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5 Best Energy Efficient Window Shades for A Scorching Summer

5 Best Energy Efficient Window Shades For A Scorching Summer

Stop Heat Waves with Energy Efficient Window Shades

The searing summer weather can weigh a person down, and no one can even venture outdoors during the daytime. As the temperature soars, your indoors start getting overheated, making it uncomfortable to stay in. There is no respite inside or outside the house. Extreme heat not only affects your health but also damages your valuable furniture and other belongings. With the change in weather situations, maintaining a proper diet, staying hydrated, and taking adequate sun protection is important for your health. But what can you do about the temperature inside the house?

Doors and windows are the sources of light and heat inside the house, so keeping them closed will lower this risk at some certain time of period. But you cannot keep them closed forever. Instead, you could opt for energy-efficient window shades that are designed to maintain a consistent temperature inside the house during the hot summer months.

Large windows and doors allow heat inside your home. This can make your living space quite warm and humid. But insulated window coverings can help you out. They will block out the direct light and heat, maintain proper ventilation, and reduce the home’s utility costs. There are a variety of blinds and shades available to tackle the extreme heat which comes with a range of designs and texture choices to create a magnificent look for the windows. And picking up the right one can be tricky. But we can help you out.

In this article, we are going to discuss a few insulative window dressings that can help you deal with the heatwave and keep you cool in the scorching heat!

Top 5 Insulating Window Coverings

The efficiency of window shades depends on two factors – R-value and SHGC. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness while lower SHGC allows less solar heat transfer. So, before deciding on a shade, it’s always recommended to check these two factors. Adding the perfect window covering not only saves you money on electricity bills, but will also raise the level of comfort in your home. Window blinds need to be aesthetically pleasing as well, so that when the outside temperature is at the peak, they can be soothing for our eyes as well.

Check out the below window dressings that offer great insulation along with impressive beauty.

If you want to transform your homes into sun-protected sanctuaries, exterior solar shades are unparalleled in their functionality and versatility. These shades are installed outside the house on windows. They are designed to reflect heat back to its source before it can enter the house. Exterior shades help to keep homes cool and pleasant by reducing the sunlight before it even hits your windows.
Exterior Roller Shades

  • Drapery:

These window designs add an extra layer of insulation on the top of your existing blinds or shades. You can hang them alone as well but make sure to choose the right fabric material. Room darkening and blackout draperies are highly capable in preventing daylight and heat. These window coverings are available in endless styles, textures, and color options to adore the windows in a dramatic way. Opting for thicker and dark-colored draperies will allow a better reduction of heat from direct sunlight.

Draperies are not only sophisticated but add great value to your space and help to moderate home temperatures.
Blackout Drapery

Cellular shades are hands down one of the best kinds of insulating blinds due to their thick material. Their honeycomb shape creates a thicker barrier at your window and helps insulate the window, reducing heat transfer. Go for double cell shades for added insulation.
Cordless Cellular TDBU Shades

  • Vertical Blinds:

If you have large doors, then they can allow excess heat and light to enter the house. Vertical blinds are perfect for large windows and doors. They are made of different slats sizes and tilting them will take care of incoming sunlight. You can keep them in a close position to stop the harsh rays completely while maintaining the privacy level.
Large Vertical Blinds

  • Roman Shades:

These are another great option when it comes to energy-efficiency. Roman shades are made of thicker fabric material that can efficiently obstruct the incoming sunlight streaming through the windows. They are available in numerous styles and design options to fit every décor style. Opting for top down bottom up mechanism will let you enjoy both sunshine and privacy at the same time. Install them to add a soft and comforting indoor vibe. Customize them to add a stylish and classic look.
White Flat Roman Shades
Note: Featuring these shades with a blackout or thermal liner will enhance the insulation capabilities and will save extra energy.


There are plenty of window blinds to beat the heat this summer. All it takes is finding the right one and getting them installed properly. Taking care can protect your home from direct daylight while creating a comfy and pleasing interior atmosphere. Installing these energy-efficient window coverings will impact a lot on your décor style while giving you a more sustainable life!

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