtains or Blinds in Your Kitchen

The following points will help you draw a clear picture regarding the best kitchen window treatments that you can achieve with window blinds.

Your Kitchen Size

Generally, curtains are for big and spacious rooms while kitchens are generally less spacious. To make it look bigger you should go with window blinds. Blinds are ideal for compact spaces and moist areas like your kitchen and bathroom. In addition, if you have a window just over the kitchen sink, it is better to go with window blinds.


Curtains get dirty quite easily as the fabric absorbs the oils, moisture, and cooking smokes faster. Hence, even though the cleaning process for curtains is basic, you have to take them to the washing machine more often, unlike blinds. Blinds usually can be wiped down with a damp cloth for easy and effective cleaning.


Curtains are very stylish and come in various designs. But when it comes to trying modern and minimalistic designs blinds will lead ahead. In addition, you can customize the roman blinds to suit the décor of your kitchen. The best part of installing blinds in your kitchen window is that they are more clean and tidy.

 Light Control

Blinds offer a better light control when compared to curtains, since their slats can be adjusted. If you get curtains, you should get two layers: transparent curtains to introduce some light and heavy curtains to block the light entirely.

5 Blinds Best Suited for Kitchen Windows

So, depending upon the window’s placement in your kitchen, here we have listed down 5 blinds that will serve your purpose.

  • Faux Wood Blinds

Generally, the covering of the window above your kitchen sink will absorb a substantial amount of moisture every day. Therefore, your window blind material should have moisture-resistant elements. For such kitchen windows, we recommend faux wood blinds as they can resist humid and moist conditions.

In fact, they are relatively cheap, and the colors do not fade away against strong sunlight. Hence, when it comes to covering the window above your kitchen sink, faux wood blinds will certainly be one of the best kitchen window treatments.

However, you won’t be able to control a faux wood blind with a motor, as motorization of this type is not available. But you can easily control the blinds with the cordless mechanism.

  • Roller or Dual shades

If you have your personal garden and your kitchen window faces outside, you might want to retain your view. Here we suggest you to try roller or dual shades. With transparent solar material, they can easily provide you the garden view as well as your much needed privacy.

They are also energy efficient and allow the light to enter through a filter. So, with roller and dual shades, you prevent excessive sunlight from entering your kitchen and reduce the heat in summers.

Roller shades can be motorized as well, allowing you to control them with a remote control or with a phone app.

  • Cellular and Pleated Shades

Both cellular and pleated shades can insulate your kitchen. So in case you live in cold areas, they are the best kitchen window treatment for you. In fact, cellular shades can provide you with the best insulation when compared to others.

The pleated shades use fabric material; when you open them, you fully enjoy the view. Pleated shades also offer you a wide variety of colors. However, both pleated and cellular shades offer you motorization as well as a cordless mechanism.

  • Aluminum Blinds

The aluminum blinds are certainly one of the best blinds available in the market. They are durable, recyclable, strong, lightweight, affordable, and most importantly, easy to maintain. Moreover, aluminum blinds are a perfect example of modern window treatment as they block the light successfully.

If you keep them closed, your kitchen stays warm and insulated. With just a little bit of cleaning in a regular interval, these blinds will last your entire life. In addition, aluminum blinds come in both motorization and cordless mechanisms.

  • Sheer Horizontal Shades

If your kitchen window has a dusty road in front of it, we recommend sheer horizontal shades for the best kitchen window treatment. They will easily solve two biggest problems of your kitchen window with their functionality, which are light control and offer privacy.

When you open these blinds from a completely closed space, they will slowly tilt and allow the light to enter. The motorization mechanism is available with all sheer shades but only a few brands will offer you cordless.


While looking for the right blind for the right corner of your kitchen, consider these types for the best choices.

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