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5 Best Fabrics for Skylight Blinds

5 Best Fabrics For Skylight Blinds

The sunlight and its warmth look so pleasant to the eye and feels so soothing that you want to bask in the sun for hours. But during the summers, the Sun’s heat becomes too harsh to bear. Having the right kind of window treatment solutions installed inside your house can relieve you to a large extent. The blinds, shades, shutters and other window coverings not only provide insulation against the outside heat but also keep the room warm during the winters. These also reduce the glare and protect your furniture inside the house from UV exposure.

Blinds come in many different styles and shapes and hence it is important to pick the ones which best suit your requirements. Giving a thought about the windows on which these blinds are going to be installed also has significant merit. The location of the windows, the angle at which the light falls, the amount of sunlight the particular window receives, privacy needs, etc. are some of the most important things you need to consider about the windows before setting out to select blinds for them. This is even more relevant for hard-to-reach windows such as the skylight windows.
Skylight Window Blinds

Benefits of Skylight Windows

Skylight windows are difficult to reach and also need more effort while finding suitable blinds or shades for them. But it is also true that skylight windows have many benefits as well which makes them a worthwhile option to consider. Let us look at them in detail:

• Provide natural light: Skylight windows are normally placed on or near the roof and hence allow more natural light to enter the room. Their placement does not block the sunlight for longer duration when compared to normal windows which are placed on walls facing north-south or east-west directions. Research also says that natural light helps lifts the mood in general. So, skylight windows clearly provide a psychological advantage.

• Provide natural heating: Allowing more sunlight to enter during the day also means providing natural solar heating to the house. This can make the interiors comfortably heated during the chilly winters and help you save money on heating costs.

• Better ventilation: Skylight windows also let in the fresh air and hence provide better ventilation inside the room. The airflow is sometimes restricted if there are walls or any other type of blockage in front of the windows placed on the walls. No such disadvantage applies to the skylight windows. These provide uninterrupted cross-ventilation and smooth airflow. This can also assist in cooling down the living space.

• Energy savings: Since the skylight windows can heat up the room naturally and also cool down the area through cross-ventilation, you are bound to save up big time on your energy bills. Skylight windows reduce the burden on the heating and air conditioning systems installed inside your house. It also helps improve the longevity of these systems. With motorized skylight shades, you can control them remotely or even schedule them throughout the day for optimal energy efficiency.

• Aesthetic advantages: Skylight windows also make the room look livelier and more attractive besides making it look bigger. The view of the blue skies, natural beauty outside and the starry nightscape is also an added perk worth relishing.
Electric Skylight Blinds

Importance of Skylight Blinds

While skylight windows have many great advantages, these can have some downsides too which need balancing out. This can be done by suitable blinds or shades which are specially adapted to the skylight windows. Let us see why skylight blinds are important:

• Keeping the interiors cold during summers: More solar heat can become uncomfortable during summers and hence these blinds are needed to block out the heat in case the temperature starts rising too much.

• Controlling the light: Natural light is great but not likable all the time, especially when you are trying to get some sleep or when you don’t want any glare affecting the visibility on the screen of your TV or laptop.

Blinds help darken the room when you want it to be so. This can allow you to have a peaceful sleep or have better privacy in places such as your bedroom.

• Improving the décor: In a room filled with tasteful interiors, barren skylight windows can be a bummer. Skylight blinds not only complete the décor but also add an elegant twist to it. Pick the ones which complement the décor well. Motorized solutions instead of manually operated blinds will make them much easier to operate.
Motorized Skylight Window Blinds

Which Fabrics are Best for Skylight Blinds?

There has been immense technological innovation happening in the window coverings industry with great options, styles and hues available in terms of fabric choices. To find out which fabric works best for your skylight blinds, you need to consider the dynamics and requirements that are specific to the rooms or areas where the skylight windows are installed. Depending on different use case scenarios, let us look at the 5 best fabrics for skylight blinds:

1. Better insulation fabric: If you want to reduce the heat, go for lighter fabrics in your skylight blinds. Light hues reflect heat better. To improve the heat insulation, you can go for dual or triple-layered fabric. A fabric with the lighter side facing outside and the darker side facing inside will work the best for summers. It will not only keep the outside heat out but also reduce the glare inside the room, making for a comfortable feel indoors.

2. Honeycomb or cellular fabric: These types of fabrics create air pockets in between the layers which provide great insulation from the outside heat. These will work great with your skylight blinds.

3. Minimalistic fabric: It is better for the ‘look and feel’ of the room if the skylight blinds do not attract too much attention. The minimalistic approach will work great. You can pick fabrics that do not have bold patterns or scream attention. If the color of the fabric matches that of the ceiling or the area around the skylight blinds, that will be great.

4. Synthetic fabric: If you are installing blinds on skylight windows in areas such as your bathroom, go for synthetic fabrics such as those made with aluminum or PVC. The skylight blinds will have to face prolonged exposure to the Sun’s heat, light and also moisture and hence natural fabrics will not be very durable. Synthetic fabrics are not susceptible to cracking or warping under the extreme heat and moisture conditions that you normally find in places like the bathrooms.

5. Natural fabrics: Natural fabrics are great for keeping the air inside the room fresh. If you are installing the blinds where they won’t have to constantly face moisture conditions, natural fabrics are the ideal choice. These are eco-friendly and also help control the temperature well. You can opt for blackout or light-filtering fabrics depending on the level of privacy, room-darkening, light-filtration and the opacity you want inside the room.

In a nutshell, it is apt to say that skylight windows are great if you have the right kind of window coverings for them. A lot of that hinges upon the choice of fabric for those blinds. There is no dearth of varieties and hence, you should pick the ones that serve your purpose well. You can select awesome pre-fabricated blinds that all the brands offer or you can go for some cool customization if you want to add some zing to your interiors.

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