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5 Best Cornices for your Sliding Glass Doors

5 Best Cornices for Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Doors

If you have wide and large sliding glass doors giving you access to your patio or backyard, you are lucky indeed! The wide expanse of glass stretching across a wall looks stunning and enhances the aesthetic appeal and the general look and feel of the room in an instant. If you have a beautiful patio to show off and a stunning scenic beauty outside, these sliding doors help bring that beauty inside your house. From inside the house, you can enjoy the view. The glass door also allows an abundance of natural light into the room, filling your home with energy and vibrancy. However, no matter how charming glass doors appear, they need to be effectively treated for a variety of reasons. Too much natural light will interfere with your sleep or your work, and too much glare will hurt your eyes. Glass also allows energy loss and increases your electricity costs; it will also compromise your privacy heavily and expose a substantial part of your house to outsiders.

Glass Doors Missing ‘Drama’

After much debate and pondering you succeed in getting your doors the perfect pair of blinds, shades or shutters. They look great but still, something seems to be amiss. There still seems to be emptiness and avoid that most people are unable to figure out. Most of them are at their wit’s end trying to understand what more to do for these doors. “I just don’t know what to do with my glass doors!” seems to be a common sentiment among homeowners. Even after shelling out substantial amounts of money for a window treatment, the doors still seem to be missing something, failing to make a style statement. What more can you do to make your sliding doors pack a punch?
Cornices for Sliding Door

Valances & Cornices

This is where valances and cornices play a crucial role, the role for which they were created in the first place. They have nothing to do with the functionality of the windows or the shades and blinds. They provide that magic ingredient that sets apart a gourmet dish from the normal standard food that is served every day. Yes, they give character, personality and lend a subtle accent that enhances the beauty of the windows and your rooms.

What are Cornices?
Today we will concentrate on cornices.

Cornices appear at the top of the windows. They are an ornamental structure made of wood or similar materials attached at the top of the drapery hardware or window treatments. They are mostly used to conceal the rather unappealing hardware, but over the years they have evolved to become an important part of your window treatments. They are decorative boards that can have a wooden finish or dressed up in matching fabrics to give a definition to the shades or drapes. The top of the cornices can also be used as a shelf to display decorative items like showpieces etc. They help pull the room together and transform your door or windows from being a gaping hole in the wall to a coordinated and integral part of the room.

What do cornices do?
• They give an ideal finishing touch to your windows and glass doors
• Elegant way of hiding your hardware
• Enhances and defines the look of your blinds and shades
• Different styles to fit your décor and needs
Wooden Cornices for Sliding Glass Doors

Best Cornices for Your Sliding Glass Doors

Straight Cornice
Straight cornices are among the most architecturally pleasing window treatments that you can come across. They are sleek, neat with straight lines. They do just enough to highlight your glass doors without going overboard or being overtly ornamental. They are great for your doors and windows.

Shaped Cornice
Cornice can be built into any shape you want to introduce a particular style into your space. There are several shapes you can choose from, the one that looks best for your glass doors. You can choose from:
• Arched
• Partial arched
• Step arch
• Step straight
• Curve step arch
• Curve step straight
These shaped cornices can be as ornate or as simple as you want them to be. If you want to add more flair and drama then you could for more gorgeously colored or design fabric and shapes that are more prominent.

Tufted Cornice
These are among the most gorgeous and stunning cornice ideas for your sliding doors. They can transform your doors into something magical in an instant. You can choose the fabric of your choice which can be plain, printed, patterned, cotton r silk. It has buttons strewn at different points and these can be shiny one or normal cloth ones. Diamond tufted cornices are very popular. They look stunning.

Nailhead Cornice
Nailhead cornice boards are extremely smart and give a contemporary feel. If you have modern and contemporary décor you could opt for a nailhead cornice board for your glass doors. These have a cornice board with fabric with nailheads punched along the edges.
Wood Cornice without Fabric
While fabric covered cornice boards are very popular, cornice boards with a wood finish are just as stunning. Wood has an elegance and charm that is unparalleled. The boards can be ornamental in their woodwork but the wood finish is what completes the look. Like wood shutters, wood cornice boards look great and blend with any décor.

Pick up any cornice board ideas for your sliding glass doors, install them and see the impact they have on your room. The sliding doors which even sometime back had looked plain will transform themselves into something extremely elegant. They look more defined and with the right dose of drama that is needed to leave a lasting impression on the occupants of the room.

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