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5 Best Window Treatments for Arched Windows

5 Best Window Treatments for Arched Windows


Arched windows provide an elegance and elevated appeal to any home. If you love old Victorian furniture and prefer traditional things to modern technology-based homes, arched windows would be a perfect way to express that.  However, finding the right kind of window treatments for arched windows is not easy.

It is first important to understand the proper way to dress the arched windows before purchasing any window treatment. Most of the time, arched windows are built in the living room so that ample sunlight can enter the room and give it a bright look. Some people love to live in large bedrooms surrounded by large arched windows. However, since we need minimal light when we are sleeping, draping those windows becomes very important.

Here are some ideas you can try in order to properly dress your arched windows:

  • Wool Drapery Panels- You may choose to cover your arched windows at night if you hang drapery panels from the roof. In the daytime, you’d probably want to keep the sheer curtains, or drapes open that would 1make your arched window visible. It will allow ample sunlight to light up your room and you will not need electric bulbs. It will definitely help you to save on your energy bills.
  • Sheers Rod Pocket Crown Custom Drapery Panels- This is a perfect choice for home owners who love sheer curtains. They give an elegant Victorian look to your interiors and the curtains are so lightweight that you can wash them easily at home. The price is extremely affordable and they are available in multiple shades and patterns like Crepe Sheers Ivory 381 and Voile Sheers Ivory 379.
  • Artisan Highlights Pleated Drapes- They look extremely exquisite if paired with an arched window. You can use the frills at the top to cover the half-moon shape at the top part of the arched windows. And the rest of the long hanging drapes will give a complete new look to your living space. They are available in blue-black, brown, purple, red orange and green shades and you can have a huge selection to choose from. Emmons Inkwell 7192, Ebsen Poseidon 5560 and LoftStripe Hearthstone 3580 are the bestsellers on our site.
  • Palladian Window Shelf- This option is perfect for those home owners who want their arched window’s top part to be visible even after the window treatment is drawn. This special accessory will give you the right amount of privacy and allow you to hang blinds on your arches or Palladian windows. Since harsh UV rays are bad for your furniture or antiques, you need to take special care even to cover your arched windows.

From Snow White 1850P to Homestead Oak 1943, you name the shade and you will find it here. So no matter what color you have chosen for your walls, couch, bed spreads or your furniture, you can match the Palladian window shelf color to that.

  • Single Cellular Shades- Another type of window treatment for arched windows which you can consider is single cellular shades. Since they cover the entire window, even the upper arched portion gets dressed. Hence, these kinds of shades are perfect for the complete privacy and light-blocking solution.
  • CrystalPleat Graber LF Single Cellular Shades-At Zebrablinds, there is a simple solution available for your arched windows. Since these shades have a unique single honeycomb cells design, they are extremelyeffective in protecting your home from outdoor heat and noise. These insulator shades will be perfect for your arched windows and will keep your electricity bills low.

They are available in attractive colors like Barnwood 5814 and Gingerroot 5810 for those decorators who prefer earthy colors. If you are looking for a Royal touch, then go for Canadian Tuxedo 5826. You can choose the motorized option if you do not want to deal with dangling cords. Continuous loop or standard cordless control options are also available.

  • Light Filtering Double Cellular Shades-Since they are double cellular shades, they will be more energy-efficient shades than the single cellular shades. Since they won’t allow the outside heat to seep in, you will not need to use your air-conditioner very frequently. If you live in a hot and humid area, these are the perfect window treatments for arched windows. 
  • CrystalPleat Graber LF Double Cellular Shades-.

These shades will fit into your arched windows comfortably and provide insulation from outside heat, cold and noise. Blue Breeze 1549 and Golden Wheat 1555 are the most popular colors which are patrons choose. You have an option of choosing from more than fifty shades and we can guarantee that no matter what kind of home decor you have, they will fit into it perfectly. 

  • CrystalPleat Graber Blackout Cellular Shades- These shades come with the trust which the brand Graber carries. There is a metallic liner inside the honeycomb structure and they look amazing when they are hung from the arched windows. They have the insulation from the double cell cellular pleats. Since they are available in 3/4 inches, 3/8 inches and 3/8 inches double cells, the insulation capacity varies accordingly. These shades not only safeguard your home from harmful UV rays, they also are very good options for noise-reduction window treatments.

They are available in five exotic colors and you can think about choosing these shades for your living room which has arched windows.

  1. Plantation shutters- Plantation shutters are perfect to keep the outside heat at an arm’s length. Since, nay windows are large and allow a lot of sunlight to enter; often they make the room warm or even hot. They are made of premium quality wood and hence last for a very long time. They give an old charm look which suits the arched windows very well.
  2. Traditions Wood Shutters Graber-

Made of pure North American Woods, these shutters are meant to last for decades. This option is eco-friendly as it uses natural products. Graber has taken special care to treat the wood in their plant so that it does not get infected with termites, molds and other organisms. The shades like Dark Walnut 1641, Homestead Oak 1943 look very close to the color of natural wood and these shutters will fill your home with an earthy feeling.

Conclusion Now since you are familiar with the five best window treatments for arched windows, you can make up your mind based on the constraints you have at your place.