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Latest Styles in Window Coverings for Large Windows

        The living room is a beautiful place where friends and family gather. They are a focal point for entertaining your friends and spending time together. Let us help you choose the right treatment to make your living room let your friends and family feel comfortable and at home.

Living room window treatments set the mood in the room for entertaining and relaxing. People enjoy a varied wardrobe for different occasions, and so should rooms should be fitted with different types of window coverings to meet their specific needs. Choose window treatments that exude sophistication, or ones with a more casual beauty. Since windows tend to be larger in our living rooms than other rooms, make sure your window treatment has the right style and size.


Latest Window Covering Ideas For Your Home

 It can be difficult to choose the right treatment due to the many choices available. Blinds for the living room can be vertical or horizontal, and many include motorized or cordless operation, which makes it easier for you to open and close your blinds. You can also combine them with other treatment options. You can place blinds underneath curtains or draperies, giving you more control over comfort and privacy. Ensure you have the proper privacy and light control when you’re spending time with your family and friends.


The major attributes that need to be considered before choosing a blind are:

Shade/ color:

 You can select the color of the binds based on the ambiance you want to set for your living room. Choose a color that matches your furniture, or contrasts nicely with your walls.


 After deciding the color of your blind, consider the needs for the window that you chose to fit blinds for. For example, if you are trying to stop sunlight from damaging your furniture and valuables, you can opt for a thicker material or blackout shade. What time of day do you plan on drawing your blinds? Do you need privacy or do you like to keep the views open when the blind is down? Be specific in determining the need of installing the blinds and then select the right one based on that.

Modern Window Treatment Ideas For Your Living Room

Roman Shades

 Roman shades bring an air of elegance into your living room. Roman shades create a smooth, streamlined silhouette and allow only the desired amount of light into a room. Roman shades are a perfect window treatment wherever a formal or casual elegance is required.

Roman shades are different from standard window shade in that they stack up evenly when being opened. However, when they are open they are visibly smooth, not bumpy or ribbed like typical vertical shades or blinds.

Living Room Roman Shades


Vertical Blinds

 Vertical blinds look sleek and modern, making them an ideal choice for large and wide windows of your living room. They are a great modern alternative to drapes and typical horizontal shades. Choose PVC inserts or freehand vanes for varying light control. Vertical blinds are excellent for patio sliding doors.


Sheer Shades

  Sheer shades help you enjoy the sunlight while still providing mild protection from glare and UV rays. They have different options for opacity, color, vane size, and can also have a motorized lift.  Vertical sheer blinds elegantly combine soft sheer drapery with a traditional vertical blind for a unique solution perfect for larger windows for your living rooms. You will be able to enjoy your outside view and let in natural light while also providing flexible privacy to your space with sheer blinds.



 If you admire the beauty of darkness, then Blackout Shades are the perfect choice for your living room. The living room is your home theatre when you watch a movie along with your family and friends. If you are a movie lover, the best thing you can bring to your room is the viewing experience. When you require darkness, use the blackout shade to bring complete darkness to your room.


Drapes and curtains

   Drapes and curtains are also a beautiful choice to decorate your living room and provide privacy. These coverings are stylish, convenient, comfortable, smooth, and affordable. They bring an elegant and a pleasing ambiance to your living room. They help in light filtering and privacy control also through different opacity levels.


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