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5 Best Dog-Friendly Window Treatments

5 Best Dog Friendly Window Treatments

When it comes to your home or workspace, everything is picked and placed with great meticulous calculations. Right from the color scheme to the material, everything is picked with great judgment. Another factor of consideration is people and animals. When it comes to picking home decor and window treatments it is important to know who all and what all have access to it. For example, furniture that is easy to get dirty won’t be the first option for families with small kids or with pets. The same applies to window treatments as well. When it comes to picking window accents it’s not only about the aesthetic and protective qualities but also about access. If it’s going to be kept in a place that’s easily accessible by pets and children then you’re likely to have more thoughts while picking blinds, shutters, and shades as opposed to setting up in private spaces like a bedroom. It is important to know that most shades, shutters, and blinds are safe for children and pets. It is important to have a proper consultation with the manufacturer based on the specific design that you choose. But most people are extremely hesitant and often wonder if window treatments safe for pets.
Pet Friendly Cellular Shades

Are Blinds and Other Type of Window Treatments Safe for Pets?

When it comes to your precious furry friends, everything must be thought of. They’re not only companions but part of the family as well. Since you won’t be around all the time, you do everything you can to ensure that the surrounding is safe enough for them to sustain while you’re not around. People often worry that the blinds are a safety hazard simply because of the panel construction or the cord used for operation can motivate your little pup to get playful and then harm themselves. Since pets tend to be at home for a long period without an adult or even sometimes human supervision, often it’s easy to worry as to what could happen in the absence of the owner.

While this may hinder and limit your options, there are ways of ensuring pet safety when it comes to keeping and maintaining blinds. The following steps are various ways of ensuring that your window blinds don’t pose as a hazard for your furry little guy:

• If you have pets and children at home but still are very keen on blinds then it’s best to choose blinds that are not operated via cords. You can choose practically any blind that you like and it will present itself with a motorized option.
• Another point to keep in mind is during the installation process ensure to keep your pet away from the equipment and ensure you take your time and fix it properly for extra safety.
• If possible, ensure the blinds are placed such that it would be difficult for them to reach. This will help in ensuring that they don’t try to play with the blinds even when you’re not around.
Dog-Friendly Blinds

Are There Dog-Friendly Window Treatments?

Your furry little guy is an important member of the family, hence when it comes to investing anything in their surrounding ample thought and consideration is bound to take place from your end. Safety plays an important role. While blinds may seem hazardous, certain window treatments are safer to keep around your little cute munchkin. Always remember to pick the best option you have based on your need as well, but if there is a motorized option, choose that. Here are some pet-friendly window treatment suggestions:

1) Faux or Real Wooden Blinds:

Not only are they charming but they’re sturdy and durable to keep around pets. The slats or panels come with a wide gap making this a safer option as well. You can operate them via a wand or through a remote, whichever options make the most sense.

2) Vertical Blinds:

Formal or informal, home or at work, these blinds look great with their minimalistic, timeless charm. These shades will also be easy to use around your little pup and give him some way to enjoy the outdoor view. Since the panels are vertical, they are well spaced too. If any damage comes to the slats, you can replace the individual slat instead of the whole blind.

3) Shutters:

Not only do they help cooling down your space but shutters are also a great option to have around pets and children. They feature big wide louvers that help keep the place freshly ventilated as well. If your pup or little guy gets too excited, these durable window treatments can take the damage due to their sturdy nature.

4) Roller Shades:

Imagine a blind that is sleek and sturdy as fabric, without any panels – that’s a roller blind. They’re not only durable but flexible too, leave them at an unreachable length when you’re not at home and enjoy some privacy by letting them down when you’re around. Since they don’t have slats and aren’t held together by corded ladders, a small pet won’t get tangled in them or damage the cords.

5) Cellular Shades:

Do you and your little guy just love to cuddle? The cellular shades will make your home space, even more, cuddle ready. These shades display a special honeycomb design that helps insulate the space and reduce the electricity bill. Choose the cordless option and you’re good to go.

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