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5 Best Window Treatments for your French Doors

5 Best Window Treatments For French Doors

What are French Doors?

Unlike sliding doors, French doors are full-length hinged doors that open inwards. They are not equipped with sliding mechanism. The origin of French doors can be traced back to 16th and 17th centuries when France was waging war with Italy. The intermingling of cultures saw France carry home Renaissance architecture and the realization that mixing a door and a window helped to bring in more natural light in otherwise poorly lit and gloomy houses. Over the years these French doors underwent transformations and are now considered to be an extremely elegant and gorgeous addition to any home.

Benefits of French Doors

Increased Light
Given the wide expanse of glass that is used in French doors, they allow an increased amount of natural light to stream through. They fill the house with lots of sunshine and helps spread joy and cheer. For otherwise poorly illuminated homes French doors do wonders and can transform a small interior into something spacious and grand. Natural light is very important to conserve energy and lift spirits up.

Maintain Outside View
Apart from increased amount of light, the wide expanse of glass also helps to maintain your outside view. A gorgeous view of the mountains, a perfectly manicured garden with blooming flowers or a romantic sunset can be enjoyed from inside the house with your French doors. They offer an excellent panoramic view of your patio, porch and surroundings.

Enhances Aesthetic Value
In addition to functionality, French doors are high in demand because of their aesthetic features. They create a dramatic impact on your home. They can transform a modest-looking house into something truly grand and attractive and most importantly can make a small space appear spacious and large. It makes them the focal point in a room and enhances its style quotient. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and the reason why people often choose them more than their functional reasons.

French Doors Can’t be Left Untreated

Loss of Energy
However, while these French doors are extremely coveted and loved, like all the doors and windows they need to be treated well. The wide expanse of glass means that they are the potential source of heat loss and gain in the house which can impact your energy bills. If left bare, during winter they can cause warm air to escape the house and in summers they allow hot air to flow in unobstructed. They can make the interiors uncomfortable.

Compromise Security & Privacy
Untreated French doors can also raise security concerns as they will expose your house to outsiders and compromise your privacy as well.

UV Rays
While natural light is cherished and desirable, too much light can be disturbing. Unfiltered glares can cause irritation to the eyes and will not be enjoyed after some time. They will also allow harmful UV rays into the house that can cause damage to health and your expensive interiors. The excess light will interfere with your sleep and ruin your media and entertainment experience.

Window Treatments for French Doors

Keeping the beauty and charm of your French doors we have shortlisted few French door treatments that will make your experience more enjoyable.

Wood Blinds

If you are comfortable with an excess dose of elegance and luxury in your rooms then get yourself these absolutely stunning pair of wood blinds for your beautiful French doors. Elegance personified, the wood blinds can weave magic into your homes with their charm. The 1” blinds are perfect for your French doors. Made from natural hardwoods, the blinds add softness and a glow to the rooms and gives you control over light and privacy while doing justice to your French doors. Real wood blinds are unparalleled in their beauty and the impact they create.

Top-Down-Bottom-Up Cordless Light Filtering Cellular Shades

These TDBU light filtering cellular shades lend a contemporary look and feel to your French doors and rooms. This light filtering TDBU shades gives you control over light and privacy. You can raise and lower the shades to the desired level depending upon your need for privacy and light in the house. They are the best energy-efficient insulating window treatments for your French doors. They prevent energy loss and keep a check on your rising energy costs. The cordless lift option makes it kid and pet-friendly. The remote-controlled operation makes it easy to operate the shades without hassle or physical intervention.

1” Pleated Shades

These 1” pleated shades are sleek, affordable and extremely stylish. The crisp pleats give a consistent designer look and the back ladder support prevents the pleats from sagging. There are different fabrics to choose from that helps you to choose the privacy and light level for your rooms. You can choose from light filtering, room darkening and blackout fabrics. While blackout fabric gives your maximum privacy and minimum light seepage, the light filtering fabrics allows diffused light into the house and offers moderate privacy.

Zebra Sheer Shades

These zebra sheer shades come with overlapping layers of sheer vanes and they alternate with room darkening and light-filtering fabrics. The zebra-like pattern and functionality of the shades give you complete control over your light filtering and privacy needs. They help to diffuse the glares of the sun and successfully blocks out UV rays that can be damaging to health and interiors after prolonged exposure. The vanes can be shut tightly and completely to meet your increased need for privacy. The zebra sheer shades are elegant to look at and lend a sleek and contemporary look to your French doors and are extremely versatile. They are available in cordless and continuous loop lift options.
Sheer Shades for French Doors

1” Cordless Light Filtering Pleated Shades

These light filtering pleated shades are a premium window treatment that will add a “wow” factor to your French windows and your rooms. The crisp pleats give a clean and uncluttered look to the windows. The light filtering material helps to preserve your privacy and enjoy diffused natural light sans the glares and UV rays. The cordless lift option accounts for their versatility. It makes them kid and pet-friendly by doing away with the dangling cords.

Choose any of these top window shades for your French doors and see the magic unfold before your eyes and the dramatic impact it has on your room and home.

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