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5 Best Ways to Get Fitted Door Blinds

5 Best Ways to Get Fitted Door Blinds

Having a perfect fit blind is like the icing on the cake!

When it comes to home decoration, we want all the items to go in the right place and to be correctly sized. And there is no exception when we are planning to dress up the doors and windows with functional blinds and shades. Window coverings are the best way to treat the doors in a unique way that contributes to multiple aesthetic and practical values to your place. While getting blinds, it’s essential that they fit the windows accurately while highlighting the other decorative elements in your room. A poorly fitted window treatment can be a fashion disaster and ruin the look of the windows and the rooms as well.

There are different door structures available including sliding glass doors, patio doors, French doors, front doors, and many more – and each of them are distinct and add architectural interest to your décor. All these doors allow natural light and fresh air to let in, keeping your indoors soothing and blissful. But to protect your indoors from the harmful sun rays and excess heat, we need something to cover them. In the window fashion industry, there are a wide range of designs available that come with vibrant colors and pattern options to create a timeless beauty for your doors. These fitted door blinds are astounding and fit the doors perfectly without damaging the wall or window frame. Getting blinds for windows sounds easy but picking the right dressings for the doors may be little bit tricky as they are big in size and we open and close them regularly.
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Things You Must Know to Get Fitted Door Blinds

Depending on the door type, you may face different problems while getting new blind or shade. So, it’s always suggested to check with the professionals to get the right fit for your doors. Below are the basic tips and tricks that you can follow to gain some knowledge before you proceed –

  • Know Your Requirements:

This is the first step to getting fitted door solutions. We all know that doors allow a large amount of light and heat to enter your space compared to standard windows. Even passers-by can easily peep inside through the open doors which jeopardizes privacy and security of your homes. So, depending on the window position and room type, you need to decide first what kind of cover you need to fulfill all your requirements. Ask yourself whether you want the door blinds to block out the direct sunlight provide enhanced insulation, or want them to protect your indoor from the outsiders, and  check for blinds accordingly to match your requirements

  • Mounting Option:

Before you place an order for your new blinds, it’s important to take the right measurements of the doors and at the same time you have to decide the mounting option. There are two ways of installation – inside mount (inside the window frame) and outside mount (outside the window frame). Inside mounting makes the doors look sleek and smooth while outside mounting gives the doors complete coverage, preventing light and heat coming through the side. The measurements will be different for inside and outside mount and to get the right fit you must keep these differences in mind.

  • Measure the Doors:

Measuring sliding glass, patio, or French doors for fitted blinds is basically the same as measuring your windows. To start, you need a measuring tape, pen and paper. To get the width, take three measurements, one across the top, middle, and bottom of the door opening. And for height, you have to take three dimensions, measure from top to bottom, on the left, middle and right.

This process may vary depending on the mounting option, door type, and other factors. So, check with the designers before taking the measurements.

Remember, taking the wrong measurements can lead you get the wrong sized product that will not fit the doors as well.

  • Decide the Blind Type:

Once you are done with the measurements, it’s time to pick up the right blind that will make the doors the focal point of your space while inviting warmth and elegance. There are plenty of treatments available, explore them, and then make the decision. All the designs come with an array of colors and texture options; customize them properly to get the perfect mesmerizing look. Before you place the final order, request free samples to see how they will work on the doors. The most recommended door blinds include cellular shades, vertical blinds, aluminum blinds, roman shades, and cellular vertical blinds.

  • Additional Tips:

French door has handles in the way of operation that’s why it’s better to buy shallow blinds like wood blinds or faux wood blinds that will fit between the door and handles. And these doors don’t have any depth, so opt for outside mounting.

Sliding glass doors open vertically, so choose blinds that are durable and open in the same direction as the door itself.

Try to match your door blinds with the other window treatments in the room for a coordinated look.

Besides getting the perfect fit, look for coverings that offer perfect light control, protection from outsiders, as well as from direct heat and glare.

Pros of Perfect Fitted Door Blinds

  • Fitted door blinds are custom made
  • Wide range of colours and styles to choose from
  • No dangerous hanging cords as you can feature the blinds with cordless or motorized function
  • Enhanced light and heat control, reduced energy bills
  • Increased privacy, with smaller light gaps due to tighter sizing
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Do you owe a tricky door that needs complete coverage? Well, before you get the perfect fitted blinds, you need to consider the above things that will make your overall procedure simple. Feel free to contact the design consultants to clear all your queries!