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5 Best Pairings of Dark Blinds with Curtains

5 Best Pairings of Dark Blinds With Curtains

Dark Blinds with Curtains for an Enhanced Mechanism

Window blinds and shades are the perfect way to emphasize the beauty of your home décor. They make your beautiful windows look more appealing than before while offering your space multiple functional and practical values. Their assortment of colors and texture choices add aesthetical value to your home décor while bringing warmth and sophistication. Their incredible capability of blocking sunlight to offering your arena comfy and pleasing indoor ambiance makes them a unique and distinct choice. In a recent market scenario, there are endless options available that are designed to fulfill all your desires. But finding the right one can be a disaster for many homeowners, especially when it comes to one that will meet all your needs and also create a statement for your entire home décor. Well, we can help you out in the job of finding the right window treatment that will add style to your space and at the same time bring the efficiency to make a comfortable indoor living. But before you get started, it’s always recommended to know your requirements that will narrow down your choices while making your shopping experience easier and hassle-free.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to stream a single ray of natural daylight to let in and looking forward to make your interior highly insulated, dark blinds are always suggested. They are designed to prevent the daylight coming through the windows while offering privacy. Whether you are looking for a darker room in order to create a perfect sleeping ambiance, or need an added insulation these blinds are perfect to install. The blinds also help to block out glare and unwanted rays that can cause damage to your valuable furnishings. If your windows confront a busy street side, then you can achieve a great amount of privacy your indoor deserves while stopping the outside noise as well. We can state that dark blinds are all in one, and no other solution can beat their elegance and astounding functionality.

But we have always something extra for you. If you want to be little bit creative, then layer curtains with these dark blinds. Integrating both these window dressings will double up the versatility and integrity of the windows in a dramatic way. Both curtains and dark blinds come in a variety of colors and texture choices to add a minimalistic touch on the windows. But making the right combination can be a challenge as you want both of them to be highlighted while enhancing the functionality. If you are finding it to be a difficult task, then follow the below integrations that you can implement on your windows and enjoy maximum efficiency!

Different Ways of Pairing Dark Blinds with Curtains

• Vertical Blinds with Curtains:

If you owe a sliding glass door, then complement the door by installing vertical blinds paired with window curtains. Vertical blinds are made of different sizes of louvers and adjusting them will control the incoming light, insulation, and the privacy level of your house. Go for room darkening or blackout curtains to maximize the efficiency of the duo. Make sure to choose the right texture and color of the curtain that will easily coordinate with your vertical blinds and existing home décor style. If you have a small space, then this integration will create the illusion of a bigger and spacious room.
Vertical Blinds With Curtains

• Roman Shades with Curtains:

Roman shades are popular for their elegant and soft appearance that brings warmth and sophistication to your overall space. When you opt for dark roman blinds, they will effectively prevent the unwanted sun rays and noise coming through the windows while offering privacy and energy-efficiency your indoor craving for. Layering these shades with patterned curtains will revamp the beauty of the windows in a dramatic way. Depending on the requirements, you can select the fabric accordingly. But if you are planning to install these pairing in your media room, then go for blackout curtains which will give you excellent coverage.

• Layer Curtains over Cellular Blinds:

We all are aware of the extreme functionality and feasibility that the cellular shades offer. Being energy-efficient, these shades prevent the direct daylight coming through your large windows and trap the excess temperature inside the air pockets, keeping indoor at an ideal atmosphere. Opting for dark cellular blinds means you are giving your windows best. They are perfect for the bedroom, media room, and photography room, where you need complete darkness and protection. Layering curtains over these dressings not only enrich the look of the windows but also enhance the capability of blocking light and making home insulated. Mix and match the colors and patterns of both blind and curtain, and be ready to get a seamless and magnificent looking window.
Cellular Shades with Curtains

• Natural Blinds and Curtains:

Who doesn’t love to add an eco-friendly touch to their windows? Dark natural blinds are the perfect example when you want to go natural while blocking all the lights coming through your gorgeous windows. Made of natural elements like bamboo, jute, grass, and wooden material make them non-toxic and safe to use. Customizing the blinds from a range of hues and design choices will create a style statement for your aesthetics. Want to give your windows something extra? Mount curtains over these natural window dressings and see the magic. Besides creating an enthralling makeover, this pairing will boost up the functionalities, so that you can enjoy luxurious living.

• Pleated Shades Layered with Curtains:

Dark pleated shades are a great choice to create a crisp design on the windows. From blocking out the daylight to offering protection, these shades create a remarkable choice for your windows. Layering curtains over these shades will elevate the look of the windows while offering excellent benefits to your space. Proper customization and installation of these two window designs will help your room look together and connected.

Do’s and Don’ts for Pairing dark Blinds with Curtains

• Select the blinds first and then opt for the curtain style. It’s essential to pay a deep attention to the colors and fabrics you choose as they can transform the aesthetics of your place in a new way.
• If you are getting a printed dark window blind, then don’t opt for printed curtain.
• Hang the curtains high above the blinds as it can change the perception of a smaller room, make the space look large and well-spacious.
• Choose the right color and texture for both dark blinds and curtains from a huge range of collection. Make your room feel cosy and soothing with the vibrant design choices. Make sure they blend properly with each other in order to create a designer-worthy look.
• If you have more than one window, then don’t pick the same curtain for every window.
• Try to match the curtain and dark blind color with the curtain rod color.
These are the top five ways you can integrate your dark blinds with curtains. Don’t afraid to play with other window solutions that can make a big difference for your interior. You can reach out to the professional for more ideas and inspirations!

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